Full stack developer on Ruby on Rails, js, jquery. Interested in new emerging technologies.

Work experience

Work experience

Web Developer

Jun 2015 - Present
Birdvision consulting

Full stack developer on Ruby on Rails


Ticketing and Redressal System

  • Developed an online platform for the clients to engage with their customers and get their feed back through social media like Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Users can generate the tickets by simply posting on Facebook wall, twitter, e-mail, or using web widgets.
  • Worked on both front end(i.e. css, html, js, jquery) as well as on back end (on rails MVC architecture.)
  • Majorly contributed in the payment gateway integration with payumoney, api integration with facebook, twitter and google. 


  • Online application to make active ads on IVRS, by simply giving a miss call user can download the content uploaded by the advertiser in form of video, audio, or a brochure.
  • Advertiser will also get leads of interested customers(miss call no will get saved in system along with request) to target them in future.
  • Made a wallet in the system to redeem coupon codes while purchasing the product.


  • Web application which helps our clients to run various loyalty programs and contests to engage with their customers.
  • In this project their are several modules of different types of contests which can be run in a tournament to gather maximum points. The participant having highest point will win the tournament.
  • Worked on the main structure of tournament, contest and levels(no. of contest in a tournament) including nested forms(back end).
  • Also, worked on 3 contest modules and made graphs on dashboard for statistics(front end). 



Major Achievements

  • Awarded with best employee amongst the new recruits.
  • Acted as sole project executor in one of the project, completed all tasks and managed project from start to finish in 2 days which made a revenue of 3 lakhs for my company.
  • Worked on 6 different project in a time span of 7 months and picked up 3 of them from scratch till their completion. 



Ruby on Rails

Made various projects on RoR platform using MVC framework. Worked on both front end(client side) as well as back end(server side).


Working on a  language like Ruby using RoR framework which is a highly object oriented language.


Worked on ajax to interact with controller using json . Used in number of projects to provide better UX to the user.


Used in many projects for enhancing the user experience e.g. used in making modal and popup forms etc. 


Used for enhancing UI/UX as well as for basic functionality.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Event head in a cultural events in my college fest.
  • Played football for the college team.
  • Won the ramanujam  contest (Maths quiz) held in college.
  • Member of a robotics club and participated in robocon tech fest at IIT bombay in 2012-2013.