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A competent backend engineer with hands-on experience in designing and developing large scale application from scratch. Actively participating in all stages of the development cycle for web projects. My professional experience has exposed me to technologies like PHP, NodeJS, Mysql, Google Big Query, Redis, Solr and others.


- API, RESTful,  Microservices

- Java Script, NodeJs(Express), PHP (Laravel, Lumen, CI) 

- Mysql, Redis, Memcache, Solr, Google Big Query, Snowflake

- Data Structure, Algorithm

- Git, Linux, BeanStalkd, Supervisord, CircleCI, ELK, Vagrant

Work experience


Backend Engineer


 - Assist in architecting high volume applications within a micro-service environment processing millions of requests per day

 - Developing API's for over 12 mobile and web client  like games and wallets

 - Working on ETL component of the ads business revenue system

 - Developing and maintaining the CMS used within the organization

 - Working on POC apps from time to time

 - Maintain legacy backend web services


Product Engineer


  -  Involved in initial design and implementation  of the entire architecture from scratch

  -  Introduced and built backend systems in Laravel - PHP Framework 

 -  Introduced Solr and Redis for search, listing, product pages and notification system  allowing the system to scale with 30% faster response time, increasing the click through rates

 -  Implemented the beanstalkd background queue system for all asynchronous workloads

 -  Handled the end to end development of  Collegedunia app (v1.*) web services

 -  Owner of multiple internal project like lead management and review system