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Anirudh Ramanathan

Software Engineer / Technical Leader

Work experience


Software Engineer

Google Inc, Mountain View, California

As an early engineer on the Kubernetes and Google container engine team, I donned several hats - adding core functionality to Kubernetes , helping scale open source development, improving both internal and external processes, onboarding the SRE organization and eventually leading development on Big Data and Machine Learning applications in Kubernetes.

  • Critical role in graduating StatefulSets to beta - Statefulsets are an important Kubernetes construct that allow running stateful applications on containers.
  • Started and grew Spark on Kubernetes to a multi-organization effort and and eventually graduated into the Apache Spark project.
  • Led the SIG Big Data community to contributors from several organizations, helping create an ecosystem of Spark, Airflow, Tensorflow, Jupyter and HDFS on Kubernetes.
  • Scaled the Kubernetes project to contributions from a host of other organizations, rewrote Github automation, CLA infrastructure, etc.
  • Was instrumental in creating and improving processes and for testing and releases, and led releases in open source as well as internally.
  • Onboarded, mentored and led a two-person focus group on various data science and ML projects.
  • Invited speaker at several conferences & meetups.

Software Engineering Intern

Google Inc, Mountain View, California

Worked on Google Global Cache, the worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Worked on the mapping optimizer, responsible for assignment of geo-distributed edge caches to incoming connections.
  • Evaluated several SDN controlled content delivery algorithms against measures of latency and goodput on a global scale for Youtube.
  • Implemented proposed improvements to realize tangible improvements to mean global latency for Youtube content.


Parasol Laboratory, Texas A&M University

Multiple Selections with Touchscreen Devices

  • Carried out research on common UI interactions and their semantics with touch screen interfaces
  • Developed an early prototype Android GUI library implementing the formalism, allowing a better and faster way to carry out multiple selections.
  • Published work in NIK 2016.

Grader & Student Worker

Texas A&M University
  • Course Grader for CSCE-222 Discrete Structures for Computing
  • Led a Scrum team of students to develop a website and content management system for the political science department at Texas A&M University.
  • Developed the frontend and web-backend for a supply chain simulation game intended for use in classrooms and later between different universities.

Architect, Infrastructure & Tools

Infrastructure & Tools, NVIDIA
  • Implemented automation and tooling for NVIDIA's compute clusters used for hardware design and simulations.
  • Improved core scheduling and resource allocation algorithms.
  • Developed and maintained metrics and monitoring pipelines for clusters.
  • Created tools to track resource planning, forecasting and utilization metrics and scaled it across all GPU and Mobile SoC projects.


VizExperts Private Limited
  • Created a real-time GPS tracking system for law enforcement and an integrated communication system for the control room Developed the server application using ASP.NET/C#.
  • Implemented an interactive web UI for tracking GPS devices using the Google Maps & Earth APIs.
  • Built an NMEA sentence parser and a simulator to test our spatial error correction algorithms.
  • Forked and modified an open source Java SIP client to build an integrated communication system over our own VOIP telephony system.



Masters in Computer Science

Texas A&M University

GPA: 4.0 


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology, BHU

Graduated with First Class Honors




Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Volunteer teacher as part of the TEALS program in association with Microsoft.
  • Teaching basics of CS to middle school students.


  • Large scale specialized graph processing using C++.
  • Optimizing source-to-source compiler for Fortran77.
  • Evaluating performance of parallel algorithms using OpenMP and MPI.

Notable Mentions

  • Microsoft Award Winner at TAMUHack 2014
  • 0.7% worldwide on Stackoverflow with reputation over 35,000.
  • Author of several windows & windows phone applications with over 500k users.
  • Microsoft Certified Professional in CSS, Javascript and HTML5.