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  • Ceramics
  • Reading
  • Yoga
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Quilting
  • Flowers
  • Card games. 


Teaching Experience

Substitute teaching four classroom sessions of Beginning Ceramic 1

Supervised and instructing Freshman Foundations for two semesters

Studio Supervision

Monitoring daily use and activities of the ceramics studio

Reorganizing the studio for a smoother workflow and better use of space

Setting firing schedule for glass and ceramic students

Creating studio rules and safety signs

Loading and unloading electric kilns     

Overseeing the transition to a new set of clay bodies

Repairing kilns

Designing a glaze database of glaze recipes used for the studio

Maintaining inventory of glaze chemicals, stain, wax, tools and cleaning supplies

Studio Operations

Restructuring glaze room for easier access to chemicals and test tiles

Producing new test tiles

Constructing multiple new glaze recipes

Mixing clays, glazes and stains for clones 5 and 6

Testing over 100 plus glaze recipes


Throwing potter

Hand building pottery and sculpture

Glaze mixing 

Stain mixing  Cone 05 - Cone 6 Glaze testing, Gazing:  Cone 5 - Cone 6 glazes

Knowledge and understanding of Electric Firing,  American Raku, Pit Firing.


Nikon D40 digital camera proficient

Manual film based camera proficient

Dark room and enlarging

Candid photos

Still life and nature photography


Cold glass processes

Hot glass processes

Glass casting

Kiln glass


Plaster molds; 1 and 2 piece molds

Some Woodworking


Installation Art

Print Making



Soft Ground


Wood cuts

Linoleum block 

Computers / Software

Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word, Power Point

Adobe Photoshop

Proficient in PC and Mac environments


Humanist Book Hand



Gothic Italic

Work experience


Ceramic Assistant/ Kiln Technician

Anderson University
  • Cared for the studio
  •   Mixed clays
  •   Mixed glaze- Cone 5-Cone 6
  • Mixed stains for Cone 05 through Cone 6
  • Glaze tested over 100 plus Glaze recipes
  • Cleaned studio and glaze room
  • Responsible for loading and unloading the electric kilns
  • Set firing schedule for glass and ceramic students
  • Reorganized glaze room for easier access to chemicals / Test Tiles
  • Made test tiles
  • Responsible for ordering glazes chemicals, premixed glazes and ceramic tools and cleaning aprons
  •   Reorganized the studio for a smoother workflow and better use of space
  •   Created a catalogue/ Glaze Data Base of glaze recipes used for the studio
  •   Took inventory of glaze chemicals/stain ,wax, tools and cleaning supplies
  •   Created studio rules / safety singes
  •   Substituted Ceramics classes when the Professor was unavailable
  • Supervised/ taught on Open Studio times for Freshmen Foundation Students
  • Demonstrated techniques when needed

Ceramics Specialist

Willow Brook Arts Camp
  •  Taught wheel throwing to 9 - 11 year olds. 
  • Supervised student workers.
  • Cleaned equipment and studio space. 
  •  Reclaimed clay. 
  •  Fired kilns.
  •  Mixed Mason Stains for “safe” glazing. 




Anderson University



Mary Jo Bayles

Robyn Davis

Kathleen Dugan

Arlon Bayles