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With my knowledge within the modern and business driven marketing, my prior management experience and my "think-and-do" mentality, I want to create value for my future employer.

Depending on what business goals are to be reached, I can add the following values:

  • MAKE MONEY - By creating a never ending stream of hot leads using marketing automation
  • SAVE MONEY - Work more targeted with marketing activities, measure and follow up.
  • SAVE TIME and INCREASE QUALITY - With efficient processes and routines in place there will be a predictability in both execution and outcome

There's more to life than work!


Product Development
Time Optimization
Self Education and Development
Team Building
Implementation Strategy
Business Focus
Relationship Building
Process Development
Problem Solving
Coordination Skills
Google Analytics
Web Publishing
Experience with following platforms: Wordpress Drupal Umbraco Joomla
Adobe CS6
InDesign and Photoshop
Digital Strategy
Is your digital presence a "showroom" or an active sales channel?  Take advantage of new tech and be accessible for your potential- and current buyers. Do not show off - Engage!  
Search Engine Optimization
All purchases starts with a serach engine querie. Does your company show up in that search?   Is your website content focused on solving your potential customers needs or are you just talking about yourself...... ?  
Content Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing is the new "broschure". Make sure to create content for all stages of your customers buying cycle, so that you are the preferred company when it comes to closing the deal.  
Social Media Strategy
Social Media is the new telephone - Make sure to know how to answer it and who to call!   
Marketing Automation
Measure: Cost per Prospect - Lead - Opportunity, Campaign Revenue - Return, Funnel Velocity - Value and more! Integrated with a CRM system you will have HUGE competitive advantages. You will be able to follow and track visitors to your website down to individuals. Don't fall behind - start using marketing automation now   It can handle, among other things:   Marketing revenue metrics Lead generation Lead scoring Lead grading Business opportunities Marketing performance Campaign planning Campaign follow up Outbound marketing Drip e-mail campaign But remember that a system is just a "cool tool" with out processes. I have the skills and working experience to set up both the system and the processes to reach success.  
Marketing Strategy
Lead words: Plan - Execute - Follow up - Analyze - Improve  Strong believer in the agile marketing approach which focuses on being alert and adoptive to sudden changes in the market environment  
Revenue Performance Management
The marketing equivalence of Six Sigma   Business strategy which aligns marketing and sale into on revenue funnel and enables to follow and measure marketing- and sales activities through out the entire sales cycle.  

Work experience

Jul 2013Jan 2014

CRO and co-founder

Starville Architects AB

Vision: With modern tools and technology create a self-playing sales piano that plays the tune of a constant stream of hot leads, non-dependent on individual people's performances

Starville Architects is a sales- and marketing agency who guides our customers through the digital marketing landscape by delivering ideas, strategies and tactics which results in stronger brands, measurable marketing and increased sales.

Dec 2012Jul 2013

Marketing Executive

Paxport AB (multiple positions)

Strategic and tactic marketing planning, execution and follow-up.

Marketing Automation Specialist (using Pardot Marketing Automation Software) - Lead Generation - Lead Management - Lead Scoring and Grading

- Lead Qualification

- Lead Nurturing

Created, managed and followed up advanced segment- and persona based drip marketing e-mail programs

Marketing Performance Analysis

Content planning, creation and distribution.

Managed Paxport's social media presence @;

- Twitter - LinkedIn - Google+

via @Hootsuite social media tool.

Paxport combines ancillary revenue solutions and managed operation services - business process outsourcing - helping our customers finding new ways to benefit from their core business. We manage your passengers, improve your competitiveness and accelerate your ancillary revenues. 

Mar 2012Dec 2012

Product Manager

I was appointed as one of two Product Managers to lead the development of a new production- and

administration tool.

- Displayed a high level of critical thinking in cross-functional process analysis and problem resolution and scalability for new and existing products.

- Coordinated and build strong working relations with various internal organizations including; IT, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product Development & Operations.

- Created together with the Product Department a brand new product- and service portfolio along with a new and improved pricing strategy 

May 2011Mar 2012


As a Teamleader for the Service Specialist Team i lead a team of seven. It also involved:

- Planned functional activities, staffing and dispatching of seven co-workers to the right tasks keeping required telephone hours including vacation planning.

- Conducted functional meetings

- Drove special projects assigned by Head of Operations that are clearly specified and documented.

- Conducted all training, for new and current staff, in internal production- and management systems.

- Informed the rest of the organization about major planned changes and updates to customers' traffic programs and flight activities

- Worked proactively and collaborative with project managers and daily operations regarding work load balancing of resources

- Planned and conducted performance reviews and follow-up calls.

- Provided Head of Operations weekly and monthly progress and performance statistics on activities and projects

- Collected, prepared and analyzed invoicing details.

- Performed staff scheduling and vacation planning

- Recruitment

Member of Operations Management Team 

Apr 2010May 2011

Service Specialist, Super-User

The service specialist role includes in depth technical support, problem solving and system configuration and


Responsibility for: - Receiving, analyzing, building, deploying, maintaining and updating system configurations as per customer specifications

- Overtime secure that the correct configurations of mandatory data, pricing and services are being used and updated when required.

