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Providing patients young and old in the greater Denver area with exceptional care, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and consultant Anne Grasee backs her services with nearly 40 years of experience in psychotherapy and case management. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Master of Social Work, Ms. Grasee spent seven years working with public organizations, including the El Paso County Department of Social Services in Colorado Springs, before opening her private practice, Life Change & Transitions, LLC, in Denver.

Since 1980, Anne Grasee has offered psychotherapy services at Life Change & Transitions, helping her clients overcome the challenges associated with major life trauma and illness to divorce and aging. Ms. Grasee utilizes individual and family therapy in addition to marital counseling to help her clients. Further, Ms. Grasee gives clients both solution-focused and insight-oriented therapies for anxiety, depression, trauma, and coping with grief and loss. Anne Grasee also takes special interest in treating adult clients in the Sandwich Generation, who support both their young children and their aging parents.

For elderly patients suffering from mentally degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Anne Grasee provides support as a professional guardian certified by the Guardianship Alliance of Colorado. Through professional guardianship, Ms. Grasee oversees the care and well-being of her patients who are no longer able to care for themselves or make important life decisions. Working closely with conservators and executors, as well as attorneys and agencies, Ms. Grasee gives her clients efficient case management through identifying their needs and managing essential services.

In addition to working with individual patients, Anne Grasee also serves as a consultant for various retirement communities, nonprofit organizations, and other businesses that help elderly patients. Skilled at creating custom assessments and service plans for both individuals and large groups, Ms. Grasee ensures that patients at these organizations receive proper and efficient health care, as well as other appropriate services.

Work experience


Psychotherapist, Consultant, Gardian

Life Change & Transitions, LLC


Bachelor of Arts

University of Wisconsin