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A communicative and flexible financial consultant, who has worked in diverse workplace environments. Furthermore, three strong years in retail, purchasing, sales and recruitment management. Additionally, a solution and performance oriented team player, who is able to identify the relevant factors and deliver enthusiastic spirit with clarity  to audiences.

Work experience

Apr 2015Present

Financial Consultant

MLP Financial Services AG
Consulting competencies: banking, investment plan, retirement plan, business plan, health care, real estate, and funding.
Apr 2015Present


University of Mannheim - Services and Marketing GmbH
Teaching staff for undergraduate and postgraduate business classes. Responsible for advising students, participating in faculty and administrative meetings, acting on academic committees, and organizing departmental workshops. Business disciplines: labor law, negotiation skills, taxation and financial education.
Jan 2015Jul 2015

Sales Consultant

Swarovski GmbH
Engaged in sales and customer care department. Responsible for sales force (VPT), complaint files, return delivery, and accounting.
Nov 2014Jun 2015

Sales Representative

Nonstop Promotion GmbH
Involved in public relations department, sales and accounting department.
Jan 2014May 2014

Project Support

Startup SoFi Company
Market research project with a young startup company in the field of financial services. The project includes a qualitative(focus group) and a quantitative research(constructing an online-questionnaire), evaluation of results, constructing a conjoint-analysis.
Jan 2014May 2014

Project Support

Social media campaign including a SWOT-analysis, BCG-Matrix, and the implementation a future plan.
Feb 2012Dec 2013

Recruitment Consultant

Campus Scout GmbH
Recruitment of students and graduates for companys' events, workshops, vacancy, lecturers etc.
Sep 2012Nov 2012


Vietcombank Hanoi (Vietnam)
Credit department. Credit rating of B2C and B2B. Customer care and project management.
Aug 2010Jan 2011

Research Assistant

University of Mannheim, Chair ofProduction and Industrial Business
Tutor for production management class. Responsible for examination and e-learning tool (ILIAS).
Jun 2010Aug 2010


AOK - Rheinland-Pfalz
Human resources department. The entire application process (job posting, selection of application, assessment center, job interview). Performance review with employees and appraisal interview. Human resources marketing and development.


Sep 2011Dec 2014

M.Sc - Business Education

University of Mannheim
Major in Business Administration (focusing on Marketing & HR)
Minor in Education and English
Jan 2012Sep 2012

Business Certificate Program

Columbia University
Courses: Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Managing Human Behavior in the Organization, Global Economy
Jun 2012Aug 2012

Summer Session

University of California, Berkeley
Courses: Globalization, American Novel
Sep 2008Jul 2011

B.Sc. - Business Education

University of Mannheim
Major in Business Administration
Minor in Education and English


Proficient communication (verbal and non-verbal communication) skills, developed through experience [consulting, retail, customer care, recruitment, sales,  front desk reception]
Creative and flexible in terms of change process management. Ability  prospers in a fast-paced work environment based on past experience [entrepreneur, customer care support, lecturer]
Leadership skills
Great leadership skills developed through work experience [financial consultant, leader of sales force, club or school government position, tutoring, student mentor (buddy program), career coach]
Analytical skills
Acutely critical thinker with effective researching skills [research assistant, resource developer, conflict resolution (mediation program), project support]
Interpersonal skills
Interpersonal and relationship building skills  [career coach, club involvement, teamwork, student leader, lecturer]
Computer skills
Proficient technical knoweldge proven through work experience in [customer relationship management programs, spreadsheet tabulations, social media, lead generation etc.]


Aug 2015Aug 2015

Golden Profiler of Personality Certificate

Personality Test Conductor
Evaluation and implementation of the personality profile G.P.O.P., which is based on the concept of Myers-Briggs-Test (MBTI).
May 2015Jun 2015


§ 34 c GewO and § 34 d Abs. 1 GewO
Pension and insurance, investment, healthcare and banking. To evaluate, manage and advise on financial risks.
Sep 2008Jul 2010


Train-The-Trainer Certificate
Training and educating vocational students at companies.