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Work experience

Feb 2014Present

Innovation Project Manager

Wellness Telecom

My work involves the management of European (FP7, Horizon 2020...) and National Innovation projects. This includes the whole project lifecycle, from the preparation of the proposal in order to get the needed funding, to the execution of the project itself. I cover both technical and administrative tasks. Apart from that, I devote part of my time to the dissemination of the outcomes by attending events and giving talks in appropriate forums.

I´m especially keen on those projects carried out within a consortium in an international environment. Project management is a fulfilling job, but it is even more rewarding when you can learn from people with different cultural backgrounds.

Besides, I have to "watch over" the evolution of technology in order to make the most of it to develop new products that Wellness Telecom can offer and to upgrade those that are being already marketed.

Nov 2009Feb 2014

R&D Project Engineer

University of Sevilla

As a member of the research team of the Systems and Automation Department, I have worked in several research fields such as predictive control, robust control, distributed control, home automation, interoperability standards, real time distributed systems, biomedical systems, and energy generation processes based on hydrogen.

I would like to stress one of these fields: automatic predictive control of irrigation canals. It is focused on researching several predictive control techniques in order to improve water management in Spanish irrigation canals so that a better exploitation of hydrological resources could be achieved. Results obtained from this research work may become really useful in a country like Spain, which usually suffers drought periods that can be mitigated by limiting water waste. A partnership agreement with the Delft University of Technology (Holland) has been established. This research field has also become very important in Central Europe, not only in agriculture but also in flood prevention due to the particular orography of this region.

Main achievements:

·Acquiring high expertise in automatic predictive control both theoretical and practical development of algorithms.

·Acquiring knowledge of planning and design of industrial plants control systems based on PLC.

·Acquiring knowledge of industrial networks.

·Significant improvement of English working-level communication.

·Significant improvement in my communication skills, since I have worked as a professor for a year.

·Improvement in dealing with clients by leading meetings and decision making.

Nov 2011Sep 2012

Assistant Teacher

University of Sevilla

I had the opportunity of teaching at University during a year, replacing the professor when institutional commitments had to be attended. It was a fulfilling experience that I would like to enjoy again. Classes dealt with the following subjects:

- Flight control systems

- Automatic Control Theory

Feb 2008Nov 2009

Network Management Engineer at the Telefonica Media Group

Top Optimized Technologies

When I joined this company I started working in a new project at the Telefonica Media Group headquarters. It consisted in the setting up of the new Network Management Department. Our goal was to create all the workflow methodology in order to collect, process and present the network operation data in an efficient and clear manner. Having statistical data, such as network traffic or base transceiver stations workload, eases making decisions in order to improve the network performance. This improvement in performance would possibly increase profits, achieving better ROI.

Main achievements:

- Setting up the new Network Management Department itself, which was such a big success. Telefónica continued investing in this project due to its good revenues.

- Learning how to develop new consulting services in the field of mobile network management. Creating data analysis methodologies focused on the mobile communications business.

- Personal dealing with clients. Expectations management. Decision making support.

- Technical know-how in mobile networks operation (GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA)

Oct 2005Feb 2008

Junior Consultant

Everis Spain

I took part in several corporate software development projects at Telefónica de España (sales, credit risk and new operators departments) and SEUR (development of the new public web). Since it was my first job, it was the one where I most learned. I started working as a programmer, I was promoted to analyst and I was assigned a six-person-team in order to lead it.

Main achievements:

- Learning how to develop corporate software for big companies by using J2EE technology. Using integrated development environments (IDE’s) such as Eclipse or JBuilder.

- Teamwork and coordination among the team members in order to integrate the different modules the applications are composed of. Developing management skills.

- Analyzing problems and solving them by developing high quality software which meets the requirements placed by the client.

- Efficient work time management, effort management and long-time projects, especially when starting-up any new developed software.

- Crisis management. Working under pressure. Management by objectives

- People and projects management.

Core Expertise

Innovation project management, computer networks, cloud computing, mobile network management consulting, mobile network operation, corporate software development, people management, automatic predictive control techniques, irrigation canals control, 

Technical Expertise

Developing software applications by means of J2EE technology.

-  Eclipse, JBuilder, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, JSP, Servlets, Oracle, MySQL, SQL, TOAD database manager,  Visual SourceSafe, Unix scripts, shell-scripting and middleware requirements by using XML.

Knowledge of C and C++, C# programming languages.

-  Visual Studio interactive development environment.


English: advanced level and working hard to keep on improving.

French: basic, studing towards intermediate.

German: basic, willing to keep on studying.