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A technically sound candidate adept at developing exciting and feature-rich games and architectural visualisation applications for varied platforms.


To join an esteemed organisation where my career has good professional growth. I also want to use my knowledge for the best benefit of the employer. More importantly, I want to be mentored well so I can pick up the skills and use them in benefitting the organisation and my career. Ultimately, I want to be a Game Director at a studio that makes games I would love to work onBut my final goal is to have my own studio when I think I have adequate experience in the industry to run it. 


Work History

March 2018Present

Junior Technical Artist

V2i Group

Implementing gameplay mechanics to represent virtual worlds helping developers understand the architectural masterplans and drawings in a better way.

Working on Unreal Engine mostly with Blueprints and a bit of python integration.

Creating game assets for reducing artists time and effort.   

Sept 2017March 2018

IT Support

Axiom Technologies 

Implementing network strategies and on-site testing for the company.
Educating employees on the latest technologies.

May 2016July 2016

Game Development Intern

Steel Goblin

Creating GDD's for games.
Got the opportunity to port the game to a new platform.
Worked on a prototype for an upcoming game.

Dec 2015Feb 2016


V3RA Studios

Interned at a VR studio making 360 videos. Learnt to do everything from taking videos to stitching them using videostitch. 

Jul 2015Nov 2015

Console Operator


Handling the console, preparing the hot food section, cleaning, taking dips and managing the store. Learned to deal with troublesome customers. 

Oct 2015Oct 2015

Junior Developer

Disport - Townsville Startup Weekend

Took part at StartUp Weekend Townsville, came third. I was the IT guy, handling everything from creating a prototype to powerpoint presentations.

Aug 20112013

Design Head

Candid Gestures

Worked with an Interior design firm Managing Clients, bringing Clients for the firm, Client interactions on a daily basis Working with Clients to give them what they require. Worked on AutoCAD and 3DMAX with the design team to provide the perfect drawings for our clients which improved my managing skills as well. I was able to understand what the client wants and tried to provide it


Unity3D/ UE4 Developer

Created a First Person Shooting game on Unity3D for a college project in which I made some zombie AI's chasing our player and the player shoots the zombies in order to clear the level.

Worked on a Mario simulation for a college project. 


A Survival shooter game in development for VR.
The player is stranded on an ISLAND, with an axe and gets more weapons as the game progresses. There are inventory and crafting systems, where the player collects items he finds in the map and stores them or build items required for survival. You can light fire, build tents catch fish and fight ZOMBIES.

Unity3D developer for Oculus Rift

Worked on a horror genre game for Oculus Rift. In the game I was involved in integrating the VR headset with the game and created scripts for the player movement and trying to create the spooky effect.  


Have created a short animation in Maya for a college project where  I have showed three scenes, created character models and did rigging for them using IK and FK's, made the environment using skybox and objects, used all the physical components provided in the software. 

Xcode Developer

Created an app on xcode for iOS as a college project, it was basically a memory game in which the user gets 3 seconds to remember all the colours in the boxes and then tap accordingly to clear levels. 

Adobe Premier

Created a Promo Video for Brown Academy. Its a Perth based company that hold events. The PromoVideo I created was for an event they were organising which included some of the biggest artists collaborating from India and UK. 

Project Manager
Managing project for an Interior Design firm.  Client interactions to fulfill their requirements. Handling Labor and their issues.  Handling 2D and 3D drawings for the firm - Interaction with the clients and after getting to know what they want come out with the desired results.  
Sanskriti - Indian Cultural Club I was the treasurer for this club in State University of New York, College at Oneonta.   Worked for a Marketplace as a cashier in New York.   Worked as a tutor at Ohlone college for ESL classes. 



Ryan International School

Completed 12th standard in Science stream, participated in a lot of extra curicular activities.

Feb 2014Dec 2017

Bachelors in Information Technology - Game Design and Development

James Cook University

Softwares: Unity3D, UE4, MAYA, 3DSMax, Xcode, Photoshop, Adobe Premier, ZBrush, Sculpt+, JustInMind and Construct 2. 

Jan 2009Jan 2011

Associate Degree - Computer Science

Ohlone College

Previous College

SUNY Oneonta

Oneonta, New York

Dates Attended: Aug 07 to Dec 08

Major: Computer Science

Programming Languages: C#, C++, Python and JavaScript.


I play all kinds of video games, partly because its my job and you should always keep yourself updated with everything that is coming out in the market, but I prefer first person shooters and strategy based games. FIFA  and other fighting games like TEKKEN and STREET FIGHTER will always be favourites when it comes to playing with friends on the same console. 

Listening to music and always learning something new.


Aug 2017


British Council

Scored 8

May 2011Jul 2011

Certificate in Java Programming language using Java SE6

NIIT & Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.
Jan 2006Jan 2007

Passing Certificate

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)
Passed All India Senior Secondary Examination conducted by CBSE.

Volunteer Work

Helping autistic kids make games and making sure they are having fun while doing it

Volunteered at a marketplace as a cashier and sub sandwiches maker in New York.

Volunteered as a tutor at Ohlone college for ESL classes (English as a second language).