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I am an interpretive scholar with a deeply-rooted passion for higher education, student engagement, research, community development, and tackling social issues. I am also a business developer, brand strategist, and strategic marketing communications professional with a background in civic engagement and message development in the public sector. 



Masters of Science: Strategic Communication 

Troy University

Strategic Communication | Strategic Organizational Communication
Strategic Communication Theories | Strategic Communication Inquiry & Research
Public Relations  | Media Studies | Emerging Media | Communication and Influence


Masters Public Administration: Public Policy

Texas Southern University

Public Policy  | Budget and Finance | Economic Development/Globalization
Science, Technology, & Public Policy | Leadership & Decision Making
Organization Behavior & Theory | Quantitative Methods
Research Methods in Public Administration | Theory & Practice


Business Administration: Marketing 

Troy University

Brand Management  | Market Research | Consumer Behavior | Strategic Marketing  Target Marketing | Small Business Management



Google Analytics

Google, Inc.

Google Certified Educator

Google, Inc.

Content Marketing Certification


Inbound Marketing Certification


Research Interest

Higher Education  |  Technological Determinism  |  Popular Culture  |  Public Opinion/Engagement  |  Media Effect  |  Media Psychology  |  Social Activism  |  Protest Paradigm  |  African-American Diaspora |

Research Projects

2018 - Present | Technological Determinism and the Digital Divide: Examining The Intersection of Technology,  Pedagogy, Poverty, and  Student Learning

The project will examine how technological determinism has widened the gap of the digital divide among African American and Hispanic students. The project will show a correlation between access to technology and student learning outcomes.

2016- Present | Multimedia GIS: Empowering the Dismempowered

Dr. Ramakrishnan Alagan(Project Director) | Anneshia Hardy(Co-Project Director) | Dr. Robert White(Co-Project Director)

The Multimedia GIS: Empowering the Disempowered project will further the development of a Geo-Informatics digital database and research model that will map and display significant events, personalities, and policies that have impacted the social and economic structure of a specific geographic location. The aforementioned objective will be obtain through the integration of Geo-Informatics Technologies (such as Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Remote Sensing, and Google Earth), along with qualitative research and interpretive findings by scholars. The results of this project can be utilized to create a multimedia GIS database and research model that can be used by educators, policymakers, and researchers to identify and bring awareness to social issues in other geographic areas, which could encourage and facilitate “call to actions”, “policy reformation”, or “community planning”.

Teaching Appointments


Assistant Professor/Instructional Technologist

Alabama State University
  • Develop pedagogical strategies and provide support and instructional design to faculty in the selection and use of digital technologies in traditional face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses.
  • Creates, develops, and implements online learning objects to include but not limited to interactive tutorials, webcasts, videos, primarily using open-source technologies
  • Assist with the design, implementation, and assessment of the Levi Watkins Learning Center instruction tutorials, videos and other media to enhance student learning of research skills and knowledge of collections and services.
  • Assist with the creation and marketing of the Levi Watkins Learning Center's Scholarly Communication Initiative (SCI)
  • Assist with the development of the university's institutional repository. 
  • Develop and facilitate faculty and student professional development workshops and training. 

Adjunct Instructor | Department of Communications

Alabama State University

CMM 310: Intro to PR

CMM 211: Intro to Mass Communications

CMM 330: Media Ethics

CMM 404: Mass Media & Society

CRI 361: PR in the Recording Industry

Academic Appointments

2018- Present | Mentor, National Museum of African American History and Culture

Robert F. Smith Fund for the Digitization and Curation of African American History Fellowship

A sponsored program by the National Museum of African American History and Culture designed to build a professional pipeline for historically underrepresented individuals to grow successful careers in the cultural sector.

2017-2017| Program Director, Alabama State University

Challenging Extremism: Peer-to-Peer Challenge

A sponsored program by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Facebook, and EdVenture Partners to create a counter-narrative to hate speech using social media and student-driven campaigns.

