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Anggi T. Rohman

Director and producer

  • Jln. Kemang Selatan no. 7a , Jakarta City,  Indonesia, ID
  • +62 87888499162


Having the opportunity to work 6 years in some media industry gave me the ability to gain knowledge about television, film, photography, live event, etc. Very trustworthy, creative, a great program creator and creative conceptor. As a Director and producer, i have full responsibility to develop full content creative, managing production for cinematography, and budgeting production for cinematography.


Bachelor Degree  Journalistic of Communication 

Islamic of Bandung University


Photography, Cinematography, Writing, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Keynote, Power point, Microsoft word, Microsoft excel.

Work History

Creative Director at LADA Production

LADA Production
January 2015Present
  • Director Company Profile TNI 328 ( February 2015)
  • Web series concept for OREO Indonesia (April 2015)
  • Director Web series KEMANS NIH? For Heineken ( October 2015)
  • Director Company profile Roemah Minjte ( June 2015)
  • Director Web Video Viral for SISSAE CHIQ (November 2015)
  • Director Video Catalogue SISSAE CHIQ and SISSAE QIPAO for Jakarta

`         Fashion Week ( November 2015)

  • Director creative Logo and motion Anabatic ( September 2015)
  • Director Web series JUARA KULINER for (November-December 2015)
  • Director Web series PRIA TANPA SOLUSI for (January - March 2016)
  • Director Company Profile Info graphic TIGA GENERASI (March 2016)
  • Director Creative All branding for BP-Filter (March – April 2016).


Director and Producer 

january 2014december 2014
  • Co. Director video clip MATARI Band (March 2014)
  • Director and Producer viral video EIGER Indonesia (April 2014)
  • Director Web series Combreak Prambors radio ( February - march 2014)
  • Director Film Documentary of Faculty Technic University of Indonesian (April- August 2014)
  • Branding of LOTTERIA (October - December 2014)



MNC Grup (MNC Lifestyle)

• Producer Program HEALTY LIFE for MNC LIFESTYLE
• HEAD CREATIVE and Producer Program TODAYS SPECIAL for mnc lifestyle
• Producer program HOLIDAYS for MNC Lifestyle
• Producer program Sosialite for MNC Lifestyle