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Personal Initiative

In the beginning of the year it hard for me to leap into the role of editor chief. Throughout the year I have been slowly but surely grasping the role. One example is I feel I have stressing more the importance of getting stories on time. I decided to take 10% percent off if someone turns their story in late. I have also started making more executive decisions instead of leaving them up to everyone else. I decided to change pages last issue and was able to change the pages around without help.


I work at Whits Frozen Custard. It taught me how to deal with every different type of person, such as the difficult ones, which can be useful. I also have volunteered at Grady Memorial hospital.

Goals for 2nd Semester

My goal is to make the paper better. I plan on having everyone spell check their page and headlines, Also maybe having the editorial board look through each page to make sure their are no spelling mistakes. I also plan on making everything of mine turned in on time, including my graphics. I also want to make the staff closer instead of in different little groups.


I have become more equipped in using indesign, I know where most of the tools are and I was no where near that last year, I had to ask everyone how to the simplest of tasks. I have also learn how to change photos in photoshop to the correct format and how ti change them so they look right in the newspaper.

Staff Improvements

We need to improve on become a closer staff. We seem to be a little cliquey and I would love for that to change. We also need to work on making sure all of our stories have no spelling mistakes, that is a big issue.

Work experience

Editor and Chief



Hayes High School

My master schedule is on that I am proud of. I was able to give a news story with not a lot of "spice" to it and I was able to make it semi interesting to readers.

I am also proud of my story that consisted of what groups are doing to give back for the holidays. It was the longest story I have written and I have trouble making my stories longer, so I was very proud of myself when it came out to be around 700 words.

The last article I am proud of is Networks Inspiring kids to give back. I think this article was a way to communicate to the school that giving back is important. I feel as if I was able to communicate the idea very well.