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A competent backend engineer with hands-on experience in designing and developing large scale application. Most of my experience is related to Web Application Development (REST, Microservices, Service Oriented Architectures) and Backend Engineering. My professional experience has exposed me to technologies like PHP, Mysql, Google Big Query, Snowflake, Redis, Solr Search etc. I have brief exposure to Node Js, Express JS and Python and its related technologies. Apart from being a Technology Enthusiast, I am a big time foodie.

Work experience


Backend Engineer


I work with a team of excellent engineers on this loyalty platform called Perk. We are into developing high performance  and concurrent system.

I am directly involved in developing user facing API and  CMS for product managers and customer support team. My day to day task involves developing, testing and maintaining Perk's backend API, documenting APIs and ensuring that they are built according to the specification agreed upon by over 15 mobile and web clients.

The tech stack is mainly PHP(Laravel and Lumen), MySql, Google Big Query, Redis, Memcache. ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) along with Sentry for backend application monitoring and error reporting. We use CircleCI for Continuous Integration, testing and building and custom vagrant machine for local development.


Product Engineer


I was associated with Collegedunia since day one and have had an awesome time building the product from scratch. The site had over 100k visitors everyday and ranked 2000 in India by  

Among others features I contributed a lot in implementing Solr Search and Redis on the site. Solr and Redis powered the website global search and the Listing and product page. By moving the entire Listing Module from Mysql to Solr, load on server reduced by 30 times and 300% faster results.

I had handled the end to end development of the web services and notification system for the  Collegedunia app (v1.0). I was involved in the development of two custom CMS for the product. One of these was written in Core Php and the other in Laravel. I worked on these two CMS working in a team of two. 

The tech stack was mainly PHP(Laravel and in-house custom framework), Mysql, Redis, Solr Search.