2016-Present | Adviser

Public Relations Student Society of America, Alabama State University   

  • Provide professional resources, support and mentoring to student members.
  • Develop relationships with  regional public relations departments, counseling firms, and media. 
  • Provide professional training and workshops  to students in the areas of  strategic communications, advertising, public relations, and research. 

2015-2016 | Adviser 

Democracy Matters Institute, Alabama State University   

  • Build coalitions of student activists on campus.
  • Develop and manage a Democracy Matters chapter that works with students, faculty and community activists to address social issues.
  • Develop community workshops regarding  community organizing, youth activism,  political communications, and civic engagement. 
  • Provide Training to ASU Democracy Matters members in the areas of political communications and community organizing.

Miscellaneous Publications

Conference Presentations

Hardy, A. J., (2016). Breaking the Frame: Examining the Delegitimization of  African-American Protest by Mass Media and the Need for New Dissent Strategies and Media Policy Reform.  Paper Presentation.  Alabama Political Science Association  Annual  Conference, Troy, Alabama, April.  

Hardy, A. J., (2015). The Revolution Will Be Privatized: The Adverse Impact of Media Framing, Agenda Setting, and Gatekeeping on Sociopolitical Movements.  Paper Presentation.  ASU Research & Creative Symposium, Montgomery, Alabama, October. 

Hardy, A.J., (2012). Digital Roots Organizing.  Paper Presentation. Birmingham Exchange Fund Philanthropy Conference . Birmingham, Alabama. 

Speaking Invitations | Workshops | Lectures

Invited Speaker (2016). Political Communication and GOTV Strategies in the Age of Mass Media Framing, Agenda Setting, and Gatekeeping. Presentation. Montgomery County Democratic Party Committee Meeting.  Montgomery, Alabama. 

Guest Lecturer (2016). Seeking Opportunities, Obtaining Experience, and Gaining Success.  A three week workshop on preparing to enter the field of Communications, Media, and Public Relations. (CMM 210: Pre-Professional Development). Alabama State University.

Guest Lecturer (2015). Protest Paradigm.  An interactive presentation examining how negative media framing of the Black Panther Party Movement and Black Live Matter Movement dissuades civic engagement. (POS 207: American Government).  Alabama State University.

Workshop (2015). Maximizing Gmail.  A training workshop focused on the utilization of  Gmail tools and Google applications to increase work productivity. (Facilitator).  ASU Center for Perpetual Training and Protocol.

Guest Lecturer (2015) . Ethnic Notions:  Modern Day Toms, Coon, Mammies, & Bucks. A lecture discussing the impact of racial iconography on popular culture. (CMM 205: Media and Society)  Alabama State University

Guest Lecturer (2013).  Digital Voices: A Look at How the Digital Age Redefined Youth Advocacy. Lecture given at the YWCA Youth  Leadership Summit, Birmingham, AL.  (Invited)

Community Service/Volunteerism

Montgomery County Democratic Party

CO-Chair Political  Strategy Committee

Develop communication strategies to engage and inform the community regarding policy issues, election news, and community and minority affairs.

Levi Watkins Learning Center Library

Cultural Heritage Committee Member

Assist with the development of student activities to foster  multicultural immersion and awareness. 

National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture

Steering Committee Member

Assist with the development of tours, workshops, conferences, and exhibits regarding civil rights and African-American culture

Professional Projects

Political Communications

Strategic Branding Consultant

The World Conference of Mayors

Strategic Marketing Director x Audience Research Analyst 

Youth Voting Campaign | Sponsored by: Birmingham Faith in Action and Pico Network 

Strategic Communications

Strategic Branding Consultant

College 101 |  Sponsored by: Birmingham Education Foundation and Birmingham Coca Cola Bottling Company

Strategic Marketing Director

The State of the Male Youth Summit | Sponsored by: Growing Kings Inc.

