TIBCO Consultant

TIBCO Consultant

Integration Solutions Architect


I am an energetic and driven individual that has extensive experience in the TIBCO stack – Integration being the strongest. I’m technical resource with a strong focus on Analysis and documentation. I work well under pressure and find innovative solutions to problems.

I thrive in a team environment as well as individually. I am a good communicator who handles the pressure of dynamic and changing environment well.

I have a good understanding of SOA, BPM & Software Design Methodologies which provides a solid foundation from which I approach problems and tasks.

I am outgoing and a people’s person who works well with people from different backgrounds. My hobbies include singing, playing guitar, playing soccer, spending time with my fiancée (soon to be wife) and general socializing.

Work experience

Work experience

Integration Solutions Architect

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015
    Huduma (Kenya)

Huduma Integration Platform

The government of Kenya are in the process of centralizing the service offering across all the different government departments and provide a central hub for all citizen (Huduma Centers and Online Portal). This required a new ESB that would manage all of the interactions as well as provide the crucial middleware layer- tying all of the departments together.

As Integration Solutions Architect my duties included:

  • Liaising with various stakeholders to understand the scope of the solution
  • Design of the overall Integration Solution Architecture. This included all facets of the overall integration environment including Security, Administration, Design Patterns and Establishment of standards.
  • Delivery of a Solutions architecture document based on the Product Stack and Best Practices which is aligned to the business need.

Senior TIBCO Integration Consultant

Sep 2015 - Nov 2015
Ashburton Investments

Retirement Annuity

Ashburton Investment is an asset management company that form part of the FirstRand group. Ashburton needed integration between internal systems and FNB's mainframe. I was tasked with the solution architecture and integration development.

My duties included:

  • Involvement in the Analysis and requirements gathering phase.
  • Design of the end solution keeping state of the batch process through caching and exception handling framework.
  • Implementation of the end solution & testing support

Technologies used included:

  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5 with COBOL plugin
  • Enterprise message server
  • ORACLE Database
  • SQL Server Database

Senior TIBCO Integration Consultant

Jan 2013 - Jan 2016
Rand Merchant Bank

ACBS Loan Platform Integration

RMB endeavored on implementing a loan management platform for the Investment Banking Division. Integration into the greater RMB environment was required. Services were created that exposed the core business functionality to the new management system. The Solution enabled the automation of processes with exception handling with orchestration to various parties depending on the externalized configuration.

As part of the core team my duties involved designing of the Integration Solution and implementation of the final solution. I was involved for the duration of the 2 year project and my duties included:

  • Providing the technical Integration Architecture Solution that would integrate the new system into the existing environment. This included integration between existing systems as well as
  • Implementation of the Solution. Along with the implementation I supported the solution up to go live and implemented Exception handling framework which allowed handover of the final solution to support team.

The Solution provided integration into all the various facets of the RMB environment including Rates, Payments, Settlements and Funding.

Technologies involved included:

  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5
  • Enterprise message server
  • ORACLE Database
  • SQL Server Database
  • Sybase Database
  • SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (To expose SQL Server database via a SharePoint list to provide better Access control and visually more appealing UI)

ActiveSpaces Establishment & Reference Architecture

I was tasked to implement ActiveSpaces in the RMB environment. Duties included:

  • Creation of a reference architecture which provided a baseline on which ActiveSpaces Implementation was done.
  • Decision Matrix of ActiveSpaces Use Cases.
  • Creation of Administration guidelines for ActiveSpaces. This included scripting of the starting up and administration of ActiveSpaces.
  • Providing support and guidance to development efforts where ActiveSpaces was involved.


Some of the projects undertaken as part of the initiative included (But not limited to):

ActiveSpaces (AS) Streamline

As part of the ActiveSpaces implementation a generic approach was required that allowed integration with ActiveSpaces without the tightly coupled Libraries. AS Streamline was designed as a generic JSON over REST service that would connect to a single Metaspace and allow browsing, putting and getting from any space created within the connect Metaspace. This was designed as a reusable process that would expose a service that is cross platform.

ActiveSpaces (AS) Generic Asynchronous Timeout Service

A generic service was created that allowed managements of timeouts in Asynchronous processes.

The solution leveraged of the messaging component of ActiveSpaces and provided a reusable and generic service that allows action to be taken when an Asynchronous process times out.

