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Art Search

Art Search is a research tool that allows academics to find resources related to particular paintings. It was build on Rails and uses Javascript, Ruby, CSS, and jQuery. It scrapes the Louvre website for data and uses Watson for parsing search criteria. It also employs API calls to The New York Times and Instagram. 

Fascinator Management

A website for a contemporary arts agent. Contains basic information about the company, including a mandate, current clients, and contact information.


Junior developer with a strong interest in front-end development and UI. I greatly appreciate websites with clean, simple layouts and user-friendly design. Other interests include music, live theatre, film,  sabermetrics, chess, as well as many areas of  science and skepticism.



Rails, Active Record, Sinatra


HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Javascript


Mar 2015May 2015

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs
Sep 2003Apr 2005

Diploma in Operatic Performance

University of Toronto
Sep 1998Apr 2002

Bachelor of Music

University of Victoria

Work experience

Apr 2005Present


self employed

Solo performance, vocal accompaniment, musical direction, vocal coaching, opera, musical theatre, arranging, composing. Fluent in MainStage, GarageBand, and Finale PrintMusic. Employers have included Broadway Across Canada, Vancouver Opera, Arts Club Theatre Company, and Gateway Theatre.