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Anne Birgitte Jerichau Clausen

Creative Cand.IT. game designer with a background in communications



Cand. IT, games design

IT University of Copenhagen

Bachelor of Science in Informatics & Educational Studies

University of Roskilde

Multimedia designer

Copenhagen School af Design and Technology

Graphic Design & Art

Krabbesholm Højskole

Work experience

Feb 2016Present

Teaching Assistant

IT University of Copenhagen

Teaching Assistent at the course Game Development for master students at the Games program. Assisting with course planning and supervising groups, giving feedback and guidance during their development process.


Volunteer: Game design mentor


Mentoring school children during a Game Design project. The project evolves about giving the children 21st century skills, through designing games. Read more on

My role was to mentor a group of children, making games with them.

The children hacked boardgames and physical games, played around with LittleBits, prototyped and tested, and made computer games in Scratch.


Volunteer: Editing journalist at Wide Magazine

Det Danske Spejderkorps

Wide is a magazine for all volunteers and other interested in the danish scout and guide association. Main topics are management, outdoor, children and youth.

I did both writing and editorial work such as getting ideas for articles, developing of concepts and editing content for the facebook page. Also doing infographics and planning and editing of photo reports in cooporation with the photographers.

The magazines 


Volunteer: DDS Kommunikation

Det Danske Spejderkorps

Working within a great field of volunteer work with everything from video production to large web projects or writing articles. I was part of the project group to realise the website aimed at scouts aged 10-15 years. I have learned a lot about all kinds of communication and project management in this work.


UX and Graphics designer

Mainly doing mockups of the new site in Photoshop, based on a given graphic identity. The company is now known as


Communications Assistent

The Danish Scout and Guide Association

Worked in the communications department at the head office for the scouts and guides in Denmark. My field of work was very broad, but all in relation to communications. I did web maintenance at the different websides, working with volunteers on different projects and with the magazines of the organisation. I learned a great deal about communication, not only with volunteers and other grownups, but with children and young people as well. I also got a taste for working with digital medias, which afterwords lead me to take an education as a multimedia designer.


Daycare assistant

Hjemly Skov- og idrætsbørnehave

Volunteer: Scout leader

Det Danske Spejderkorps, Bent Byg Gruppe

As a guide in the danish scout association, I planned the weekly meetings with different subjects such as health, first aid, food, wildlife and childrens rights

I also made camps and weekend-trips during the years as a guide, and planned and facilitated meeting with parents and other guides.