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Converse College

After a family relocation to South Carolina, I returned to school and graduated with a 3.95 GPA from Converse College with a Masters of Arts in Teaching (with certification in 7-12 Mathematics). 


Vassar College

During my undergraduate studies at Vassar, I also spent 3 tri-mesters at Dartmouth College within the 12-college exchange program.  During this time I had the opportunity to study under John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz (the co-authors of the BASIC Programming Language.  I also met Fred Brooks who was the author of "The Mythical Man Month", the classic software engineering book whose basic premise is "adding manpower to a late software project makes it later".

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Adjunct Mathematics Instructor & Freelance Educator
  • Teaching various statistics and mathematics courses at undergraduate level in both face-to-face and online learning environments.  Facilitate discussions, advise students, develop student learning activities, coordinate with student advisors, and maintain the student learning system.
  • Presented 3 faculty development sessions at Attica Central Schools for their Tech Day 2011 in May, 2011.  Included instruction on Flip video cameras, Glogster, and Secondary Mathematics Technology.
  • Upgraded Business Statistics course for Bryant & Stratton College Online from 200-level to 300-level course
  • Developed scripts for multimedia geometry (High School Level) curriculum for Curriculum Associates
  • Reader/Grader for 2011 AP Statistics exam with Educational Testing Service
Jun 2009Dec 2010

Instructor & Assistant Dept Chair

Kaplan University Online

Led and managed department of over 60 part-time and full-time faculty teaching online statistics and advanced mathematics.  Scheduled 3 simultaneous tracks of 15-25 sections of classes in Statistics and Mathematics.  Responsible for faculty communication, classroom preparation, curriculum development, and support organizational initiatives in School of General Education.

Developed multimedia-rich online courses in Business Mathematics, Intro to Statistics, and Discrete Mathematics including lecture material, discussion questions, instructional videos, student projects, and online quizzes.

Taught a number of courses in online eCollege/Blackboard environment, resulting in a very high student rating  (4.7 out of 5.0) as well as promotion to Assistant Department Chair.

Jan 2010Jun 2010

Technology Integration Specialist


Training and staff development (K-12) related to instructional use of computers and computerized systems within assigned schools and BOCES.  Coordination of planning for technology integration of the assigned school districts and BOCES in the areas of teaching, learning, and administrative environment.   Requires NYS certification.

Teacher Web Page:

Adjunct Instructor - Various Colleges
  • St. John Fisher College, a private 4-year college.  Teach Quantitative Analysis, Introduction to High Technology, and Math for Elementary Education. 
  • Bryant & Stratton Online, a full-accredited university offering Campus Degrees, Online Degrees, and Professional Training.  Teaching MATH290 (Statistics) and MATH097 (Pre-College Math).
  • Roberts Wesleyan Collge, teaching Statistics in online environment for the Division of Adult Professional Studies.

Instructor - Math Department

Finger Lakes Community college

Teach Developmental Math (GST142), Statistics (levels I and II), College Algebra and College Mathematics.

- Student Evaluations indicate a 4.3 (on scale of 1 to 5) for "Overall Evaluation of Instructor".



I was enrolled full-time as a graduate student at Converse College, receiving a Masters degree in Secondary Mathematics Education.  (Masters of Arts Teaching - Secondary Mathematics).


Project Manager


Software Project Manager - Xerox North American Order to Collections (NAOTC) Unit. Responsible for planning, executing, and tracking the development, delivery, and support of custom applications within the Oracle 11i ERP/CRM Application Suite. Managed over 40 software developers and successfully delivered a major, cross-organizational software release involving 3 different stakeholders. Also served as XCAMS Technical Project Manager, Xerox Business Services Information Management. Responsible for planning, executing, and tracking the development and delivery of the “total solution” for XCAMS V4 and managing the post-launch support of XCAMS V2.3


Software Team Leader

Constellation Brands (Formerly Canandaigua Wine Co.)

First hired in 1995 as a contract software developer through Tobin & Associates, I worked with a cross-functional team of users, developers and managers to develop PromoVue, a client-server application used by Marketing Services to manage nearly $50 M in marketing promotions and POS (point-of-sale) items.  PromoVue provides tracking for each individual element and handles any necessary state regulatory compliance.  Promovue showed a documented savings of $750,000 and permitted Marketing Support to handle a 35% increase in workload without additional headcount.

I converted to full-time employment at Canandaigua Wine in 1997 and then served as a leader for all client/server development activities. 


Systems Analyst/Programmer

Burroughs Wellcome Co.

Developed and Supported computing needs for Medical Dept of pharmaceutical research company. Developed Oracle/Powerbuilder client-server application (ClinTrack) for planning and tracking clinical trials at Burroughs Wellcome Co. Worked in team environment to build, test, and deploy application in 19 countries. (Powerbuilder V4, Oracle V7). Company merged with Glaxo in 1995, now known as GlaxoSmithKline.


