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Work Experience

  • April 2016 - Present at  Telkom Indonesia as Social Psychology Analyst (Professional Hire)

        Take a responsibility such as Create New Product from consumer needs or Development Product to fit for user segmented, Create Consumer Journey for new product, Customer Validation and Product Validation.


  1. Qualitative ( Interview, Observation, Analysis)
  2. Quatitative (Create questionnaire, Analysis)
  3. Ethnography
  4. User Journey Mapping
  5. Design Sprint
  6. Social Intervention



Mercu Buana University

Bachelor Degree in Psychology

IPK 3.72


  • 2017  -   Decision Making Process at Online Stores: The Role of Psychological Factors Perception of Product Quality and Level of Trust. Published  : Psikohumaniora
  • 2016 - Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior in Transaction on Social Media. Published : Psikohumaniora
  • 2016  -  Influence of Culture Shock and Adversity Quotient on Job Satisfaction of Indonesian Workers (TKI) in Hong Kong. Published :  LIPI


  • 2018 - PKPU Human Inititiative - Non Governmental Organizations                                                                Sharing about digital research and how to be a good interviewer