eTRAK/Data Intelligence Analyst

Highlights of Responsibilities Serve as the “lead” eTRAK/PCR (endevis ATS) expert for all of endevis. Manage eTRAK, at a company enterprise level, for its optimal efficiency and associate usage. Configure eTRAK to support business process in partnership with endevis technology. Partner with 3rd party job posting, assessment, screening and other vendors/providers as needed for ongoing system integration. Design and maintain system processes, procedures and support documentation based on lessons learned, and continuous improvement processes. Work with external development teams to perform quality assurance checks on system configuration, test workflow for proper functionality, and troubleshoot and resolve problems. Perform analysis for system improvements and assist and participate in system test design, system testing and support of the user during transition stages to oversee adoption and ease of use. Perform routine maintenance processes to manage system accuracy, functionality and management of exceptions. Work in daily partnership with the Senior Managing Partners to secure alignment and cross-training of skills.