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Best Work:


Paying attention to the Arts
This skill is one that has been gained this year and also has been improved a lot. When writing for A&E you really have to pay attention to the fine details in a song and the aesthetics and meanings behind a film. You have to connect with the plays you watch and find if they are enjoyable to the audience. This skill has completely changed how I look at songs, movies and plays from now on.    I have been immersing myself a lot more in art, movies, music and food. I have learned how to criticize it and point out what I do and don't like. 
I wouldn't say I'm necessarily an "expert" in writing but I made an expert improvement in my writing skills this year. Writing in journalism has helped me learn how to get my voice across when writing. I feel more comfortable whenever I have a writing assignment in class or when I have to write an essay. I have learned how to use smaller sentences rather than long rambling ones that seem like they go on forever and never end and always seem like they have something good at the end to say but really have nothing there. Overall I think journalism is the best thing that has happened to my writing skills. My writing skills definitely improved senior year, I had to write different types of articles so I couldn't just stick to the regular music review layout. I had to learn how to write news, features, short video reviews and restaurant reviews.  
Meeting Deadlines
This had been the big one for me this year. Although I have improved from where I stood at the beginning of the year I need to keep on working on this more. Being on journalism certainly helped emphasize the importance of meeting deadlines for articles and anything else in life.  Meeting deadlines is still something I need to work on, I did improve it this year by writing more urgent articles and getting used to that rigorous work.  
Beng on Time
I have always liked being on time and early to things, but journalism brought that up a notch. I had to dedicate myself to being early for events to capture the before atmosphere and I had to be early to movies to be able to get in and catch all the scenes.  Timeliness was still important this year. For example writing the "Top 5 Super Bowl Ads" article where it had to be up as soon as possible.  
This skill was definitely improved for me this year. Like I said earlier courage is a big part of journalism and confidence goes along with that. I had to work on my confidence when going to events, when I interviews people and I had to be confident in my writing skills to be abel to write articles.    My confidence increased this year with the breaking news article, by dabbing in photo and video and taking on numerous "Super Journalist" tasks. 

Examples of Initiative:

-An example of initiative that I took this year was when somebody needed to break the news of the elected class officials. People had gotten together information but they still needed people to do the interviews and write the article. At first I felt a bit frightened of writing an important piece and breaking the news but then after seeing the finished product I realized how much fun it was and how rewarding it was. So I learned that by taking initiative to put yourself out there you can get a lot in return. 

-My next example of initiative was being the first person to do the iPad article. Nobody had done it before but it was on the list for "Super Journalist" so I decided to try it out and break the ice on this project. I took numerous photos on the iPad and even got video to make a decently long video. Got interviews with the iPad and wrote the article on the iPad. It was really fun and adventurous, even though it got kind of awkward holding up a huge iPad and taking pictures of the event. 

-I think an example of initiative that I have taken is when I took on the David and Lisa play at VHS and wrote VHS's "David and Lisa" tells unique love story about mentally ill . For some reason nobody could cover that play and I already had an article planned for that week, but I just of ended up deciding to cover it. I knew it was going to be a big play to cover since it was Ventura High's first play of the year so that was one of the deciding factors behind that. It actually ended up being a great play, the article was fun and easy to write, and it was a good article in my opinion!-Another time where I was able to take initiative was during the my coverage of Mr. Foothill. I had planned to attend the event and cover it. It was all going well then I found out that there was nobody from media there to take photographs. So I pulled out my camera and took pictures of the event as well as I could. This was fun because it gave me a different perspective of journalism, taking photos, which was awesome and meanwhile I was also covering the event. Tovar takes crown at annual Mr. Foothill beauty pageant (14 photos, video), was the article that was published and it was awesome not only writing that article but also taking a large majority of the pictures for it! One of my photos was the main photo, even though it wasn't too great. Someone even put one of my photos as their cover photo on Facebook. So taking initiative was definitely a great thing to do, I ended up getting the Most Initiative Award that month at the Monthly Donuts & Awards! I also have to say that Bridget Parrino took initiative that day and also took some photos even though she was also doing video that day! 

Character Trait:


The character trait I would like to write about this year is Reputation. After a year of working for the Foothill Dragon Press and after the extensive awards one by the past years the press is starting to build a true Reputation. I had to uphold that reputation this year since it was my second year. I had to act professionally when I was out in the field, taking photos and video, interviewing etc. Then I also had to uphold this trait on the print, writing good respectable articles that truly interest and engage the audience.

With this said, I believe the Dragon Press is entering a stage in its lifetime where the way it handles its reputation is crucial. The publication was birthed and immediately began sweeping the competitions taking all the awards with its groundbreaking tactics and ideas, but now others are catching on. Many other publications are beginning to go online and implement the programs we started, so we don't stand out as much now. So at this point we can either establish our reputation as "that publication that was dominant and then the others caught on" or "that publication that keeps blowing us away every year".


I would honestly love to write about the importance of all the character traits on the Dragon Press Pyramid. Reputation, Service, Tradition, Cooperation, Concern, Competitiveness, Loyalty, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Accuracy, Initiative are all great qualities that benefit us in many ways, but the most important one for me is probably Courage. Journalists, I have learned this year, are courageous people. You have to have courage to go to an event and take interviews from random people. You have to have courage to go out and put your articles out on the web where people can write hateful comments. You have to have courage to turn someone down when they ask you if you could send them an email of the article before you publish it. And I have it easy! I write for Arts and Entertainment, because half of the time you are just writing reviews on albums or movies. I admire the courage that many of the news writers have to go out and cover the big events and the writers from the opinion section who just put their thoughts out on the web truly have some guts.

So with this in mind, we A&E writers have it pretty easy. But nonetheless we also have to show courage. I used to be a very shy person when it came to talking to strangers. I felt very awkward, did not know how to really start a conversation, got nervous, focused on being nervous so much that I would have trouble paying attention and just had a very miserable time being with people I didn't know. Covering plays and other A&E events changed that. I'm a lot less nervous around new people now, even if I am not interviewing them. I can walk up to a stranger and asking him or her about an event without too much hesitation and at get-togethers with friends it is now easy to talk to new people. It is not surprising that over junior year I have kind of broken out of my shy shell and am now able to do the funny things in class and work on group projects with people easier. This was a key part in making my confidence grow this junior year. 

Courage is not only at the base of the Dragon Press Pyramid because it is a personal characteristic but also because it is a base that all journalism is founded on. Without courage, journalism would amount to nothing. 

Dragon Press Pyramid

Community Extra Curriculars:

-Ventura High School Cross Country(9th-present)-Ventura High School Track and Field(9th-11th)-Participating in Every 15 Minutes (11th)-Full time older brother (Age 1-present) (responsibilities exponentially increased with every new sibling)

-Fire Cadet (12th)-Senior Focus Council.