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Anip Sharma

B.E. - Electronics and Communication, Thapar University, Punjab.

Career Objective

To make for a challenging and ever proliferating career in something which I love to do, acquiring immense satisfaction from it and helping the team grow continuously that I associate myself with.



Bachelor of Engineering. 

Thapar University, Punjab.

Graduated as a B.E. in the field of Electronics and Communication with a CGPA of 7/10.


Senior Secondary Examination.

Government Model Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh.

Passed the SSE in CBSE with percentage 92.1 


Matriculation Examination.

Hansraj Public School, Panchkula, Haryana.

Passed the matriculation examination in CBSE with percentage 92.1

Technical Skills

Assembly Language
C / Embedded C Language
Simulation Softwares : Arduino IDE, Xilinix ISE, Keil
QT for Embedded Linux
Hardware Description Language

Projects Undertaken:

  1. Design and prototyping of a wireless controlled self balancing robot that caters to the human needs by transporting things from one place to another by placing it on the top of the robot and balancing it using a 3-axis Gyroscope and a 3-axis Accelerometer. Programming done using Embedded C language on Arduino Mega and self fabrication of the sensor module on a circuit board comprising of gyroscope and accelerometer carried out. [Evaluative project: grade secured-A]
  2. Installation of self fabricated Light dependent switches carried out inside the hostel bathrooms to save electricity and contribute towards development of society. 
  3. Design and simulation of a GPS based gold code generator done, on C language platform after an extensive study of the GLOBAL POSITIONING MODULE. Code generator, when simulated with values of location for an hypothetical satellites was able to generate an approximately correct location for the user. [Evaluative project: grade secured-A]
  4. Design of Adaptive algorithm that can be used to analyze the performance of future cellular networks. The proposed systems were simulated in MATLAB and the observations were documented. 
  5. The implementation of AODV protocol, used in Ad-hoc networks, in NS2 simulator.  The transfer of packets in an ad-hoc network and other processes were shown in the NS-2 simulator.
  6. 8085/8051 mini projects - Various small projects that made use of the microprocessor 8085/ microcontroller 8051 were carried out in the college laboratory.  These included projects like (other than basic programming for 8085/8051) water level indicator, ac/dc motor speed controller, fire alarm system etc. All these projects were implemented on the simulation software Keil uvision for controller 8051 and hardware kit for the processor 8085.
  7. Digital System Designing mini projects - Various mini projects based on VHDL was done in the college laboratory. These included designing, simulation and verification of decoders, encoders, timers, counters, etc. The designing was performed in Xilinix ISE Design Suite and verification was done by writing Test Bench for the entity.
  8. Electronic Design Automation mini projects- Various mini projects were fabricated using Tanner EDA tool and after that simulations for the above were carried out.


  • Summer training :

Organisation - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Bangalore.

Project name - Designing and simulating a GPS gold code generator.

Duration - May, 2014 to July 2014. (8 weeks)

Objective -

To study in depth about the existing Aviation Electronics equipment employed in the airplanes today.

To study the working of Global Positioning System module and thereafter design and simulate a gold code generator used in the GPS modules. Designing was done in HDL language and the code for simulation was developed in C language.

Both the objectives were achieved successfully. 

  • EdX Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) :

Organisation - EdX and University of Austin.

Course name - UTAustinX: UT.6.03x Embedded Systems - Shape the World.

Duration - January, 2016 to May, 2016.

Objective - 

To study both the Hardware and Software aspect of Embedded Systems Development and gain a deeper insight into the field by a series of projects based on TM4C123GXL board from Texas Instruments that makes use of a TM4C123GH6PM microcontroller. List of projects completed is as follows :

0) Understanding how the computer stores and manipulates data,
1) The understanding of embedded systems using modular design and abstraction,
2) C programming: considering both function and style,
3) The strategic use of memory,
4) Debugging and verification using a simulator and on the real microcontroller,
5) How input/output using switches, LEDs, DACs, ADCs, motors, and serial ports,
6) The implementation of an I/O driver, multithreaded programming,
7) Understanding how local variables and parameters work,
8) Analog to digital conversion (ADC), periodic sampling,
9) Simple motors (e.g., open and closed-loop stepper motor control),
10) Digital to analog conversion (DAC), used to make simple sounds, Design and implementation of elementary data structures.                                                                                                                                        
11)Systems approach to game design.
12) Introduction to the Internet of Things.

All objectives were carried out successfully.

Work experience

January 2016July 2016


Central Research Laboratory, Bharat Electronics Ltd., Ghaziabad.

Worked as an intern at CRL, Ghaziabad for partial fulfillment of B.E. degree in the project 'QT for Embedded Linux and Embedded Systems Development'. Performance during the internship was good.     Passed the project semester with marks 90/100.

Academic Achievement

  • Cleared the National Science Olympiad (Zonal Round) in year 2009 and 2010.
  • Received the certificate of achievement from DAV College Managing Committee in 2010 for excellent performance in class 10th board exams.
  • Inclusion in Student Achievement Publication of Hansraj Public School, Panchkula for outstanding result in class 10th exam.
  • Inclusion in School Roll of Honor in year 2012 for senior secondary result.
  • Merit certificate from CBSE for scoring complete marks in Mathematics Examination in class 12th.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Owner of a blog
  • Content writing intern at Sportskeeda's Global Internship Program.
  • Sports writer for football site Sixth official.
  • Part of the Department football team in college. 
  • An active member of Poetry Society of college and contributor to various blogs.
  • Acted as the hostel representative in an inter hostel literary fest in college.
  • An active member of Pratigya Society volunteering for welfare of underprivileged children. 
  • Part of the disciplinary team overseeing the SUR events held in the University.
  • Organized the zonal round of Robotryst competition in Thapar University.

Other Information

  • Online course in VLSI pursued on site
  • 2 months course done in embedded systems.
  • Winner of zonal round of Robotryst competition held in year 2012.
  • Participated in final round of Robotryst held in IIT Delhi in March 2013.
  • Winner of FIFA simulation competition held in the college fest.
  • An avid sports fan especially football.
  • A movie fanatic, English drama being my favorite genre.
  • A Rock and Roll music lover.
  • A big travel buff.
  • Winner of food panda republic day scholarship.