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August 2018Present

Robotics Software Engineer

Flytbase, India
  • Computer Aided Dispatch(CAD):  Built path planning module(to avoid restrictions in the airspace) for CAD of UAVs as an emergency response. Used RRT* algorithm and OMPL library. Used Flask Framework in the backend and served the application in the dockerized form.
  • Object Detection, Tracking and following: Build bird(goose) detection module using deep learning with Tensorflow, path planning module(used PRM algorithm and OMPL library) to avoid obstacles while following. Served the application as ROS Package using Rospy and Roscpp.
June 2017July 2017

Predictive Analyst Intern

Becton Dickinson, India
  • Developed a ML model to predict the likelihood of getting infected by the Influenza virus in USA.
  • Achieved an accuracy of 72%.
December 16January 17

Predictive Analyst intern

Becton Dickinson, India
  • Developed a ML model to predict the Influenza activity in cities in USA.
  • Achieved an accuracy of 50% as compared to baseline 10%.



Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Delhi Technological University



Higher Secondary School 

Delhi Public School Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
  • CBSE - 93.8%
  • JEE Mains - 99.6 percentile.


September 2018November  2018

Autonomous Car Path Planner

Udacity Nanodegree
  • Wrote a behaviour planner(change lane, speed up/down) for a car driving on highway based on sensor fusion data in a simulator.
  • Wrote a trajectory generator based on the behaviour planner output. Focus was on to minimise the jerk and abide by speed limits while driving.
July 2018September 2018

Deep Learning

Udacity Nanodegree
  • Image segmentation and traffic sign classifier
  • Behavior Cloning - Trained a CNN end-to-end to generate vehicle steering and throttle commands using images and vehicle commands as input data.
March 2018May 2018

Curve following robot

  • Project aimed at using Raspberry PI to hack a toy RC car and automate its movements.
  • Worked on Computer Vision algorithm to detect the path and fitting polynomials to generate the commands for the Model Predictive Control(MPC). 
February 2018March 2018

State Estimation and Robot Localization

Udacity Nanodegree
  • Used Extended Kalman filters and inputs from Lidar and Radar sensors for state estimation.
  • Used Particle Filters for localization.
December 2017January 2018

Lane Detection, Vehicle Detection & Tracking

Udacity Nanodegree
  • Detection of road lanes using perspective transform and color thresholding
  • Detecting and tracking vehicles using HOG and SVM.
September 2017November 2017

Semi Autonomous Quadcopter

  • Flying the quadcopter autonomously in a known environment consisting of specific obstacles.
  • Used Pixhawk as our Flight Control Board and Raspberry Pi as the companion computer.


Programming Languages            Python, C++

Frameworks                                   ROS, Tensorflow, OpenCV, OMPL(Open Motion Planning Library)

Tools                                                Git, Docker