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Work experience

Jan 2012Present

English and Drama Teacher

Matamata College

1 x year 12 English

I have taught a connections unit and am in the process of teaching close viewing for film and visual image essay skills to a class of year 12 students. 

2 x year 11 English

I teach English to 2 very different senior classes. One is academically focused and these students are working towards achieving merit and excellence grades. The other comprises more challenging  students and I am encouraging these students to learn social skills and adopt appropriate academic behaviour.

1 x year 10 English

I teach a junior class in English literacy skills. This comprises film, speeches, novel study and visual image as well as a variety of literacy techniques. Students work towards developing a portfolio of writing which will help inform their teachers next year of their level of literacy.

1 x year 10 Drama

My drama students enjoy attending class as the lessons offer an opportunity for learning and entertainment. I teach the more outgoing students to control their impulses and improve their self expression skills whilst encouraging the shy ones to increase their confidence.

Extra Curricular

Last year I produced and directed a junior play which was performed for the local intermediate school. I also support the Inline Hockey sports team by transporting and coaching students every Thursday evening for two terms.

Apr 2011Nov 2011

English Teacher

Geraldine High School

1 x year 13 English

I guided students through a Research Unit and a Presentation Unit  and a Creative Writing unit.

1 x year 11 English

Students studyied   language features and demonstrated their knowledge by developing websites designed to educate a year 10 audience.

1 x year 10 English

This class developed their poetry skills and studied film techniques and essay writing.

1 x year 9 English

Year 9 were enthusiastic about their creative writing and enjoyed the team spelling game which I devised.

Extra Curricular

I developed a website to showcase work from a writing competition, transported students to a regional Spelling Bee and coached students towards Nga Manu Korero ki Waitaha, which I attended on 15 July 2011. At this event, our student was awarded third place. I also supported the Outdoor Pursuits senior snow caving expedition overnight on 27 August 2011. Finally, I starred in the staff Lip Sync Entry as "The Chicken".

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Drama and English Teacher

Waimate High School

1 x year 12 English

I developed students’ interest in Shakespeare through drawing an analogy to the Nepalese monarchy.

1 x year 11 English

These students were studying unit standards and I used a range of texts by New Zealand authors to develop their literacy skills.

1 x year 11/12/13 Drama

This combination drama class worked together whilst studying towards assessment appropriate for their level. As part of this I directed a play that was performed for the public and the generated funds were contributed to Christchurch earthquake victims.

1 x year 8 Drama

I provided each student with a DVD on the History of Drama that the class had produced during the year.

Extra Curricular

I attended the Year 8 camp for a week in March 2011 and was heavily involved in Stage Challenge rehearsals and supported the school drama production after I had left the school.

May 2008Feb 2010

Planning Manager

University of Waikato

As Planning Manager, I analysed student data for strategic planning purposes and projected student numbers and University cashflow by designing a modelling spreadsheet. I researched information for the University's Annual Report and liaised between schools to coordinate and synchronise University-wide plans.

May 2007May 2008

Business Auditor


In this role I reviewed systems and recommended improvements for the company. Mainly based at the headquarters in Mount Maunganui and through travel to offices in Belgium and Tokyo.

Oct 2003May 2007

Change Manager/Internal Auditor

Bay of Plenty District Health Board

As the Internal Auditor, I analysed healthcare systems for deficiencies and recommended improvements to the Board and as Change Manager I liaised with architects and staff on design of new buildings and systems in redesigned hospital.


Feb 2010Nov 2010

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

University of Waikato

Papers and Grades

Teaching Papers

The intensive course offered the opportunity to learn as a student in a class of 24 students. We were instructed in classroom management techniques at the same time as experiencing this from the perspective of being a student in a classroom.

Literacy tools - A+ (100%)


Social Issues - A

Special Needs - A

Teaching philosophy - A

Pedagogy, information and communication technologies - A

Ethics of Teaching - B

Hidden curriculum - C

Teaching metaphor - C

Teaching Practicum ( x2) Passed

Senior Drama

Course material included a thorough understanding of the New Zealand National Curriculum of Educational Achievement standards and strands in both theoretical and practical terms.

Production of a unit plan complete with 20 lesson plans - 88%

Portfolio of drama resources - 84%

Critique of resources anddesign of activities - 78%

Analysis of process from script to performance - 80%

Junior Drama

Course material included a study of process drama, education outside the classroom, practical teaching experiences, planning and assessment.

Critique of resource and design lessons - 85%

Field trip teaching materials - 85%

Production of unit plan on process drama - 80%

Course portfolio - 80%

Junior English

Course materialcovered a critical understanding of the New Zealand curriculum, exploration of theoretical and pedagogical issues related to aspects of English as a subject and teaching of themed unit.

Class discussion - 

Critique on the practice of English teaching - B

Critical literacy - B

Design of lessons - B

Lesson plans - C

Senior English

Although not required to enrol for this paper, I attended the majority of classes out of personal interest through an arrangement with my tutor and understand many aspects of teaching senior English.


