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Work experience

Sep 2001November 2008

Disaster Housing Inspector


I am a disaster housing inspector for the government. This work takes me all over the US and US territories to cities and towns that have just been devastated by a natural (or manmade) disaster. The work is very long and hard and often dangerous, but it has afforded me the opportunity to visit places at critical times in their history and see and hear many extraordinary things that I might not otherwise have encountered.

I have worked many hurricanes over the years including Katrina and Ike and many of my characters and stories come from this rich pool of information.

Jan 2009Present

Free-lance writer


I currently work as a free-lance writer for Upwork. In that capacity, I have written articles for many types of businesses, such as Internet Marketing Firms, landscapers, accountants, doctors, Cloud providers, construction, and other businesses worldwide.

I have a wide range of experience in the technology sector. I write quite a few press releases, landing page ads, email autoresponder campaigns and scripts for videos.

In Spring of 2009, I ghost wrote a book on the Obama Presidential Campaign for a man in Washington, D.C. Since then I've written ebooks on every imaginable topic from Bitcoins to health & fitness.

Jul 2001Apr 2007

Passionflower, contributing writer


Blogit is an international web site for writers of all types. Writers are paid by how many times a reader clicks on their post. I was a popular writer there with a large fan base writing under the name "Passonflower". I maintained 5 or 6 blogs which were daily posted to. Some of the blog titles were:

  • Life at the Speed of Sound (about everyday life)
  • The Music of My Soul (my poetry blog)
  • The Loserville Chronicles (the inside scoop on everyone at Blogit)
  • A Day in the Life (a journal of sorts that highlighted Passionflower's very active dating life)

In my early days at Blogit, I began a series of stories called "The Road Trip Sagas" which took various popular bloggers on the site on an incredible journey that begins at the Grand Canyon. Each week (or two) I would post the latest episode where our heroes and heroines would find themselves in some dangerous and usually hilarious situation.

In one episode they accidentally purchase hash at a Turkish Bazaar and are thrown into a Turkish prison. In another, a genetically altered ape abducts one of the women (a cute blonde) and carries her atop the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas where she is accidentally rescued by another male blogger.

These "sagas" were extremely popular and the writers at Blogit still talk about them.


Sept 1974May 1979



BA in English

Jul 1985Jul 1986



Sep 2001Present

Disaster Housing Inspector



I have written ads of every description for a wide variety of businesses. I write B2B, B2C, Direct Response, as well as Click-Bank type ads and ads for affiliate advertising programs. I often write all the web content and marketing materials such as brochures for an entire website. 
Excellent proofreading skills
I have edited manuscripts of up to 74,000 words. I often edit e-books that consist of anywhere from 40 to 100 pages.
I know my way around the web and often visit dozens of websites each week in order to do research for current projects.
10 Key by touch
Very fast typist with few errors.


As a child, I began inventing wonderful stories in my head and jotting notes down on paper. At 12, I penned my first poem. As I recall, it was a bit melodramatic. Since that time, I've been consumed by a love of words, characters, and tales of adventure and love.

In 1986, my husband and I formed a small publishing firm called Bethabara House. We managed to publish a few good books of poetry, some prayer journals and a cook book before our untimely demise. Though I love poetry so much, I learned early on that I probably would not be able to make a living writing it.

In 1988, I wrote my first novel, a tale about a plain young girl who goes on an amazing vacation to Spain and meets an intriguing gentleman who turns out to be the king of a small Middle Eastern nation.

In 1994, I wrote another novel about a 10-year-old girl who contracts a rare form of MS. It was a heart-rending story of how we sometimes find courage and other attributes inside us that we didn't know were there.

In 1998, I began a novel about a middle aged woman who accidentally discovers a substance that will reverse the aging process in the human body. I worked on this one for 2 years, writing and re-writing until I felt it was perfect. It's still one of my favorite projects to date.

In between the novels, I've written half a dozen excellent short stories and a volume of poetry on subjects ranging from the human condition to environmental issues. I have two books still in publication.

  •  "Word and Moves" is the true story of a girl with a dream and not much more. Her humorous insights and wise ole sayings are built around stories and poems concerning her relationship with her daughter and impending divorce.
  • "Prayers to Pray" is a book of Bible-based prayers that can be easily used in everyday life for everything from family troubles to financial woes.

Two years ago for the NaNoWriMo competition, I wrote a murder mystery called, "The Sea at Sunset". This is an exciting, fast-paced story of two people who meet while trying to murder two other people. This novel is currently being considered by publishers and agents.

I have just completed my autobiography, which is called, "The Woman With Two Birthdays" and looking for an agent/publisher.

Creative Writing

I write lots of web content for various businesses but also do creative writing for novels and ebooks.

Recent Projects


Between federally declared disasters, I earn a living as a free-lance writer, mostly writing web content. I'm nearly always working on some new fictional story though, or a great new poem about the environment. Currently working on a deeply meditative piece on the meaning of life.

What if the world really does end in 2012? Are you ready?

NOTE: I have written under the following names:

  • Carolyn L. Sorrell
  • Ren Sorrell
  • Anne Carol
  • Annella Carol
  • Passionflower


Oil Painting, Drawing, Woodworking, Cooking, Gardening

The Music of My Soul is Poetry

"A Message from the Wood"

A Snowflake fell

Soft and white.

Landing in silence,

An elegant swirl.

 It felt cold

Against my skin

But only

For a moment.

 A dense forest,

Stark, slender ghosts

Rising to heaven,

Lay before me.

Hushed voices

Emerging like

Muffled echoes

Called seductively,

“Breathe in

The days ahead.

Treat them like

Gifts from God.

Because they are.”

 Carolyn L. Sorrell – Copyright March 2005 – All Rights Reserved

Text section

At Dusk


At dusk

We piled into the PT Cruiser

Heading up the coast

To the rustic cantina

Called “Jaime’s”.


Salty breezes

Reeking of burritos

From roadside stands;

Fragrance of Cannabis

Drifting in from back seat.


Jill thinks she has to pee.

Robert says ‘no way he’s stopping.’

I change the radio station,

Lean back and watch

Orange sun settling into blue sea.


Charley passes me the joint

And growls, “They better have

43 at this Jaime’s.”

“Charley boy! Would I take you

Anywhere they don’t serve

Cuarenta y tres?”


Everyone laughs,

Sharing a long, cleansing sigh

Snuggling comfortably into

Leather seats,

Anticipating the night.


Copyright 2004 – Carolyn L. Sorrell – All Rights Reserved