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Software Engineer : Front-End | Gameplay | Tools | Technical Art


Creative Developer having 6+ years of experience developing games and multimedia apps with broad skill set and technical proficiency in programming, optimization and art, with the ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies. Patient and creative problem-solver, analytical by nature, loves working in a creative environment with good communication skills for bridging the gap between people and skillsets. Very approachable and friendly personality with a dash of humor.

Work History


Multimedia Specialist [Unity Lead + New Media]

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Edmonton, AB)

Utilizing Unity 5 with WebGL to create simulations, (teaching aids); including leading research for VR based educational simulations.

  • Creating a WebGL Unity App for Civil/architectural engineers and workers to highlight Truss/Beam loads in construction. (Link)
  • Creating a WebGL Unity App for Computation Genetics / Nucleic Acid Sequencing simulation. (Link)
  • Creating interactive content in Adobe Animate/Flash CC, which is HTML5 / Canvas (example: Link)
  • R&D: Virtual Reality (VR), Oculus Rift, Material Design, ReactJS, Playcanvas, Web controlled Raspberry Pi

Technology: Unity 5 Engine + WebGL (C#), Adobe Animate / Canvas (CreateJS) and CC Suite, HTML5/CSS, Python, Bootstrap

Jan 2016Present

Multimedia Developer [Unity Lead, New Media]

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Edmonton, AB)
  • Utilizing Unity 5 with WebGL to create simulations (teaching aid), including leading research for VR based educational simulations.
  • Creating interactive content in Adobe Animate/Flash CC which is HTML5 ready.
  • R&D: Virtual Reality, Occulus Rift, Blend4Web, Three.js, Material Design, ReactJS, Playcanvas, Web controlled Raspberry Pi

Technology: Unity 5 Engine + WebGL (C#), Adobe Animate/Flash (JS) and CC Suite, HTML5, Python

Aug 2013Jul 2015

Client Developer

Utherverse Digital Inc

Development of a social virtual/VR 3D browsing platform using the Unity3d Game engine as a Client.

  • Authored pixel perfect frontend components for UI, interfaced with backend servers, a total of 32 new features using ECMAScript (JS) and Unity-C# from scratch, collaborating with UI Designer.
  • Created Avatar customization and World Editing (UI interfaced Gameplay mechanics), a primary revenue generator for the product, with re-iteration based on end-user feedback (part demo, visible here: link).
  • Saved time and effort of artists, by authoring Unity Editor Tool which search’s broken/missing and duplicate assets in directories across projects/network drives and fixes them automatically while obeying file-naming conventions.
  • Prototyped new/experimental features collaborating with Project lead, Art Director, Game and UI Designer, 3d Artists, writing documentation and patch notes, and working with QA team fixing bugs, making debugging tools, doing weekly triages and working late when situation demands.
  • Shader programming, maintaining/authoring Unity’s surface shader’s (Hair, Skin, Environment and Clothing shaders), R&D for Unity’s graphics pipeline for PBR based shaders. Assisted artist in moving from Unity version 4 to 5 smoothly, identifying problem areas and documenting them for future reference.
  • Lighting scenes (Linear/Deferred rendering), fixing level optimization issues based on content and resource quota generated from end user’s hardware (system memory and CPU).
  • Optimizing file-size/assets for dynamic content loading from servers, using best practices and technical recommendations.
  • Saved company time and money by writing a Maya Python-script to automate/batch through 3d Assets @500 assets/min-CPU time instead of 15 assets/hour/artist. The tool checked for correctness, validity and separately exported LOD’s to OBJ.
  • Analyze communication problems between art and engineering team and reduce them, communicate effectively in both written and verbal manner to relevant Leads and Project Managers and colleagues.

Playable Client available here (in Alpha):| Portfolio Link

Technology: Unity Engine, VS C# (.NET 4.5+Mono), JavaScript (ECMA5 & JSON), Surface Shaders (CG, HLSL), Maya-Python, Maya 2016, Tortoise Hg/GIT/Source-Tree/VSO, TFS, Adobe Photoshop (+Actions).

Apr 2012Jun 2012

Tools Programmer

Catstatic Interactive| 3D visualization project for sellable

Catstatic Interactive | 3D visualization project for sellable property

  • Authored scripts for Ipad/Iphone hardware allowing Virtual perspective & experience to the user for an unbuilt architectural landscape project in Unity Engine.
  • Developed tools, custom camera scripts, lighting setup and debugged lightmapping, did gameplay optimization.
  • Authored motion based camera movement scripts for Ipad (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Touch).

Technology: MonoDevelop - C#, Unity Engine, Apple Ipad and Iphone with Mac OS/iOS.

