Work History

Work History
Jan 2012 - Present

English and Drama Teacher

Matamata College

1 x year 12 English

I have taught a connections unit and am in the process of teaching close viewing for film and visual image essay skills to a class of year 12 students. 

2 x year 11 English

I teach English to 2 very different senior classes. One is academically focused and these students are working towards achieving merit and excellence grades. The other comprises more challenging  students and I am encouraging these students to learn social skills and adopt appropriate academic behaviour.

1 x year 10 English

I teach a junior class in English literacy skills. This comprises film, speeches, novel study and visual image as well as a variety of literacy techniques. Students work towards developing a portfolio of writing which will help inform their teachers next year of their level of literacy.

1 x year 10 Drama

My drama students enjoy attending class as the lessons offer an opportunity for learning and entertainment. I teach the more outgoing students to control their impulses and improve their self expression skills whilst encouraging the shy ones to increase their confidence.

Extra Curricular

Last year I produced and directed a junior play which was performed for the local intermediate school. I also support the Inline Hockey sports team by transporting and coaching students every Thursday evening for two terms.

Apr 2011 - Nov 2011

English Teacher

Geraldine High School

1 x year 13 English

I guided students through a Research Unit and a Presentation Unit  and a Creative Writing unit.

1 x year 11 English

Students studyied   language features and demonstrated their knowledge by developing websites designed to educate a year 10 audience.

1 x year 10 English

This class developed their poetry skills and studied film techniques and essay writing.

1 x year 9 English

Year 9 were enthusiastic about their creative writing and enjoyed the team spelling game which I devised.

Extra Curricular

I developed a website to showcase work from a writing competition, transported students to a regional Spelling Bee and coached students towards Nga Manu Korero ki Waitaha, which I attended on 15 July 2011. At this event, our student was awarded third place. I also supported the Outdoor Pursuits senior snow caving expedition overnight on 27 August 2011. Finally, I starred in the staff Lip Sync Entry as "The Chicken".

Jan 2011 - Apr 2011

Drama and English Teacher

Waimate High School

1 x year 12 English

I developed students’ interest in Shakespeare through drawing an analogy to the Nepalese monarchy.

1 x year 11 English

These students were studying unit standards and I used a range of texts by New Zealand authors to develop their literacy skills.

1 x year 11/12/13 Drama

This combination drama class worked together whilst studying towards assessment appropriate for their level. As part of this I directed a play that was performed for the public and the generated funds were contributed to Christchurch earthquake victims.

1 x year 8 Drama

I provided each student with a DVD on the History of Drama that the class had produced during the year.

Extra Curricular

I attended the Year 8 camp for a week in March 2011 and was heavily involved in Stage Challenge rehearsals and supported the school drama production after I had left the school.

May 2008 - Feb 2010

Planning Manager

University of Waikato

As Planning Manager, I analysed student data for strategic planning purposes and projected student numbers and University cashflow by designing a modelling spreadsheet. I researched information for the University's Annual Report and liaised between schools to coordinate and synchronise University-wide plans.

May 2007 - May 2008

Business Auditor


In this role I reviewed systems and recommended improvements for the company. Mainly based at the headquarters in Mount Maunganui and through travel to offices in Belgium and Tokyo.

Oct 2003 - May 2007

Change Manager/Internal Auditor

Bay of Plenty District Health Board

As the Internal Auditor, I analysed healthcare systems for deficiencies and recommended improvements to the Board and as Change Manager I liaised with architects and staff on design of new buildings and systems in redesigned hospital.


Feb 2010 - Nov 2010

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

University of Waikato

Papers and Grades

Teaching Papers

The intensive course offered the opportunity to learn as a student in a class of 24 students. We were instructed in classroom management techniques at the same time as experiencing this from the perspective of being a student in a classroom.

Literacy tools - A+ (100%)


Social Issues - A

Special Needs - A

Teaching philosophy - A

Pedagogy, information and communication technologies - A

Ethics of Teaching - B

Hidden curriculum - C

Teaching metaphor - C

Teaching Practicum ( x2) Passed

Senior Drama

Course material included a thorough understanding of the New Zealand National Curriculum of Educational Achievement standards and strands in both theoretical and practical terms.

Production of a unit plan complete with 20 lesson plans - 88%

Portfolio of drama resources - 84%

Critique of resources anddesign of activities - 78%

Analysis of process from script to performance - 80%

Junior Drama

Course material included a study of process drama, education outside the classroom, practical teaching experiences, planning and assessment.

Critique of resource and design lessons - 85%

Field trip teaching materials - 85%

Production of unit plan on process drama - 80%

Course portfolio - 80%

Junior English

Course materialcovered a critical understanding of the New Zealand curriculum, exploration of theoretical and pedagogical issues related to aspects of English as a subject and teaching of themed unit.

Class discussion - 

Critique on the practice of English teaching - B

Critical literacy - B

Design of lessons - B

Lesson plans - C

Senior English

Although not required to enrol for this paper, I attended the majority of classes out of personal interest through an arrangement with my tutor and understand many aspects of teaching senior English.


2004 - 2004

CIMS level 4

CIMS Emergency Management Systems Limited