Anthony Brown

Web Production Coordinator

  • Orlando FL



CMS ,website production and system administration

The system administration of all company related website CMS frameworks as it pertains to price points, i.e. (Broadway Inbound and Ticketmaster pricing), content updates seating allotments ,promotional updates and Product offer sheets .


Title, Head, Body and  Meta elements various attributes paragraph, div and span tags as well as the CSS box model for padding and margin collapsing also intermediate Javascript and Ruby programing skills.

Strong collaborative ability

The ability to operate in a team collaborative effort to accomplish all work related task and goals.

Focused and a great multi-tasker, has consistently worked in high pressure situations meeting deadlines.

Detail oriented and organized

Following the bullet points of specific instruction and making sure that all major items fit the intended instruction. Secondly, presenting all information in a precise and clearly understood package.

Work History

Work History

Entertaiment Benefits Group

Apr 2015 - Present

Website Production Coordinator

Maintain and updated all website front-end content and pricing.

Entertainment Benefits Group

May 2012 - Present

Cirque Du Soleil Coordinator

In charge of all Cirque Du Soleil gift card orders to all Costco store locations across the U.S.

Industrial Tectonics Bearings Corp

Jun 2007 - Sep 2011

Maintenance Tech

Monitored & maintained various  aerospace operations equipment & systems. Maintained  hazmat materials for production & removal, and served as the Quality Assurance Representative .

Tyco/Kendall Inc.

Mar 2005 - Aug 2007

Production worker

Production line worker manufacturing various medical equipment for major hospitals



Southern New Hampshire University

Aug 2014 - Present

Software Development Degree BS

The Software Development degree concentration includes classes in distributed system software development, interactive virtual environments and digital business. Learn to create event-driven programs using object-oriented, visual programming language, program in a distributed environment and develop interactive animations in a 3D virtual reality environment.

Anthony Brown