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Work experience

In 2008 - 2009 i was so lucky to be picked out to contribute and try out Seo tools before relise.

Was a project manager for research on Seo  for Buisnesses.

Will consider myssel as a googlesmart & a great creative researcher .


Visual artist

Oslo Trend
I go by my art name, Annabellerockz. A very warm welcome . I am a visual artist & Video producer from Norway. I have developed most of my skills, from using adobe programs and other photo editing software. ( "learning by doing". ) Mostly I have been inspired through my dreams, to create various pieces of work, in relation to my dream at the time. I have been creating art, from an early age and like to share my art and inspirations to all. My art work has evolved over time, through the process of trial and error. I have spent many years developing my skills. I do not say to much about my work, because I want the viewer to have the ultimate experience, through visual entertainment. Creativity is to make the impossible possible. I am very happy to challenge myself and be able to learn more knowledge, in every task I encounter. I am very well known amongst my friends as being very creative and a great motivator of people. I Have at present many international pages & social media pages, with skills to accompany this outlet. where I am very much involved sharing my work.  Thank you very much warm regards 

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