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I am a proven Executive Manager who has extensive experience in fixing complex problems. I have outstanding abilities in interpreting complex data and then infer broad themes and trends. I excel within the "VP Special Programs" sector for companies as I can multitask on multiple programs and achieve exemplary results. I look for challenging and rewarding work as I learn new industries and problem sets quickly and efficiently. I work well with diverse fields of individuals from Engineers to Business Development and can form bridges of respect from teams of diverse backgrounds.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Executive Program Manager

Multiple Customers
Recruited to assist various companies with Proposal Generation as Program Manager. Worked with ten company team as Proposal Lead for requirements definition, PWS deconstruction, recruiting, Past Performance, Costing, and Technical Volume generation. Lead for all team meetings and POC interface discussions. Consultant to several companies for process improvement, Total Quality Management integration, lean process applications, and business development improvements. Advise multiple customers on Bid/No-Bid decisions for complex proposal opportunities utilizing best business practices, ROI financials, and Risk Management concepts.
Apr 2005Dec 2008

Owner, President, Senior Engineer

Tactical Solutions Group
Tactical Solutions Group, an engineering consulting firm working with high end technical solutions for product development and marketing to the DoD, Special Operations, and Law Enforcement requirements. Designed multi-functional, rapidly reconfigurable cabin configuration for major helicopter manufacturer for $14B proposal effort for USAF Combat Search and Rescue requirements. With Subject Matter Experts we created a proactive liaison between technical engineers and customer requirements. Executive management, business development, proposal creation, development, and editing; marketing, public presentations, engineering, manufacturing, and product development. By utilization of SMEs, became a preeminent training and education institution for tactical medical training, law enforcement tactics, and military medical and tactical concepts to the non-military sectors of society. Taught from the basics of Self Aid and Buddy Care all the way to EMT Basic with an emphasis on Tactical Combat Casualty Care with our unparalleled Tactical EMT program.
Jan 2003Feb 2004

Account Director, Program Manager

Mortgage and Finance Company
Increased company ROI as Program Manager, mentor, and developer for financial services, accounts, and client services for loan specialists, processors, underwriters, and business developers for $50M volume financial/Mortgage Company. Personally responsible for a $3M line of business and client services. IT Manager and program developer for computer-based client tracking, loan production, and file tracking system. Designed, tested, and produced MS Excel based application for loan processing and documentation; sold to major software Development Company. Services included turnaround strategy, business process improvement / redesign, brand development, architecture and positioning.
Feb 2000Dec 2002

Airline Pilot

United Air Lines
Spent 6 months on the panel (FE 727) and was offered the opportunity to become a Line Check Airmen, Designated FAA Representative, and Operational Experience instructor. I was the instructor of choice for the company with over 50 successful students in my one year of teaching. Type Rated 757/767 during 9/11 and subsequently bumped to the venerable 737 in Denver. 3,000 Hours Accumulated (FE, SIC, Instrument, Night, International, Special Airfields)
Nov 1983Dec 1999

A/OA-10 Fighter Pilot, Weapons Officer

Myrtle Beach SC Fairbanks AK Alexandria LA Colorado Springs CO Spangdahlem GE Tucson AZ. Weapons School 1987, 356 FS Squadron Weapons Officer, 18 FS Squadron Weapons Officer, 343 TFW Assistant Wing Weapons Officer, 52 FW Wing Weapons Officer, 357 TFTS ADO. World Record Holder USAF Aerial Gunnery Meet (Gunsmoke 1989) Low Angle Strafe with 100% average. 2,750 hours in A/OA-10 with 100 hours of Combat Time. Combat Search and Rescue Instructor, Sandy Lead, Mission Commander, and Mission Planner for 14 years. 3,250 hours (Combat, PIC, Instructor, Instrument, Night, NVG, International)
Feb 1994Jul 1996

TENCAP Program Manager

US Air Force
Program Manager at the Space Warfare Center (SWC) Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) at then Falcon AFB (Schriever AFB). Managed Talon Spectrum starting with a $400K budget and leveraging funds to become a $2M program providing national support to the squadron and expeditionary force level. Integrated solutions for Real Time Information to the Cockpit (RTIC) as well as real time interactive programs directly to the squadron intelligence operators and squadron weapons officers. Created and produced Project Spangdahlem which generated a national interactive capability directly to the 52 Fighter Wing intelligence/weapons and tactics cell of the wing planning center. Coordinated with national assets and operators around the world as well as federal agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and US Marshalls to leverage up and coming technology into the warfighters' toolbox.
Jun 1992Feb 1994


US Air Force Academy
Commander Cadet Squadron 20 (Tough Twenty Trolls). Lead, managed, mentored, and documented 120 aspiring Cadets as they worked there way to becoming Officers in the United States Air Force.

A-10 Pilot



USAF Air Command and Staff College

Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), the Air Force's intermediate professional military education (PME) school, prepares field grade officers of all services (primarily majors and major selects), international officers, and US civilians to assume positions of higher responsibility within the military and other government arenas. Geared toward teaching the skills necessary for air and space operations in support of a joint campaign as well as leadership and command, ACSC focuses on shaping and molding tomorrow's leaders and commanders. The college's academic environment stimulates and encourages free expression of ideas as well as independent, analytical, and creative thinking.

The ACSC curriculum encourages the development of higher order thinking by challenging students to think critically and exercise a combination of analytical and practical tools required as leaders charged with the nation's defense. ACSC graduates are well educated in the profession of arms with emphasis on the use of air and space power in joint campaign planning and the operational art of war. The ACSC curriculum:

  • facilitates the air and space minded thinking of students,
  • develops and enhances abilities for higher-level command and staff responsibilities,
  • enhances students' abilities to think critically about operational air and space concepts in a dynamic international environment,
  • broadens students' understanding of the nature of conflict and current and future threats to the United States and its allies, and
  • develops and enhances students' abilities to plan and execute the joint campaign planning process and air and space operations to support the joint force commander.

Masters Arts

Webster University

The M.A. in Management and Leadership curriculum exposes students to the tools of management and leadership and provides experience in decision-making situations. Students acquire familiarity with the analytical techniques of management and develop the ability to apply these techniques in actual problem solving in a corporate, government, or non-profit environment.

Extensive use is made of case analysis and practical applications. Teamwork is an essential part of each course, and students will learn to polish the presentation and communication skills needed to succeed in business today.

The M.A. in Management and Leadership is an excellent study to help improve your emotional intelligence, communication skills, budgeting know-how, and leadership abilities.



The Air Force Academy Mission is to educate, train and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service to our nation. The Air Force Academy Vision is to be the Air Force's premier institution for developing leaders of character.



Episcopal High School of Virginia

Founded on a tradition of honor and the pursuit of self-discovery, Episcopal High School engages students in a challenging college preparatory education.

The School fosters empathy and responsibility for self and others through a commitment to spiritual inquiry and growth in a fully residential community. Students are encouraged to think creatively, work collaboratively, develop individual passions, and celebrate the talents of others.

Sharing diverse life experiences, ideas, and values, students learn humility, resilience, and mutual respect. Through access to the educational and cultural resources of the nation's capital, students are inspired to understand and embrace a changing world. Together, faculty and students take initiative as informed citizens and environmental stewards.

Episcopal strives to prepare young people to become discerning individuals with the intellectual and moral courage to lead principled lives of leadership and service to others.

1200 North Quaker Lane Alexandria, VA 22302

Top Secret/SCI