Elementary Mathematics
MAT114 - Mathematics for Elementary Education (SJFC).   Mathematics content required for elementary education.  Selected topics illuminate mathematics through the development of problem-solving skills.  Concepts include  numeration systems, proportional reasoning, mathematical operations.  
Algebra & Business Math
MM255 - Business Mathematics (Kaplan Online).  Business Math presents math skills and knowledge that you can apply to solve financial problems. The course provides step-by-step guidance through sample problems and solutions related to banking, credit, basic finance and investment. Students will also gain an understanding of financial instruments and terminology used in business finance such as compound interest, annuities and promissory notes.    MATH103 Survey of Mathematics (B&S Online).  Students employ a wide range of problem solving strategies.  This course introduces measurement, consumer math, quantitative reasoning, statistics, different numeration systems, and optional topics according to student needs.   MAT145 - College Algebra (FLCC).  Topics included in this course are the concept of a function;  linear, quadratic and absolute value equations, functions and inequalities; rational equations; radical equations; exponent rules and simplification; systems of equations; and right triangle trigonometry.  Solutions to these equations and inequalities may be found numerically, algebraically, and/or graphically. 
Discrete & Finite Mathematics
MM250 - Discrete Mathematics (Kaplan Online).  This course is designed to provide Information Technology and Computer Science students with an overview and appreciation of mathematical concepts, highlighting applications of mathematics to information technology and computer science.  Topics include set theory, logic, matrices, sequences and series, graph theory and algorithm analysis. The student will complete assignments in each of these areas and be able to identify and apply the core concepts in each of these areas to related problems.   MAT111 - Finite Mathematics (SJFC).  A scientific and quantitiative literacy course studying linear functions,  matrix operations, Linear Programming (including Simplex method), and non-linear models such as logarithmic and exponential functions.
Quantitiative Analysis
MSTI130 - Mathematical Modeling & Quantitative Analysis (SJFC Hybrid Online).  A study of the quantitiative aspect of business using linear and non-linear regression models as well as the foundations of differential calculus.  Extensive use of technology and written communication in solving real-world problems. MAT122 - Statistics II (FLCC).  A continuation of MAT121 with more emphasis placed on inferential statistics.  Topics covered include  confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, inferences involving both one and two populations, and applications of Chi-square.  
Information Technology
CSCI150 - Introduction to High Technology (SJFC).  Students are introduced to a computer-based technological skills used in business.  Includes Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Expression Web (web page development), and image editing.  Weekly discussions are centered around various topics in technology such as information censorship, copyright laws and information security.   As an Educational Technologist with GV BOCES, I offered many small-group and large-group for K-12 faculty on a number of educational technology topics, including the following: Infinite Campus Glogster Making Movies with MovieMaker Smartboard Training - Beginner and Advanced  
Introduction to Statistics
MM207 - Statistics (Kaplan Online).   This course examines the principles of probability and of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include probability concepts; measures of central tendency; normal distributions, and sampling techniques. The application of these principles to simple hypothesis testing methods and to confidence intervals is also covered.  The application of these topics in solving problems encountered in personal and professional settings is also discussed.   MATH 290 (B&S Online).  This course is designed to provide a basis for business decisions through an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistics and to the important methods of statistical inference.   MTH 350 OM - Statistical Methods and Research (Roberts Wesleyan Online).  This module introduces the student to the basic concepts and tools of statistical analysis and helps the student apply those concepts and tools to the Applied Research Project.    MAT121 - Statistics I (FLCC).   A first course in statistics designed to introduce descriptive statistics of one and two variables as well as provide an understanding of discrete and continuous probability distributions.

Sample Lessons


NYS 7-12 Marketing & Business TEacher

NYS Dept of Education

Reader - AP Statistics

College Board

NYS 7-12 Mathematics Teacher

NYS Dept of Education
Oct 2009Present

CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)

Project Management Institute


Traditional Resume


To teach online and develop curriculum for distance education courses in Mathematics, Statistics or Educational Technology.


•  Accomplished online and face-to-face Educator with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and relate to a diverse student population while maintaining high interest and achievement.  Consistently maintain excellent relations with students and faculty.  Self- motivated with strong planning, organization and leadership skills. 

•Innovative Educational Technologist with ability to create authentic, engaging and creative student materials using a variety of multimedia techniques such as videos, podcasts, case studies, and Web 2.0 applications.


NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathatics) - member since 2004

NYSCATE (NYS Association on Computing and Technology in Education)

AMTRA (Association of Mathematics Teachers - Rochester Area)

PMI (Project Management Institute)

NYSMATYC (NYS Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges)


Experienced online and face-to-face educator:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Information Technology
  • Educational Technology

Looking for opportunity to teach online or develop curriculum for distance education.