Technologies involved included:

  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5
  • Enterprise message server
  • Java
  • ActiveSpaces

ELA Rollout Project

RMB signed an Enterprise license agreement which came with a large set of products that required implementation and evaluation. My duties included:

  • Evaluation of all the products and find suitable use cases and viability within the environment.
  • Implementation and R&D with the various products including (But not limited to):
    • API Exchange Gateway
    • TIBCO Managed File Transfer (MFT)
    • TIBCO Service Performance Monitor (SPM)
    • Various TIBCO adapters
  • Documentation and presentation of the findings to the Integration forum and the Team.

Know Your Client (KYC) Re-architecture

The Know your Client (KYC) process at RMB is used to onboard new clients for the Bank. The existing KYC process at RMB was cumbersome and contained multiple design flaws and erroneous code. My duties included:

  • Documenting the Existing process in detail. This included full Technical Specification with AS IS and TO BE processes.
  • Evaluating where enhancements could be made through Requirements gathering sessions with the stakeholders.
  • Proper Exception Handling was added to enable Support staff with the necessary tools to resolve errors successfully.
  • Development for the changes required.
  • Implementation and deployment to Production as well as support until hand over was done to support staff

Technologies involved included:

  • Tibco BusinessWorks 5
  • Enterprise message server
  • SharePoint
  • Java
  • iProcess
  • ORACLE Database

SharePoint BCS list Establishment and Setup

The use of SharePoint Business Connectivity (BCS) Lists to aid in visualizing SQL server database lookups via a user friendly interface was implemented at RMB. My duties included:

  • Initial POC and presentation to Integration forum regarding feasibility
  • Development of SharePoint BCS list and documentation.


As part of the Integration Centre of Excellence at RMB my additional duties include:

  • Bug Fixes and Enhancements to existing code bases. A large number of these were to get rid of technical debt and improve on existing processes.
  • Production Support for the production BusinessWorks environment.
  • Defining standards and best practices for the various tools in the Integration space.
  • Control-M development to aid the integration efforts (Scheduling of job).

TIBCO Integration Consultant

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

Mobile Number Portability

I participated in the design sessions for the newly proposed Mobile number portability project at Telkom. This included evaluating the current system in place for number portability and designing the processes for the proposed system. AMX BPM was used as the modeling tool for the process design. The service tasks where converted into sub processes in AMX BPM to include error handling. Duties included Design sessions of the AS-IS solution and Design sessions for the Proposed solution

SOAP over JMS Reference Architecture for AMX BPM 1.3

I did research into the use of AMX BPM to make web service calls over JMS. This included setting up the server, creating the needed resource templates and testing it to check the feasibility for use in future products. A sample project was created as a reference framework.


Jan 2011 - Jan 2012
King Price Insurance 

Online Quoting

Created the online quote system for King Price linking up to web services to generate a premium and send information to Leads Management system. Tools used included Visual studio with VB.NET and SQL Server and HTML. The quote system gathers information entered by the user and sends the information to the quoting system via web services. The system then calculates a premium and sends it back to the website to be viewed by the client.

Leads Management System

I was Involved in the leads management system for receiving and processing leads from external sources. This included creation of SOAP Web services connecting to outside sources and receiving lead information and processing the information to be sent to the appropriate channel for processing. The external sources included the public website, Premium SMS numbers and leads generators.

Insurance Management System

I was part of the team that developed the King Price Insurance system that creates quotes and manages policies of clients. The system also managed client information and managed consultants’ diaries. I took part in testing and maintenance where I needed to fix bugs and ensure system stability. I contributed to the development of the diary segment and leads handling. As part of the management system I managed the generation of the common cars database which required complex SQL processing based on a rule set. Technologies used included

  • Visual Studio (VB.NET & C#)
  • ASPX, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • SQL Server



Bachelor of Commerce Honors (Informatics)

Jan 2012 - Dec 2013
University of Pretoria

Bachelor of Commerce (Informatics)

Jan 2009 - Dec 2011
University of Pretoria


  • TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
  • TIBCO Designer 5.x
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x
  • TIBCO Administrator
  • TIBCO Business Studio 3.x
  • Essentials of Implementing TIBCO SOA
  • Essentials of TIBCO BPM
  • Designing with the TIBCO iProcess Modeler
  • Essentials of TIBCO AMX Service Grid
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x Boot camp
  • TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x Administration
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces
  • TIBCO ActiveSpaces Administration
  • SQL Server (Microsoft/Oracle/Sybase)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (VB.NET & C#,ASPX & JavaScript)