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A longtime Chicago resident and executive leader of Chicago-based real estate management and development firm UPGROWTH, Anshoo Sethi brings more than a decade of experience to bear in his direction of the corporation. Heading up the company’s financial advisory services and serving as a liaison with corporate investors, Mr. Sethi also plays a large role during the design phases of UPGROWTH’s hotel development projects. Holding a strong commitment to building an environmentally sustainable future, Anshoo Sethi puts into practice his green philosophy through innovations in the design and operation of UPGROWTH hotels. Promoting what he calls “green luxury,” Mr. Sethi has positioned UPGROWTH to lead the hospitality industry in eco-friendly practices, which will benefit the environment and carve out an important market presence for the development company. Over the course of the 35 years of UPGROWTH’s operation, the company has worked on the development of more than 200 properties. Under Anshoo Sethi’s leadership, UPGROWTH has developed dozens of properties for hospitality corporations, including every leading hotel brand in the country. Mr. Sethi ensures that all construction takes place using strict green practices, and he aims to adhere to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards in all projects whenever feasible. Furthermore, Mr. Sethi sets a high standard for environmental sustainability on construction sites, heavily emphasizing the need to recycle and reuse building materials, which has led to the recycling of an average of 75 percent of construction debris on UPGROWTH development sites. When he is not guiding the operations of UPGROWTH, Anshoo Sethi engages in a wide range of philanthropic activities. Making use of his considerable experience in real estate development, Mr. Sethi has assisted in the construction of numerous educational institutions throughout India, which have led directly to the support of several graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Moreover, Mr. Sethi sits on the boards of many nonprofit, social, and educational organizations, and he has garnered professional certifications, including his Certified Hospitality Technology Professional (CHTP) designation. At present, Anshoo Sethi is pursuing the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED AP certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Professional Accreditation). For more information on Anshoo Sethi and UPGROWTH, please visit

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