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Anna Lanning

Communications Coordinator, Zoo Manager

Work experience

May 2011Present

Communications Coordinator, Online Growth and Development

Hedrick's Promotions, Inc.

- Executed telephone sales, direct marketing, online communication, and trade shows

- Utilized the integration of technology in everyday practices

- Coordinated and appeared in media appearances with live animals on television, radio, and print

- Researched and designed information animal signs for over 30 species of animals with the goal of educating guests about the value and uses of animals in agriculture around the world.

- Creative design for advertising & promotional materials including photos, video, and audio editing

- Conceptualized, designed and launched a complete rebranding of Hedrick's Educational Petting to Hedrick's 'Around The World In One Display'; interactive exotic animals

- Developed new marketing strategy to include animal information signs, a new logo, increased online presence, and the integration of digital media

- Designed, built, and created content including photo and video editing for Hedrick's Promotions, Inc. website

- Created press releases and promotional materials for each individual Hedrick's Promotions Animal Attraction

- Oversaw purchasing and design of Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm and Bed & Breakfast Inn, increasing sale 30% during 2007

- Organized and designed a grass roots marketing campaign reintroducing Hedrick's Bed & Breakfast to the community

- Conceived the redesign of Hedrick's Exotic Animal Farm and Bed & Breakfast POS to increase efficiency and customer care

- Created a database to track customers and analyzed data to best specifically market our products through online and physical direct marketing campaigns

Feb 1998Present

Zoo Manager, Hedrick's Pig Races and Camel & Ostrich Race Announcer

Hedrick's Promotions, Inc.

- Scheduled Hedrick's Promotions Animal Attractions and built relationships with major events across the nation

- Acted as Business Manager, Operations Coordinator, and Tour Manager of Hedrick's Promotions Animal Attractions

- Oversaw daily care and welfare of over thirty exotic and domestic animals of varying species

- Provided a positive, friendly experience for guests by prioritizing customer service

- Frequently engaged in quality assurance related to guest issues and conflicts to ensure their safety with the animals

- Assisted an analog company into the digital age streamlining activities and utilizing technology in everyday practices

- Media appearances with live animals on television, radio, and print - Public speaking and performance as the announcer for Hedrick's Pig Races and Camel & Ostrich Race Show

- Enaged in feed sales at the petting zoo and rides at the pony & camel rides accepting payments quickly and accurately

- Superivised and trained a season staff of up to twenty people multiple times a year

- Recorded accurate documentation for all animal medical care

- Maintained compliance with federal regulations

- Exercised public speaking and performance skills as announcer for Hedrick's Pig Races and Camel & Ostrich Races

Aug 2008May 2011

Front Desk Clerk

Best Western Butterfield Inn

- Greeted and assisted up to 70 customers per shift, focusing on guest relations and customer care to ensure a positive experience during all aspects of guest's stay at the hotel.

- Frequently engaged in proactive problem solving relating to guest issues and conflicts to ensure the quality of their experience.

- Accepted cash and credit card payments on a daily basis, recording them accurately and in a timely manner.

- Worked full-time while attending college.



Bachelor's Degree

Fort Hays State University
Emphasis in Theater, with additional courses in the Marketing, Business Communications, and Animal Science.

Associate's Degree

Hutchinson Community College

Pre-Veterinary Medicine