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Anne-Marie Mihaileanu

Senior Software Developer at Waters Corporation


Seeking for the position of Qualification Junior Architect that will make best use of my existing skills and experience for the growth of company and also further my personal and professional development.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Senior Software Developer

Waters Corporation

Multiple initiatives in proposing and solving tasks to improve project's functionality and design.
Manage to keep projects up to date with all major changes constantly appearing which assumed both concept understanding and applying to project specifics.

Mentoring and guiding less experienced developers.

Oct 2005May 2015

Software Developer

Waters Corporation

Design, develop and maintain all aspects of the instrument control software with particular focus on software design.

Wrote project designs, developed large parts in big projects, and presented design proposals internally, many of which were also applied successfully.

Succeeded to implement the prototype for Qualification new vision, in time and without any functionality loss. This contributed to shorten the time in which a Qualification Method is developed and this is a huge benefit for the GSS team.
Refactored wisely the code to obtain the best performance for Qualification Center (QC) - especially Instrument System qualification, using the proper design patterns that fitted perfectly for the QC.

Provided code and supporting documentation in accordance with the quality processes and applicable procedures.
Use software development methodologies and best practices to obtain best results.

Jun 2004Sep 2005

Web Designer

Ghidushu Software

Web design and development , PHP and MySQL programming, Flash animations Accomplishments: Educational international project for learning



Computer Science bachelor degree

Transilvania Brasov University

Major: Computer Science



Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Test Driven Development. Technical documentation, Design patterns, Software design and engineering, Clean code, .NET platform knowledge.

Working knowledge of Waterfall and currently adapting to Agile Methodologies.


Databases: Oracle, MySQL

Languages/Frameworks: C# .NET, Java, Python, WCF, WPF, MVC, OOP, LINQ, MySQL, Oracle, UML, XML, XML Schemas, CSS, HTML, Flash, AIML.

Tools: Visual Studio, DOORS, Enterprise Architect, Synergy, Dreamweaver, Flash


Full professional proficiency

Other skills

Team player, good communicator, creative, motivational, committed, positive, initiative, desire to learn and develop,
serious, investigative, passionate, ambitious, respectful, honest.

Tolerant of ambiguity, willing to backtrack, seek multiple solutions.


Catalin Ristache

Development Site Manager at Waters

I am working with Anne for a number of years now. She proved during these years that is not only willing to accept new challenges but also have full capacity to complete the complex tasks she took over. During this time she demonstrated more and more preoccupation for code quality and design, she studied and applied the new accumulated knowledge. I strongly believe that the evolution is just at the beginning and there are still many areas where she's able to contribute and progress. Glad to have you in the team!

(copied form the LinkedIn profile recommendations section)

Rodica Cruceriu

Senior Software Developer and Team Leader at Waters

I have worked closely with Anne- Marie Mihaileanu for the past several years.
I have been consistently impressed by both Anne's attitude towards her work and her performance on the job.
Anne possesses solid technical skills which have enabled her to develop successfully the Qualification Center usability improvements.
She also has the analytical skills to diagnose quickly the problems and devise viable solutions.
Her expertise, the experience she has gained during her work for the UNIFI project (and in special for Qualification) and her continuing willingness for self-improvement make her a good candidate for 'Software architect' promotion.
I recommend her for a promotion without reservation. Please let me know if you need further information.

(copied form recommendation e-mail, available on request)

Adriana Untaru

Principal Software Developer at Waters

I would like to recommend Anne – Marie Mihaileanu as Qual Junior Architect.

She and I worked together in the team that developed the Qualification Method Tool (QMT). I played the development lead role and she was one of the main developers.  Anne’s contribution to the success of the team’s activity was ensured by her skills and her willingness to improve.

I appreciated her ability to freely communicate both new ideas with enthusiasm and concerns upon technical issues in a constructive way. Her relationship with peers programmers and direct managers was based on respect and it was easy to work with her.

The technical challenges encountered during development were of high complexity and she demonstrated perseverance and tenacity in overcoming any impediments. The creativity and innovation she proved when looking for solution led to stable technical approaches which were flexible and easy to maintain on further enhancements of the tool. She was often recognized by peers as design details authority for various areas of the tools and the team members were confident in her decisions, because of her deep understanding of the technicalities behind the code.

She also succeeded in efforts of understanding the ‘big picture’ of the product both from the perspective of the tool itself and from the perspective of UNIFI core functionality that was used by the tool. She had a good participation is design decision that led to Qualification subsystem changes for  reusing the Qualification – specific business logic into QMT.  Also, she had a significant contribution in designing and prototyping the changes needed to extend the tool for Empower.

Anne has also provided documentation that helped the end-users of the tool to use it efficiently and she was also available for providing additional details when requested. This is remarkable because of her ability of expressing the information in a less technical, but still informative, way.

She supported also the quality process by updating design documents and complying with the work instructions in each stage of the project.

I believe she has a complete set of skills and an excellent learning orientation that will make her succeed in the new position and will allow us benefit from her work.

(copied form recommendation e-mail, available on request)


May 2015May 2015

Agile Methodology - Focus on SCRUM method

SCRUM method training.

May 2015May 2015

Developer to Architect

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Apr 2015May 2015

Refactoring Fundamentals

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SOLID Principles of the Object Oriented Design

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Mar 2015Mar 2015

Architecting Applications for the Real World in .NET

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Mar 2015Mar 2015

Productivity for Programmers

Practical plan customized for programmers in order to obtain productivity.

Dec 2014Feb 2015

Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 1)

Coursera - University of California, San Diego

This advanced undergraduate course provides an introduction to bioinformatics algorithms.

Dec 2014Dec 2014

Scrum Fundamentals Certified


Accreditation Body for Scrum and Agile

Sep 2014Nov 2014

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Coursera - Case Western Reserve University

The course examines effective leadership through emotional intelligence. 

Sep 2014Nov 2014

An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

Coursera - Rice University

This introductory course taught students the basics of interactive programming in Python. 

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Creativity, Innovation, and Change

Coursera - The Pennsylvania State University

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