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IIT Roorkee

Work History


Operations Coordinator


Handles New Supply Operations


Operations Analyst

Loginext Solutions
  • Analyzing daily/weekly/monthly trends and statistics regarding clients and deliveries and automating reports to improve efficiency.
  • Working with large Database and extracting relevant data through Excel.
  • Effectuating pre-planned sales strategies for accomplishment of performance milestones.
  • Implementing quality improvement measures for continual improvement in services.
  • Identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximize customer satisfaction.



Project: To Design an improved MDT Packer Tracker Application by incorporating automation (5th May-29th May, 2015)

Limitations of the Old Excel Sheet:

Price updates not possible, Exact dates not available, Serial number Tracking not possible, Serial number Tracking not possible, Tedious, No destination wise analysis.

New Sheet Features:

A user friendly interface, All limitations of previous sheet taken care of, Added feature of automated report generation and Designed with a view to eliminate human errors of recording data



Start-up experience



IIT Heartbeat

•Co-founder as well as the editor of an initiative/start-up: IIT Heartbeat, which is an Inter- IIT magazine and currently an official magazine of IIT Roorkee.
•Started this group from scratch with the aim of spreading various news and developments of all IIT’s across them. Currently it has 50+ active members working across 4 segments: Literary, Finance, Web development and Designing.

Position of responsibility



Hamrock Society

•Vice-President of Hamrock Society, which is a student-faculty united functionary body of Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee.
•Organised a team of 60 students divided into 4 groups: literary, finance,cultural and    sports.
•Published the official annual newsletter 'Geocentric'.

About Me

A fresh graduate with a brief working experience as an Operations Analyst. Looking for an opportunity to enhance my skills as well as provide the necessary support required by the organization.

Online courses 

• Introduction to Finance (Coursera)

• Introduction to Operations Management (Coursera)

• Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies

Social service



Teach For India

Teaching unde-rpriviledged children in a low income private school in Asalpha, Mumbai. I did this as part of the Teach For India volunteering and focussed on bridging the gap in education and putting my children on a different life path by not only making sure that they had strong academic gains but also making sure that they developed strong values and mindsets that would help them avail of all the opportunities in life.