- Verification of system updates, changes and deploys

- Customer support via ZenDesk or structured e-mail 

Apr 2008Apr 2010

Marketing Executive

As a Marketing Executive, I was responsible for internal- and external communications:

- Editor of internal newsletter

- Coordinated and held company meetings

- Communication- and coordination with the advertising agency with regards to printed material and creation and maintenance of website

- Content Manager of e-commerce platform

- Analysis and optimization of online sales

- Initiated improvements to website which increased the sales conversion rate by more than double for a number of airline customers

- Planning and execution of successful customer events

Member of Paxport Management Team 

Oct 2006Apr 2008

Passenger Services Coordinator

Coordinated Paxport Operations team and made sure that all daily activities were executed in time accordance

to customer agreements.

In this role I coordinated a team of approximately 15 persons and during peak seasons twice as many.

Held weekly department meetings and ad-hoc meetings when needed, performance reviews, recruitment and staff planning. It was also my responsibility to keep quality documents and work check-list up to date.

I was also a member of the Operations Management Team

Initiated and executed improvements to the daily work processes, which resulted in higher efficiency and smoother work flow. 

Apr 2005Oct 2007

Passenger Management Operator

I my daily operational tasks, I retrieved and processed passenger booking data from various tour operators and airlines. I allocated seating for passengers according to the different airlines' security rules and regulations and provided lists and reports to airports and other providers world wide (e.g. catering, passenger manifests, taxfree information, data lists to check-in systems)

I was also responsible customer coordinator for a number of airlines, making sure that the delivery was executed according to contract. This involved keeping the databases up to date, the work processes clearly defined and documented and that the colleagues were informed about changes in the delivery.

In addition to the operational tasks, I also worked with telephone sales in Paxport's Contact Center. 

Dec 1999Apr 2005

Service coordinator

SAS Ground Services (multiple positions)

Coordinated all activities at the departure gate, with all different departments that are involved in a flight

departure, and contributed to that SAS was/is one of the world’s most punctual airlines.

Working in this fast paced environment required quick thinking and action and the ability to remain calm and professional when working with short deadlines and limited resources.

Work testimonial -----------------------"Anna har i sina roller presterat ett mycket bra resultat. Hon är utåtriktad och affärsmässig. Hon är till sin läggning mycket målinriktad och ambitiös. Anna klarar att prestera mycket väl under press. Anna är en utomordentligt uppskattad arbetskamrat som har en mycket god förmåga att samarbeta med olika typer av människor. Vad det gäller direkt kundkontakt, är Anna oerhört prefessionell. Hon kan konsten att läsa av alla typer av kunder och förstå deras individuella behov." Kristina Naessen Lind, Produktionsledare ARNKE 

Jul 1998Dec 1999

Staff coordinator

Operationally responsible for the daily coordination of staff at check-in.

In this role I managed a team of approximately 20 people, making sure to have all the different functions staffed correctly in order to keep the waiting times at check-in to a minimum.

Working in this fast paced environment required quick thinking and action and the ability to remain calm and professional when working with short deadlines and limited resources.

The check-in function was regularly measured after how long the passengers had to wait in line. Whenever there was an audit during my shift, my team and I passed well within the margins of what was considered acceptable waiting time. 

Apr 1998Jun 1998


Scandinavian Travel Service

Customer Service, reservations and ticketing

Work testimonial

----------------------- "Anna's contributions to the company were always professional in both content and delivery, and the quality of work was always first class. Anna is enthusiastic, customer orientated, thorough and dedicated ti quality assurance" Iain A. Cottam, Managing Director, Scandinavian Travel Service 

Apr 1995Aug 1997

Traffic Assistent

SAS, Scandinavian Airlines

Check-in of passenger and baggage. Making sure that passengers got a good start on their journey.

Also engaged in training of new staff as well as long term staff schedule- and proficiency planning.

Work testimonial ----------------------- "Anna har en utåtriktad personlighet och har lätt att få kontakt med människor, oavsett ålade, nationalitet eller social bakgrund. Hon är positiv, noggrann, flexibel, vetgirig och stresstålig och har en mycket hög arbetsmoral. Anna har lätt för att lära och praktisera nya kunskaper och är inte rädd för att "ta i". Annas karismatiska personlighet tillsammans med hennes humor och glada sätt gör henne mycket omtyckt av såväl kunder och kollegor som av överordnanden" Mia Lindström, Senior Supervisor, SAS 

Jun 1991Aug 1994


ICA Allköp

Worked extra during weekends and on school holidays

Dec 1992Apr 1993


Hotel Strass

Waitress in pension- and á la carte restaurant


Feb 2014Present

Mar 2009May 2009

Jan 1998Jun 1998

South Bank University
Aug 1997Jun 1998

iiU, Institute for International Education