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I am of an earthy creative nature. I grasp the interdependence of nature and art; a sensitive side that's complemented by my inner strength. I am a generous and moral person. I always work on self-improvement. I am ambitious and desire excellence and detail.  

Even though I work very hard, I am not in the least selfish. I work because I want to improve the world. I understand the need to make sacrifices. 

I have an unusual blend of extrovert and introvert qualities, which puts me in the perfect position of being able to associate with all kinds of people.

I am madly in love, curious and passionate about the footwear industry. I am excited to walk this path and believe that I can deliver an exciting input.

I keep the well-being of people and mother nature in mind with everything I do. I believe in creating a "one-world-family.'  

Work experience

Sales Assistant & Theatre co-ordinator

Aan de Braak Theatre
2011Apr 2015

Aan de Braak is a classic theatre situated in Stellenbosch, which deals with various artistic acts.

At Aan de Braak we are like a small family working together, from cleaning and stocking the bars, to helping with the arrangement of the theatre, doing basic marketing, setting up the theatre, bar duties, dealing with ticket sales etc.

Sales Assistant

Hammerd Cotton
Dec 2011Mar 2013

Hammerd Cotton is a unisex boutique clothing store.

My duties included: Basic accounting, assisting with stock take, giving style advice, cleaning, organising stock, working with money, strategies on how to increase sales and general sales assistant duties.

Sales Assistant

Courage and Candy
Dec 2011Mar 2013

"Courage and Candy is a unisex boutique clothing store focusing on creative and unique street fashion. Situated in the oak laden streets of Stellenbosch we cater for the young and vibrant atmosphere created by the large student and tourist presence in Stellenbosch."

My duties included: Basic accounting, assisting with stock take, giving style advice, cleaning, organising stock, working with money, strategies on how to increase sales and general sales assistant duties.  

Various Acting Jobs

As from 2011

Music videos:

Lua Union (Roundabout Films) , Los Tacos, Zamar


Various Short film projects

Extra on "Thomas"(Kyknet Series)

Extra on "Byl" (Kyknet Series)

Extra on "The Price of Sugar" (Feature Film)

Extra on "Book of Negroes" ( Feature Film)


Various Dancing Performances

In house performances at the University whilst studying Drama

Role in "Broer en Boetie" by Puntloos productions

Casual Jobs

Over the time I have been doing various casual jobs including:

- Doing deliveries for "Lets go maps"

- Assisting in taxes

- Promotional work

- Function waitering

- Restaurant Waitering

- Bar jobs


Sales & Marketing

I have a great interest in entrepreneurship and marketing.

Social Media

Over 1K followers on Pintrest

Graphic Design & illustrations

Trained on Adobe Illustrator

People skills

I am fascinated by  the philosophies and psychology of human behaviour.  I love engaging and working with people.


Acting and Dancing


Bachelor of Consumer Science (Fashion Retail Management Stream)

University of South Africa

First level

Clothing Construction (theory & practical)

Introduction to Applied Sciences

Practising Workplace English

Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Developing Solutions

Business Management 1A

Business Management 1B

Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Retailing

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour 

Second Level

Textiles: Fibres

History of Costume

Clothing and Textile Project

Fashion and Visual Merchandising

Fashion Retail

Marketing Management 

Essentials of Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

Advertising and Sales Promotion

Product Management

Third Level

Social Psychology of Clothing

Wardrobe Planning

Evaluation of Apparel

Textiles: Yarns, Fabric and Finishes

Fashion Development, Production and Marketing

Fashion Buying and Styling

Environmental Awareness and Responsibility

Retail Application

Retail Management

Fashion Blogging

JD Campus

- Introduction to Fashion Blogging - Choosing the right name, Choosing a suitable platform, Developing your portfolio

- Developing Content - Developing a niche, Developing your writing style, Post Ideas - outfit posts - covering events - giveaways, Creating content guidelines, Editorial & promotional content

- Creating Your Brand - Brand development , Role of social media in branding, Collaborations & sponsorships, Connect with your readers, Socializing - fellow bloggers - fashion weeks, Brand expansion

- Your Website: Creating & maintaining your website, Copyright & lawsuits, Blog statistics, Dealing with negative comments

- Blogging For Your Business - Outline your strategy - business plan, Online magazines & content mills, Understanding monetization - videos & content, Learn where you should and shouldn't money, SEO, Difference between advertorial content, sponsored posts & paid reviews, Develop affiliate revenue channels, Discover other revenue opportunities, Accounting

Personal Beauty and Image Expert


- Assess your body shape and face shape.
- Accentuate attributes and minimise other areas.
- Give balanced proportion to your outline with fashion tricks and garment shapes.
- Work with colour schemes that enhance your natural tones.
- Choose hairstyles that flatter your face shape.
- Take best care of skin and hair.
- Use make up to highlight your personal beauty and suit different occasions.
- Use fashion wisely to suit you and avoid mistakes.
- Maximise the value from your wardrobe - achieve lots within a limited budget.
- Think differently and break out of fashion repetition.

Graphic Design

University of Cape Town
Mar 2014May 2014

Over 10 weeks I develop practical design skills in visual literacy, typography, layout and composition that can be applied to both print and web media.

Course modules:
Module 1 What is Graphic Design?
Module 2 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator
Module 3 Understanding digital images
Module 4 Visual communication
Module 5 Layout and composition 
Module 6 Idea generation and research
Module 7 Working with text (typography)
Module 8 Designing for print
Module 9 Creating designs for the web
Module 10 The business of Graphic Design

Foundations of Business

Louis Group Business Acadamy in association with University of Stellenbosch Business School
Aug 2013Dec 2013

The Certificate programme – “Foundations of Business” – is co-facilitated by House of Louis and the University of Stellenbosch Business School. It addresses the challenges of doing business in the 21st century and consists of five modules, which may change from time to time:

Principles of leadership & entrepreneurship
General management
People management
Financial management
Marketing & customer care

Technical Footwear Design and pattern cutting 

Footwear Design and Technology of South Africa

This course consists of all the practical aspects in footwear design from sketching and pattern cutting to assembly procedures of the shoe uppers.

It covers the classical styles in court shoes, sandals, oxfords, gibsons, moccasin cuts, slippers and low boots.

120 HRS Master Course


On this course you take the Core Module, the five units of TKT preparation course and all three specialist teaching modules.

Social Media

PlusPlusMinus, Iaan van Niekerk
Mar 20122012

I attended an one day social media workshop hosted by Iaan van Niekerk and Christene Meintjies.

Wealth. Solutions. Network.

Profes Training

- Comfort zone Theory
- Memory techniques
- Communication Aids
- Business and Networking Etiquette
- Presentation Checklist
- Body Language
- Interpersonal Communication and Networking
- Successful Speeches
- Emotional intelligence
- Problem solving
- Chairing and participating in Meetings
- Dealing with stress
- Planning and Managing networking

Bachelors of Dramatic Arts

University of stellenbosch
2011Mar 2012

I have always been extremely passionate about the preforming arts.

In March 2013, I had to put my studies on hold due to unfortunate circumstances.  

In this time I have discovered other exciting fields and had to make the decision to start a new journey. My love and my talent, for the performing arts, will always stay close to heart.

High School

Bloemhof Girls High School


- English Home Language

- Afrikaans Home Language

- Mathematics - Accounting

- Economics

- Dramatic Arts

- Life orientation


- Wrote and performed in various plays.

- Performed in musicals.

Leadership roles:

- Head of the Drama in the Arts and cultures committee 

- Vice Captain of Founders House (Neethling)

- Member of the outreach committee