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Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Teacher Assistant

Special Care

Worked with special needs and typically developing children in a Pre K classroom and a Toddler 2-3 year old classroom.

Aug 2009Sep 2009

Teacher assistant

St. Lukes Childrens Center

Teacher assistant in a Pre K classroom.

Aug 1990Jan 2009

Teacher Special Education/Early Childhood

Conroe Independent School District

    For the last seventeen years I have been a teacher of a preschool program for children with disabilities.  My position ( in addition to insuring the safety and wel lbeing of my students) included the following:

  .... implementation of literacy based storybook curriculum with individual goals imbedded within the classroom activities.... development of lesson plans that met the curriculum goals as well as the individual needs of each child.... working as a member of a multidisciplinary team with related service providers to implement goals and objectives for each child....developing collaborative goals with team members for individual goals and objectives.... working with paraprofessionals to meet the needs of each child..... creating age appropriate and effective learning envoirnments to focus on developomental activities....listening to stories, singing songs, playing games, and doing art projects to develop language and vocabulary skills, movement and sensory motor skills.... feeding, toileting and self help skills.... implementing ABA as needed on  an individual basis .... use of a wide range of adaptive equipment to meet individual needs.... use of orientation and mobility training as needed for visually impaired children.... use of picture  symbols, sign language and voice output devices as needed to develop language skills.

    ....supporting and reinforcing the independeance of each child.... developing programs to provide the structure and guidance needed throughout the day as the childrin learn to share, get along with others, and perform tasks requiring  increased  attention spans.... instructing in large and small group settings as well as one to one individualized instruction.... daily recording of data pertaining to each child to moniter progress on individual goals..... coding IEPS every nine weeks and assessing annually with the teaching team members ....developing new goals and objectives annually with team members.... making both formal and informal assessments to evaluate the progress of each child.... providing reverse mainstreaming with typically developing peers (onsite staff daycare program).

    .... having daily communication with parents concerning each chuild's daily activities and progress.... conducting parent conferences throughout the year and prior to annual IEP meeting.... using SEAS program for goals and objectives.... holding parent meetings scheduled monthly.... maintaining professional competence through attending state Eary Childhood Conferences.... attending trainings specific to various disabilities, Pre_K curriculum activities and always including autism specific courcses and siminars.

    I served as a member or our district's three year literacy grant team.  This activity was  directed to literacy initiatives for preschoolers with disabilities.  I also participated in faculty committees and sponsorship of children's activities and performed other duties as assigned by the principal.

    Newly widowed, I left this position to move to Oklahoma City to be near my aging parents and other family members.  My only child, a daughter, has graduated from Texas A & M University . Kate is currently working in San Antonio as an associate scientist for a pharmaseutical company.

Sep 1988Jun 1989

Pre School Special Needs Teacher

Mt. Diablo Public Schools

    The activities and duties performed were in the same nature as those described above.  My reason for leaving this possition was that my husbasnd was transferred to Houston, TX with Chevron U.S.A.

Sep 1975Jun 1988

Teacher, Pre_K Special Needs

Adams County District 50-

    The activities and duties performed were in the same nature as performed both in The Woodlands, TX and in Walnut Creek, CA.  I left this position because my husband was transferred to San Francisco, CA.

Aug 1976Jun 1978

Elementary Resource Teacher

Tuttle Public Schools

          This teaching assignment consisted of teaching students in a self contained elementary resource classroom.  The children were aged kindergarten up to fourth grade.  It presented a challenge to meet the individual needs of each child.  I left because my husband graduated from law school at O.U. and took a position with Chevron , USA in Denver, CO.


Jan 1984Aug 1984

University of Denver

I  attended the University of Denver to take post graduate courses in Early Childhood special education.  My coursework included  developmental assessment, intervention for handicapped preschool and for handicapped infant programs.

Jan 1979Jun 1982


Sep 1973May 1975

BS Education

Oklahoma University


Lucia Queen

I team taught with Lucia at Powell Elementary for Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities. Lucia is now the Preschool Teacher for Children with Disabilities member of the District Assessment Team.

Virginia Otto

I taught with Ginger Otto on a multidisciplinary team for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities at Powell Elementary.

LIsa Garrison

I taught a Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities for the past 14 years at Powell Elementary.

Pam Newby


My desire is  to use my knowledge, skills and experience to provide an engaging learning envoirnment for preschool children with disabilities  and to help each child learn to his fullest potential.

I am seeking a position in a Developmentally Delayed Preschool class or a Pre-Kindergarten classroom where I can be an effective early childhood teacher and apply my knowledge and experience. My experience with teaching a preschool class for children with disablities will enable me to transition to a PreKindergarten classroom as an effective teacher because of my teaming experience with PreKindergarten teachers.Using my experience with special needs preschoolers, I am also interested in seeking a position with typically developing preschool children,toddlers or an infant program.


Certified Theraputic Riding Instructor.  I was a volunteer riding instructor with the SIRE {self improvement through riding education} Program in Conroe , Tx.  I participated in Special Olympics as a team coach with students from the SIRE program.I enjoy gardening, antiquing and knitting


Special Education*

Texas Board of Education