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Work experience

Jan 1996Present

Electronics Technician

U.S navy



Depaul University
Jan 1989Present


American Military University


As a Communications Technician and an expert in Radio Frequency Communications, Angelo Bisbikis enjoys anything that has to do with electronics engineering or Amateur Radio. However, this enjoyment stems more from being able to do what he can to assist in disaster relief than anything else. Angelo looks forward to being able to contribute to humanitarian assistance for disaster relief, and being able to deliver appropriate high technology communication services right where it matters most to people. Aside from supporting the American Red Cross, Mr. Bisbikis also finds the efforts of the American Radio Relay League highly commendable. In fact, he would like to be able to contribute to the hardworking efforts of the organization in order to alleviate the suffering of victims who do not have access to radio frequency communications.

Angelo Bisbikis completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at DePaul University. He is currently pursuing an online Master of Arts degree in Emergency Management/Logistics from the American Military University. Angelo aims to finish his studies in the quickest possible time, knowing that the world needs more radio communications experts to carry out relief efforts in the quickest, most dependable way. This is due to the fact that storms, earthquakes, floods, terrorist acts, hurricanes, and other elements seem to be getting worse as the years go by. It has become more and more necessary to bring aid quickly to different parts of the planet through effective management and concerted efforts. Angelo believes that it is never too late to become an expert, and people will be in safer hands when they’ve learned to optimize technology built for radio communications.

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