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Spanish /English Bilingual Educator, energetic and passionate about students with special needs and communication disorders.Vast experience as an Early Interventionist and Moderate/Severe Teacher in hospitals, schools and home settings,with a strong developmental and behavioral foundation. Knowledgeable about teaching academics and life skills to children with moderate and severe needs and autism spectrum disorders. Organized professional, who is creative and flexible in the design and implementation of intensive, explicit and comprehensive direct instruction and using FBA's for the development of individualized PBS plans. Skilled in employing natural routines in a systematic and sequential way, and in assessing strengths and needs of infants and children, collecting data through context based assessments in the natural environment. Dedicated to build lasting skills acquisition by scaffolding adaptive sensory-motor responses and developmental strengths. Excelent behavioral management techniques in anticipating behaviors and addressing coping skills, problem solving and communicative functions. Possessing interpersonal skills to develop a positive rapport with family members, school and community. Seasoned and assertive teacher devoted to excellence, who takes pride in my passion for helping children reach their hidden potentials and improve quality of life.

Work experience

Aug 2013Present

Developmental Assessment Specialist


Assess children's developmental skills using formal and informal testing tools. Assessing cognitive, receptive and expressive language skills, social-emotional development, gross and fine motor development and self-help skills. Assessments describe present levels of performance and provide recommendations and activities to address individualized needs.  

Jan 2005Jun 2013

SPED teacher

Santa Paula Elementary School District
  • Functionally (CAPA) and standard based individualized instruction in all academic areas.
  • Implement daily routines and schedules to address children’s communicative functions.
  • Focus on social skills and integration in school and in the community.  
  • Organize monthly community base instruction.
  • Facilitate student participation yearly in Special Olympics.
  • Effectively collaborate with parents and multidisciplinary team members.
  • Direct supervision and instruction of paraprofessionals in necessary behavioral techniques, effective instructional strategies and skills.
  • Technology integration in the class.
  • Teach new skills in response to intervention (RTI), responding in adaptive ways by shaping, reinforcing strengths, providing choices and capitalizing on their interest.
  • Develop proactive and individualized Behavior Support Plan (PBS).
  • Analyze, modify, review and maintain team data collection for effectively implementing individualized functional assessment and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) plans withaccuracy and objectivity.
  • Compassionate yet firm behavioral management techniques.
  • Design instruction with thematic units, in a print rich environment in a multimodality approach to reach each individual student.
  • Engage students in a multi-modality approach, with thematic and meaningful units.

Special Day Class Teacher for students with moderate disabilities

Port Hueneme Elementary School District

  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) instruction
  • Evidence based individualized instruction
  • Standards based adapted curriculum.
  • Co-taught multi-grade level bilingual classroom.
  • Focus on social and functional skills
  • Developed peer groups.
  • Paraprofessional training in consistent positive behavior management techniques.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP) development IEP.
  • Implement functional assessments.
  • Creative use of Positive Behavior Support Plans and accurate data collection.

Floor Time Specialist

CSUN Early Start Program, Department of Communication Disorders
  • Participated in Floortime Developmental Evaluations using the Early Start Sensory Motor Profile for children with communication disorders (2-6 years).
  • In-home follow up with play based floortime therapy, with daily assessment data of Functional Emotional progress (Greenspan)
  • Facilitated structured play sessions to develop representational play, abstract thinking and symbolic capacities.
  • Help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders progress through the stages of shared attention, engagement and purposeful communication. Create emotional ideas through representational play. Help with problem solving, motor planning, imitative skills, and developing abstract thinking and symbolic capacities.
  • Engaging children through play interactions, addressing multisensory needs, functional capabilities and capitalizing on their interest to expand early prelinguistic behaviors, such as joint attention, turn taking, imitation, responding by gaze to adult initiations, and initiating social interactions.
  • Adressing social emotional and communication progress while acquiring readiness or pre-academic skills (attention, motivation, choices...)

Early Intervention Developmental Specialist  

Child and Family Services, Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Research grant: project infant
  • Trandisciplinary cross-cultural interventions to help Latino families and their infants with developmental delays.
  • Develop, review and modify intervention based on weekly medical, developmental and functional growth.
  • Home visits (direct services) to build on the child’s core of functional capabilities and also to help parents or caregivers build attention, engagement, social-emotional, sensory-motor organization, play skills and functional communication skills.
  • Evaluate child’s strengths with developmental and standardized assessments: HOPE profile of Early Development and Bayley Scale of Infant Development; Inside HELP (Hawaii. Early Learning Profile), the Developmental Programing for Infants and Young Children (Michigan), and HELP Assessment Strands for ages 3-6 years old, Brigance Diagnostic inventory of Early development and P.L.S.-3 preschool language scales.
Itinerant Mentor Head Start Teacher, under another contract from CFS.
Jan 1995Jan 1996

Child Development Specialist

Simi Valley Hospital Early Intervention Program (extended internship)

  • Center based transdisciplinary program for special needs children (2-6 years).
  • Direct intervention for gross or fine motor and speech therapy goals, under the guidance of  OT, PT and Speech therapists.



Masters in Education

National University

Level II Special Education Credential


Minor in Communication Disorders                                   2001-2002

Study of phonetics, speech science, early speech intervention, language disorders and diagnostic in communication disorders with lab

Internship “Floor Time”


B.A. in Child development,



Autism, asperger's, SPD, ADHD

Summit professional education

Nutrition makes a difference

Children's hospital, LA

Bayley Scales of Infant Development

Through the looking glass

Sensory and behavior


Play Based Asssessment

Infant development association

Board maker version 6.0


Child with special needs conference

Contemporary forums

Building blocks of the early start


Direct support professional

Interagency agreement project of the California Department of Education and the California Department of Developmental Services