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I am keen to contribute to the success of and growth of the organization by undertaking the challenging assingments and delivering timely results by applying best of my knowledge and skills. 

Work experience

Jun 2015Aug 2015


Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş.

Tested and monitored product safety, leading to safer electronic communications products.


Sep 2010Jan 2016

Bachelor's Degree

Anadolu University

Electrical and Electornics Engineering

  • Obtained the BS degree with GPA 2.84/4.00
  • High Honors (3.55), 2014-2015 spring term 
  • High Honors (3.68), 2015-2016 fall term


Background in Integrated Optics

I used Rsoft CAD in order to design components and took fundamentals of optoelectronics and nanophotonics course

Signal Processing

I took random signals and microwaves and antenna courses

Background in Machine Vision

I took image processing course and as a course project, we used MATLAB to detect and track eyes in real time with combining two different algorithm.

Team player
Hard worker and goal oriented


Dec 2015Dec 2015

Led Teknolojisi ve Led'li Aydınlatma Sistemleri

ANCHA Lighting


Nowadays, IPS (Indoor Positioning System) is used for many applications such as locating object in a store, library. For this purpose in our graduation project, RFID is used to determine the position of an unintelligent device in two dimensional test area. RFID reader, antennas and passive UHF RFID tags are used in order to locate an unknown tag in an operation area. The analysis of the received signal and the processing of this signal is done with MATLAB and MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) and I served in telecommunication and signal processing parts.

Military Service

Postponed to 2018


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Feridun Ay
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +90533 261 0615

If any need further reference, more can be added.


Indie  music, if Istanbul Independent Film Festival, online computer games