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STB -Integration and architecture
Video IP Network
Conditional access system
Working with Conax and Irdeto CAS  worked with NDS also
Video Compression
7+ year career track record over DVB , Worked with Various type of system like Cisco , Ericsson, Harmonic , Harris , Evertz etc 


Highly self motivated and goal oriented professional committed to pursuing a 7+ year career in Digital CATV & DVB-S2. Offer a 5+year career track record demonstrating analytical and problem solving skills, computer proficiency and ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion. Technically sophisticated and DVB-S2 & DVB-C headend professional with a pioneering career reflecting strong technical qualification coupled with uplinking & down linking communication experience. Excellent interpersonal/communication skills.


I have the wide interest in DVB, MPEG, CAS, Mobile TV , OTT-HLS, DASH, satellite communication ,STB, DTH technology 

Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Sr CAS/DVB Engineer


CAS-Irdeto KMS server & Conax-

·Currently simulcrypting 7 MBC HD channels using Irdeto CAS 3 and Conax CAS 7.           Responsible for the installation, operation and maintaining the Conditional Access System.

·Providing technical reports to the department head about the system configuration changes and                         services interruption causes and solution.

·As a system professional, role involves integration of complex system with third party systems (Middle             ware) Subscriber Management System, Set-Top-Box integration and any other aspect of digital                           transmission.

·Overseeing all system modules ensuring service continuity of 7 channels on 24*7 basis from the MUX             of MBC.

·Performing complete field trial tests for satellite receivers from different STB manufacturers to ensure               conformity with MBC Specifications with the existing Conditional Access System.

·Communicating with various technologies vendors to get support for existing systems or proposals for             new projects.

·Creating back up of the DBM for all the encrypted keys on a daily basis.

·Loading the smart card details and secure chipset details for the Secure Silicon module.

        Subscriber Management Access System

·Managing the Call Centre System with Subscriber Management System (SMS).

·Handled the DuoSoft SMS server system for the call centre agent.

·Creation and implementation of new procedure and documentation for the SMS. Responsible for the training of customer service representatives.

·Communicating with customers support team to resolve any complaints regarding reception of MBC channels.

·Follow up with her to communicate with DUOSOFT engineers to get all our pending issues sorted out and make our system strong and stable

· Working on a proposal for OTT & HLS & interactive application servers and IPTV solutions for our future business

Nov 2012Mar 2013

Senior Engineer- DVB , (O&M)

Bharti Airtel Ltd ( Diogital TV Services)

I was part of the team who are responsible to manage & maintain over 265 SD services ,15 HD multilingual services with AC-3 audio, more than 10 interactive services ,5 NVOD services ,12 Radio services, harmonic DR site,HLS(HTTP Live Streaming),multiscreen,IPTV ,PDL,Mobile TV and many more testing .I have present a brief description of my hardware used.

·Control the video flow through the compression system.

·Monitor and manage compressed digital video services. 

·Troubleshoot issues with video reception and quality.

·Troubleshoot hardware issues within the compression system.

vIRD acquisition:

·IRDs(TT1222,TT1220,RX1290,RX8330,RX8200,RX1260 etc)

·AGC +A/D(Evertz )


·DA & Ext. Sync (Evertz)


·SDI Router(Harris 6800+,Platinium,Integrator)


·GB/FE  Cisco switches

·Harris SDI Router (Integrator & Platinum),RCP Configuration

·NCC server(NCC profile manager,NCC equipment monitoring status, NCC equipment setup)

·Modulator(EQ 8096,SM6600 series)

vOTT HLS & Multiscreen:

·Harmonic ProMedia™ Live +Packager for H.264 HLS HTTP

·ProStream 4000 for 3gppV6 Streaming (3G legacy mobile phone)

·NMX(Harmonic) Digital Services Manager   

vDR Site (Harmonic Compression)

·Harmonic main Proview 7000 IRDs

·ION MPEG-2 QUAD Encoders

·Electra 8240 with 2 FLEX cards

Harmonic Prostream-1000 Multiplexing /Statistical Multiplexing/Scrambling processing platform

Jun 2007Oct 2011

Senior Engineer- DVB/Headend/O&M

Hathway Cable & datacom ltd

vFine tuned with CAS system, SCS configurator, DVB SI Editor, EPG, PSI/SI table, MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264 /H.263 Video compression Standard.

v Transrating/Transcoding(open loop & closed loop) of MPEG-2 Transport stream

vAdditional Good Knowledge of IPTV,DVB-C2,DVB-S,DVB-S2,link budget ,VOD,N-VOD etc

vTroubleshooting of fault diagnosis of subscribers Set Top Box as command , technical problem & Testing 

vFined knowledge with open architecture & interoperability of Digital Set-top Box & Middleware.

vInstalling and maintaining experience of DVB-S/S2 & DVB-C headend/compression.

vMaintaining the Quality of services with the help NMS system (ROSA) single & client user.

vRX8200,TT1222,RX1290,Harris 6800+,Integrator Leitch EQ8096,MX8400,HP Proliant switch, Cisco Catalyst 35609,EN 7190HD H.264,Video Processor,ensamble,evertz,

vWorked on Scientific Atlanta devices as Modulator, encoder(D9020,9030,D9036,D9022etc) Multiplexer(9600 series), Regulas, Transis, Krypton, Pegasus XT, Stellar XT, Titan, Indus IRD(D9850,D9854,D9844,D9828),DCM (D9900),Router etc & configuration of installation of all type of Decoder or STB  .

vGood working knowledge of content Security i.e. Scrambling Control Task with NDS & IRDETO Encryption server,

vGood knowledge about cryptography, RSA Algorithms, SAS, SMS system, encryption keys.

vFine tuned with all type V-Shine devices like as Modulator, Scrambler Mux, Remux, Encoder etc.

vWorking Knowledge of Promax Meter, CROs & Spectrum Analyzer.

vFined tuned with Dish Parameter & RF signaling.

vGood knowledge of DOCSIS System or Fiber communication.

vSignal & system (analog & digital), RF Splitting, and Digital Modulation QAM-M, QPSK.  



Jun 2006Aug 2006