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Work experience

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Legal Assitant/Substitute

Miss Ann's Day Care
Jul 2007Aug 2009


Barbara Perry

I was the Perry's primary babysitter for around two years. I had to do the majority of babysitting basics, such as feeding, bathing, getting their daily exercise, and a general supervision job as well. I was usually babysitting for no less than two hours, although when I was needed I was there.

Jul 2007Aug 2009


Ryan Ribel

My job with the Ribels was very similar to, if not identical to the job with the Perrys. I think I started this job before the job with the Perrys, but it was so little before that it makes no difference. The Ribel's children were a little older than the Perrys, so I did a little work in education with them as well (helping with homework, etc.).

Jan 2004Jul 2009


Stafford Regional Choral Society

I ushered for the majority of their performances. I also moved set for the shows, and assisted in the wardrobe room when needed.

Sep 2007Nov 2007


Belvedere Plantation

I worked on the animals and assisted small children in the playground. I also ran sales infrequently. I did things like cleanup, moving animals from one location to the other, aiding children who couldn't reach certain areas of the playground, etc.


Aug 2009Present

Masters (Hopefully)

Northern Arizona University


I enjoy reading! I am a living encyclopedia, and love to gain as much knowledge as I can. A nerdy past time of mine is comic book collecting, and I plan on writing comics when I finish college.  My favorite genera is Science-Fiction, but I'll read anything, so long as I have the time.

I also enjoy scientific field-work and collecting fossils. I had to part ways with my collection once I came to Flagstaff, but I am always on the lookout for more! Outdoor work is fun to me because it presents a challenge, and all challenges are meant to be overcome if you ask me!,

I habitually collect things, which has helped me focus and keep at steady mind on the tasks at hand. If I am too focused on a task I sometimes lose focus of the here-and-now, but will quickly pick it back up. I, like most people, become invigorated by the chance of obtaining a reward, and will work to the best of my ability so that I can get such a reward.

I am also interested in organization. I have an anal side that will force me to clean up messes or restack objects out of line, and so I sometimes will organize things without intending to.


Farm Animal Care
While this is nowhere near my true skill or even one I can make any big claims to, while I worked at Belvedere Plantation I was placed in the animal care sector. I learned how to care for various domestic animals, such as horses, cattle, pigs, chickens, sheep, and goats.  I can do the job if I am needed, but honestly it's not my cup of tea.
Ushering/Customer Relations
I have ushered for the Stafford Regional Choral Society for years. I am very skilled with people, and confident in my abilities to deal with them, even when scenarios get a little edgy. I personally believe that my skills with people, reagrdless of age and any other factors, are my strongest asset.   In the business standard, I have been to various competitions in regards to customer relations. I have even won a state medal in Virginia for my customer realtions abilities as they were displayed in the annual DECA competition.  Being in theatre has also contirbuted greatly to my people's skills, and helped me conquer my initial shyness that I develop around strangers
Child Care/Babysitter
Children and I get along well. I am relatively  easy to relate to, so I attempt to aid children who may have some sort of social impairment, or even physical ones. I am colorblind, and left-handed, I also possess a small muscle incordination, so I know how it feels to be on the outskirts of things.   My mother has run a professional home-bound Day Care ever since I was born. Ultimately, this lead to me being in the presence of children often, and learning how to adapt to their mentality quite easily. I served as my mother's legal assisstant for the majority of the 2009 summer, and gained even more skills from this time.   Aside from the Day Care, I have babysat for parents in a choral society which I also ushered for. I have been doing that since I was around 15 years old. I am proud to say that a child has never been hurt or even fallen ill whilst directly under my care. I plan on continuing to work in this field if I am needed.