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PES University

Pursuing Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with accumulated aggregate of 8 CGPA.


High School(10th Standard ICSE)

Bishop Cotton Boy's School

Passed Secondary High School With 89 percentage.


Pre-University (12th Standard State Board)


Passed Pre University with 87 Percentage.

Work experience




Though portrayed as a company that deals in merchandise and memorabilia, at UTee we believe in empowering and connecting students all across the globe and creating opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to share their passion and have a platform to excel. Our goal is to create an organization run by by students where they do not have to depend on unknown,irregular and unreliable manufacturers who do not share their same desire and passion for their various college festivals, sporting events and competitions. 


Branding and Enforcement Manager


The PESU I/O project was conceived & started as an unique variation of  “Peer to Peer learning program”  in collaboration with the college authority to assist and manage this in-house program. We believe that the current classroom learning structures impedes the wholesome development of students.  Our objective is to bring about an improvement in the student’s academics and social cognitive skills while also providing a platform for Senior Students to connect and mentor their juniors for interactive learning and exchange of ideas. Currently the program involves participation of over 1500 students & successfully running for the last 10 months. 

The PESU IO project started with its pilot run in August 2017 and was launched to the entire student body of the university In the month of January the following year.

In August 2017, the PESU I/O project Consisted of 15 SMEs* and 10 student employees.Over the last year this has exponentially risen to a team 100 members teaching 50 subjects ranging from "DNA Hacking to Management Skills", all consumed into different roles in making the system work. A 25 member student management team is responsible for all aspects of technical support, operations, branding, public relation, vigilance and design and are presided over by a council and an executive director of the PESU I/O project.

The resounding success of the PESU I/O program has led the PES Group to implement this program in various other colleges in the future as well.


Business Development and Marketing  (Internship)


Axis Vantage a subsidiary of BYRAM HOLDINGS is a bespoke creative consultancy focused on creating design interventions to drive tangible business value of a company. It is a Marketing and Social Media Management firm where design and technology is leveraged to build an engaging experiences for any brand.

While I worked there it was my responsibility to research on potential new markets and convince businesses to hire us for our Branding and Social Media Management services. In addition to contacting potential clients to build a rapport and organize meetings I had to prepare presentations and sales displays, develop quotes and proposals and had to plan and enforce the sales goals for the team. I lead a team of two and in my time there I enlisted 3 major Hotel Chains, a Political party and numerous independent businesses. This internship made me more socially adept, hone my creative talent and abilities to solve daunting real world problems and Provided me with an In-depth knowledge of the industry that I see my Future In.



Sales And Business Development (Internship)

Star Financial Group

Star Fing (Star Financial Group) is a leading stock, share, currency & commodity broking company.  As an Intern my job was to provide comprehensive and innovative brokerage solutions backed-up by reliable support services at extremely competitive prices to our clients. This internship included a month of training which included the use of NEST TRADER and META TRADER 4 software and the basic concepts of trading.


Summer Program

London School of Business and Finance

Completed the prestigious Marketing and Finance summer program in London School of Business and Finance upon completing which I was selected from the entire batch to present a report for an Expansion Plan to CEO and CMO of the Asian Fast Food chain, ITSU. 

Positions Of Responsibility [University]


Under-Secretary General

IET PES University Student Chapter

As the Under Secretary General of the IET club of our college, my responsibilities included organization of various Engineering related seminars, planning of Industrial visits to technical companies of various sectors and Organize workshops improving inter personal and technical skills of students.

Jan 2016Present

Core Coordinator

Epsilon-Nationwide Science Fest 

Epsilon is the flagship science fest of PES University that has been held for the past 16 years by the Science and Humanities Department Which receives a footfall of 3000 people every year. As a Core Coordinator in my first year of Engineering I was responsible for planning and execution of the entire fest right down to the minute details.


Public Relations Head

PES University Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell of PES University was started as a collaborative effort to help and motivate student entrepreneurs to build upon and scale up their ideas all the way from a distant dream to a reality. As the Public Relations Head it was my responsibility to conduct various events and competitions to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs and to maintain and enhance the reputation of PESU Ecell within and outside the university.


Marketing Head


Aatmatrisha is currently the largest Cultural And Technical college fest of South India and as the Marketing Head I was responsible for developing the marketing strategy for the fest inline with our objectives, Co-ordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities, analyzing potential strategic partner relationships for the fest as well as on boarding of various strategic sponsors.



Head Campus Delegate


Talerang is an Educational Consultancy firm that bridges the gap between what colleges teach and what organizations look for in new hire. Talerang's main objective is to address the transition from being a student to joining the workforce. As a student delegate for my college I was responsible to enroll students into their various programs to help them get ready for their corporate roles.


Head Campus Delegate


Krazybee is a startup whose prime focus is to be the source of hassle-free financing for college students to pursue their passion, who are certainly creditworthy but don’t have any convenient options in the market to support them currently. As a Head Campus delegate my role was to lead a team of delegates to spread awareness about the various financing plans offered by krazybee. 



Technical Skills

Systems - Win(98,Vista,XP,7,8,8.1,10),Linux,Mac OS.

Language - C, C++, Java, HTML5, Python

Softwares - MS Office, Audacity, Photoshop, PSQL


Fluent in Hindi,English,Kannada,Konkani

Key Skill
  • Excellent Leadership qualities and management skills.
  • Team Worker and good in handling people.
  • Ability to work under challenging situations.
  • Sharp analytical and reasoning skills.
  • Knowledge about startup environments.
  • In Field experience of the corporate world.
  • Good understanding of human psychology.
  • Learning business plan generation.