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Aug 2005May 2009

Bachelor of Science

The University of Texas at Austin

Technical areas: Communications and Networking, Embedded Systems

Related Courses

Digital System Design (VHDL), Embedded Systems (C/C++), Real-Time Digital Signal Processing, Digital and Analog Communications, Telecommunication Networks, Microprocessor Applications (C), Automatic Control, Electronic Circuits, Data Structures (Java), Introduction to Microcontrollers (assembly language), Linear Systems and Signals


Peer Assistance Leader and Active Member, Women in Engineering Program, 2005 - 2009

Advertising Committee Chair and Active Member, Society of Women Engineers, 2005 - 2007

Work experience

Jun 2005Aug 2008

Senior Student Associate

The University of Texas at Austin, Institute of Advanced Technology
  • Self-learned a unique programming language (EMAP3D) in less than a month to create simulations used to study electromagnetic properties of motor sliding interfaces
  • Performed analysis of the effect of muzzle shunt resistance and inductance on the size of blast from a rail gun shot to find an optimum shunt design
  • Created finite element models for analysis of physical properties with Patran simulation software
  • Investigated causes of deformities of a motor interface and developed methods to prevent them
  • Supervised high school interns working on their summer research projects
  • Communicated status of projects to supervisors and interested parties monthly
  • Reported results of completed projects to project sponsors; contributed to research papers submitted to and accepted by respected conferences
May 2007Jan 2008

Assistant Systems Engineer

The University of Texas at Austin, Satellite Team
  • Designed a printed circuit board layout for a satellite's command and data handling (C&DH) module and outer solar panel boards
  • Tested the satellite's Analog Devices Blackfin processor, radio, GPS receiver and batteries to check that the components worked as expected
  • Led weekly team meetings and phone conferences with project sponsors when the systems engineer was unavailable
  • Communicated the progress of the satellite's design and construction with project sponsors at NASA Johnson Space Center through regular design and safety reviews



I am seeking an entry-level full-time position in electrical and computer engineering. My main interests are software and embedded system design. I enjoy challenging myself to learn new programming languages and technology. Currently, I am pursuing professional engineer certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers. I am willing to relocate to other areas in the United States for work.

Technical Skills

  • Experienced with C, C++, Java, VHDL, HTML and assembly languages of the Freescale 6812 microcontroller and TI TMS320C6000 VLIW DSP
  • Proficient with software development programs Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Mentor Graphics ModelSim, TI Code Composer Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio C++, LabVIEW, MATLAB
  • Familiar with Windows XP and Linux operating systems
  • Knowledgeable with printed circuit board (PCB) design