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Highly motivated, enthusiastic software developer with passion for Robotics, i have 2 years of relevant experience in robotics and more than 4 years of experience on various tech stack eg.  Python, Android. Keen to find a challenging robotics role where i can use my skill set to create robots for future. 

Work experience

MAR 2018Present

Software Developer Robotics

Thirdspaceauto oy

Thirdspaceauto create AI solutions for autonomous vehicle and mobility.

Robotics (Hardware/software) :

  • Integrated px4 obstacle avoidance with Intel real-sense D435 camera and intel nuc using px4 software stack.
  • Implemented sense and stop feature for quadcopter which override rc control using lidar and px4 stack with raspberry pi as companion processor.
  • Integrated IRlock based precision landing on quadcopter with px4 stack on pixhwak hardware.
  • Build UGV to drive autonomously inside an area and create the point cloud of given area based on lidar and sensor data with Raspberry pi as companion processor.
  • Implemented gazebo SITL for autonomous ground vehicle.
  • Implemented off-board mode control using ROS and px4 stack.


  • Created Insurance application, which take the user mobility data and send to client server.
  • Implemented Emotion recognition Android application using affdex sdk.
  • Developed mobility application for android from scratch for client.


  • Created and Maintained Django web server for various small applications and uploaded it to AWS server.
  • Created robotics simulated application which will inspect an aircraft with multiple drones with ros and python. 
  • Created desktop application based on Tkinter library to get the camera image view from different quadcopter in gazebo.
JUNE 2017Mar 2018

Software Developer

Noon Academy
  • Develop and maintained Android application for an on demand tutoring platform with more than 100,000 downloads.
  • Implemented socket communication for android application.
  • Implemented live canvas sketching on android. 
  • Implemented emoticons android application.
  • Implemented language localization on IOS and android application.
MAR 2016APR 2017

Android Developer

  • Reduced memory size by changing the algorithms and removing unwanted objects from the code. this greatly reduced the application's processing time.
  • Reduced application size from by 50% by removing activities and convert it into fragments.
  • Implemented various functionality in android framework, like material design, GCM , FusedLocation API, Volley for networking.
  • Implemented Google analytics to increase business impact.
JUN 2015Dec 2015

Android Developer

MovinCart, Mumbai
  • Created and Handled 3 user friendly and fully functional e-commerce apps for e-commerce rental platform.
  • Implemented restful apis.
  • Handled various technical aspects like coding of modules using given design specifications, debugging and fixing the defects as well as analyzing its root cause.
Mar 2017Feb 2018

External Project

Robotics Kitchen
  • Created 6-DOF gantry bot that will be used to cook meal.
  • The idea is that cooking is also a kind of algorithm and that problem can be solved with help of robots.
  • Managed all electrical connection as well , arduino based control of bot.