Nov 2011Jan 2012

Technical Artist

Catstatic Interactive| 3D visualization project for sellable

Upgrading and maintenance of Studio wide pipeline tools for 3Ds Max using C#, creating basic Shaders for ingame objects using HLSL. Designed tool to search missing and duplicate textures/maps from directories within 3ds Max with modal dialogue for on spot ambiguity decisions.

Technology: Visual Studio 2010 - C#, 3Ds Max'11, HLSL, In-house game engine, PS3 Dev Kit

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Technical Director

Gold Mountain Guest| University of British Columbia| Educational

Gold Mountain Guest | University of British Columbia | Educational Game

  • Provided technical leadership to a small sized education game project, dealing with client facing milestones and deliveries.
  • Provided feedback and optimizations for code and games assets (3D, FX, Light) for a consistent framerate budget for web deployed demo in Unity 3.x
  • Go – to person for all technical (engine and content integration) issues, removing performance bottlenecks in both art and programming via game profiling.

Technology: Unity Engine (v3), Unity Javascript, 3Ds Max’11, Mozilla Firefox + Unity3d plugin.

Sep 20102011

Technical Art Lead

Gold Mountain Guest| University of British Columbia| Educational
  • Contributed to high level technical game design document, paper prototyping game mechanics with development team and real clients.
  • Led 3D character modelling with Mudbox 2011.
  • Assisted Art director in creating art assets and UI elements for the game prototype.
  • Created concept art and illustrations for the game elements as directed by the Art Director’s requirements.

Technology: Unity Engine (v3), Autodesk 3dsMax ‘11, Mudbox ’11, Photoshop

Jan 2010Aug 2010


Gameplay and UI
  • Technical direction (Engine), technology research, integrating animations (cinematic and character)
  • Adding functionality to UI elements using Kismet programming and UIEditor using UIScenes.
  • Level Design (Technical - Making sure all in-game assets be ported correctly to new levels and are fully functioning as needed), creating technical development documents.
  • Sole troubleshooter for Engine, Lighting, Character and Cinematic related issues.
  • Testing introduction of Scaleform via prototyping, AS2 programming in Flash.

Technology: UDK: Unreal Engine 3, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and Photoshop

Apr 2010Aug 2010

Technical Consultant

Vivid Digital Studios(Startup)

Vivid Digital Studios (Startup)

          Development of a game demo to be pitched to Microsoft and other game companies for green light. Gave technical direction regarding UDK editor,basic UI programming (Scaleform Gfx), direction in Animation integration (Animset/Animtree) from Maya, 3D content integration.

*A Virtual member collaborating to development team at London – UK.

Technology: UDK: Unreal Engine 3, Scaleform Gfx.

Jun 2009Oct 2009

R&d Engineer

C-DAC Centre of Development of

[Internship] C-DAC (Centre of Development of Advanced Computing), Pune, India

Under-Grad Project: Acceleration of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) using Parallelism.

Research on practical methods to speed and optimize computation of high order matrices (data) stored in a file using Thread Building blocks (TBB) and NVidia CUDA frameworks in a Linux GCC environment using C++. The application of which would be used on the Indian Super-Computer PARAM Yuva at Pune.

Technology: C++, GCC Compiler, Linux (Ubuntu), BASH Shell scripting, TBB and CUDA frameworks



Masters of Digital Media

Simon Fraser University

(Game development and VFX/Animation) at Simon Fraser University affiliated to University of British Columbia, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Emily Carr at Vancouver, BC, Canada. GPA 3.72/4.0

Jul 2005Aug 2009


Pune University Rice University

(Computer Science) at Sinhgad College of Engineering affiliated to Pune University in 2009, India. GPA 4.02/5.0


Achievements and Accolades



  • Most Viewed Writer on Quora in area of Computer Hardware & Game development, August 2015 onwards, averaging 2k views/day.
  • Appointed Gaming Head and Creative Head for National level technical events held at Sinhgad College of Engineering (Under-grad).
  • Received 2nd Prize as an Art Editor for In-house college magazine Srujan at Sinhgad College of Engineering (Under-grad).
  • Pro-gamer for the Need for speed title in Pune, India for 3 years (Under-grad).

Personal Info

Languages: English, Hindi, Arabic (Basic).

Citizenship and Work Permits: Indian born Canadian Citizen, H1B or TN1 Visa for USA, EU Blue Card for Europe and OCI for India.

Interests:, Computer Graphics (Shaders, effects, simulations), Computer Hardware (GPU’s and CPU, Chipsets), Industrial Design, Look Development, Color Theory, Real-Time rendering, Matte Art, Photo-realistic CG. 

Hobbies: Sketching / Painting, CG/Digital arts, Photography, Chess, playing football, Trekking and adventuring, Music and Movies (especially Sci-fi), Psychology.

Memberships: CG-Society, Spark CG,

Long Term Goal/Objective: To lead in a position of the CG Supervisor/Technical Director [TD].