Jayne Adams

Jayne has been the Head of the English Department at Matamata College (but is about to go on Maternity Leave. I have worked with her for the past 3 years and she provides me with guidance and support on a regular basis.

Michele Liddle

Michele is the Deputy Head of the English Department at Matamata College. I currently work with her and she offers me guidance and support on a regular basis.

Wayne Flanagan

Wayne is Head of Department at Mount Maunganui College. I worked with him whilst I was studying Post Graduate Diploma in Education.



CIMS level 4

CIMS Emergency Management Systems Limited

Teaching Images

Animation Work with Year 9

Summary Statement

An enthusiastic and inspired teacher who enjoys teaching English and Drama to high school students in New Zealand. I offer a dedicated approach to the school community and a creative teaching style that is geared to students and incorporates significant use of technological resources.

Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy working with young people and adopt a student-centred relationship approach in my teaching. I enjoy designing and organising activities to provide learning opportunities that are interactive and allow students to articulate their new knowledge. I believe that all students have the ability to succeed when provided with a fun and interactive learning environment. In my classroom, technological developments are adapted to create a dynamic environment so learning can be accelerated. Develop students’ literacy is a challenge which I relish and I use many different literacy tools to encourage students to improve their understanding of the topics we study. Finally, I believe that giving opportunities for success, breeds success and it is essential to pitch student activities at a level  appropriate to them in order to enable their further development.

Personal History

Originally from England, I emigrated to New Zealand in 2003 and changed my management career for teaching in 2010 when I studied a Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary teaching through the University of Waikato. My teaching experience encompasses 3 schools namely: Matamata College, Geraldine High School and Waimate High School. 

I both am inspired and energised by teaching and have found a dedication and passion for the school environment. I currently teach Drama and English to a combination of junior and senior classes. I enjoy creating fun materials for juniors and encouraging them to socialise within the classroom. My senior classes offer focused instruction to assist students studying towards their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) exams and I offer lunchtime or evening tutorials nearer to the exams. Many students are passionate about attending my Drama classes and we have a lot of fun learning activities. 

In addition, I support the school community by running a Junior Drama Club and coaching the Inline Hockey teams. 

Comments from Observing Teachers

“The students loved this lesson. They were all engaged and excited. The worked well together and took on the idea with zest.“

Wayne Flanangan, Associate Teacher and Head of Drama, Mount Maunganui College

“Very well organised. Planning detailed, sequential and effective. Pleasant, Engaging, Authoritative. Students interactive and involved. Established clear expectations & a good rapport with the class.”

John Crossman, English Teacher, Mount Maunganui College

“A happy class.”

Tess Scully, English Teacher, Tauranga Girls’ College

“Great exercise. You quickly transitioned with the exercise and the students responded well. Good length of time.”

Wayne Flanangan, Associate Teacher and Head of Drama, Mount Maunganui College

“Keeps a positive demeanour. Bright, warm manner. Encouraging with students.”

Jenny Brown, Curriculum Tutor, University of Waikato

“Good moving around the room to check on progress and giving time frames.”

Linda Whiting, Associate English Teacher, Mount Maunganui College

“Students were focused and working hard to realise their scenes. Great lesson.”

Christina Cassells, Relief Drama Teacher, Tauranga Girls’ College

“An excellent lesson, leading into a new unit of process drama with an inquiry focus on leadership monologues”

Wayne Flanangan, Associate Teacher and Head of Drama, Mount Maunganui College

“A well balanced lesson with a mixture of written/discussion/rehearsal work. The class was focused and interested in the work.”

Nikki Pouley, English Curriculum Tutor, University of Waikato

This was a successful lesson. It was well thought out and planned. All students were challenged to go the next step. Well Done!”

Wayne Flanangan, Associate Teacher and Head of Drama, Mount Maunganui College

“Impressive preparation. Confident delivery. Excellent manner and approach. Instructions were delivered clearly. You have the students’ respect and they are clearly enjoying your lessons. Well done, you have created an exciting series of lessons and there is plenty of learning taking place. ”

Jenny Brown, Curriculum Tutor, University of Waikato

“Good. Encouraging students to divide work up. A lovely lesson with lots of student engagement. Well done”

Linda Whiting, Associate English Teacher, Mount Maunganui College

“A good variety of teaching methods that promoted a lot of student involvement.”

Robyn Mankelow, Associate English Teacher, Tauranga Girls’ College

“You have developed a good working relationship with the class.”

Wayne Flanangan, Associate Teacher and Head of Drama, Mount Maunganui College


I am part of a social group who offer support within the community to each other and to friends and family.

I recently directed 2 short films with a group of friends who are working on developing their creative skills.

I enjoy tramping and snowboarding in the winter. I also like to play guitar.

In November 2010, I travelled to Cambodia and Thailand to teach in orphanages for 3 weeks and I am keen to use holiday periods to further develop my teaching experience in this way.

My daughter works for a breast cancer charity in Perth, Australia and my son works for the Ministry of Social Development in Tauranga.