Creative Marketing Consultant

100 Mentors:100 Days Campaign | Sponsored by: Growing Kings Inc.

Creative Marketing and Public Relations Director

Puerto Rico Culinary x Culture x Art Tour | Sponsored by: Not Just Catering 

Strategic Marketing Director x Audience Research Analyst x Speaker 

YWCA Youth Leadership Summit | Sponsored by: Birmingham Faith in Action and Birmingham YWCA 

Professional Experience


Staff Associate/Marketing Associate 

National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture
  • Coordinate and evaluate the Center's digital communication and media strategy.
  • Develop and host public programs regarding African-American culture such as film series, lecture series, book talks, art exhibits, and festivals.
  • Develop and secure funding through grants, co-sponsorship, and individual donations.
  • Prepare monthly reports, statistical reports, and other publications to assess the work of the Center.  
  • Represent the Center to councils, commissions, the community, service groups, and a variety of outside organizations and agencies. 
  • Serve as a member on a variety of boards, commissions, and committees; prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence. 
  • Assist with conducting tours and lectures as scheduled. 

Media and Strategic Communications Consultant

  • Provide strategic communication services for media, public relations, and community programs.
  • Develop and assist with the ongoing operation of the organization’s social media strategy.
  • Provide high-level writing and public relations services for internal and external communication initiatives, including community consultation forums, staff newsletter, intranet and internet, corporate presentations and speeches.
  • Develop messaging strategies, brand visibility campaigns, and tactical calendars.
  • Conduct consumer research, audience analysis, SWOT analysis, and digital analytics research.

Department of History and Political Science

Alabama State University 
  • Assist with the development and implementation of departmental public relations and marketing initiatives.
  • Assist with the revision of departmental internal communication strategies. 
  • Develop departmental branding material in conjunction with the university's  publications department.
  • Assist with the planning and implementation of various department related events and programs. 
  • Draft grant proposals to further university research initiatives.
  • Serve as the student relations coordinator for the department. 
  • Manage departmental budget reports and payroll activities. 

Director of Business Development/Strategic Marketing Manager

Elevated Mind Group, L.L.C.
  • Defined  overall market segments, client base, and industry verticals to target.
  • Developed and executed strategic business development plans in conjunction with working with key internal stakeholders (e.g. sales teams, creative service teams, legal teams, and support staff).
  • Developed long-term strategic partnerships in support of the organization's key markets.
  • Developed and managed the departmental budget and fiscal reporting. 

Wealth Management Associate

Renasant Wealth Management (Formerly RBC Private Asset Management)
  • Managed the collection and payment of U.S. and foreign cash dividends, interest, and mortgage-backed securities principal payments.
  • Processed mandatory and voluntary corporate actions, reorganization activity, class action litigation, and security call notices.
  • Processed account opening, transfers, free receives and delivers
  • Reconciled all shadow account financial statements
  • Monitored and processed the contribution and distribution activity for all Escrow accounts.

Institutional Trust Client Service Administrator

Regions Morgan Keegan Trust
  • Assisted Institutional Trust Relationship Managers with meeting client service requirements.
  • Researched, analyzed, and resolved complex issues regarding client’s portfolios and statements.
  • Processed daily account transactions using various Trust Accounting Systems.
  • Handled all client requests in the absence of assigned Relationship Manager.

Investment Operations Specialist

Regions Morgan Keegan Trust
  • Assisted external and internal investment managers with trade orders and issues such as cancels and rebuilds, late affirmation, trade DK’s and new account setup.
  • Processed Sell and Buy orders of various securities such as Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds, and Common Stocks for client directed and external managed accounts through Bank of New York and Depository Trust Company.
  • Settled diverse trade orders such as pairoffs, reverse repos, securities lending and account shadowing.

Professional Affiliations


International Society for Technology in Education

Professional References

Dr. Carlos Morrison, Professor | Department of Communications

[email protected]


Dr. D’linel Finley, PhD | Professor of Political Science

[email protected]


Andre Prude, Director of Contracting  | United States Air Force 

[email protected]