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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Retail Client Services Representative

Citizens Republic Bank


Sep 2005Jun 2007

Associate of Science

Mott Community College


My name is Alexander Nitsos, I am a business management major at Davenport University.  This is my first semester at DU and am excited to continue to further my education.  I have previously acquired my Associate of Science degree with an emphasis in Mathematics from Mott Community College.  I attended Grand Valley State University for a couple semesters where I majored in mathematics and Secondary Education.  I later switched majors due to my want to be a part of a business and the business atmosphere. My educational goals include graduating from Davenport University within the next two years and acquiring a job that could eventually support a family and develop into a career that I would enjoy.  I recently have become employed at the Citizens Bank call center, and my degree could lead to advances there.  I believe that in graduating with a degree, I will give myself a safeguard if anything were to occur in a job, and would also make myself a better candidate for other jobs and/or positions. In today's times, the most marketable people become the best candidates for jobs and a degree will do nothing but help. Technical communication is not only important in my future career, but in any career.  In any job, there is communication between employees or among different businesses.  To communicate accurately and effectively requires one to understand the finer points of technical communication.  It is especially important if a company were to move or add a location in another country, where communication would not only be important, but crucial to its success. We live in a world where education is important for advancement within certain companies, and in these companies, employees must use proper communication when trying to express ideas or concerns accurately.  As the businesses continue to grow, the world 'shrinks' and communication among different countries and cultures will aid in the continuing growth of businesses.


To obtain an entry-level orsupervisory position utilizing strong analytical and interpersonal skills along with dedication, teamwork, and time-management skills to complete given tasks, projects, or goals.