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Familiar with French
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Fluent in Spanish
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Work experience

For the Community Engagement Exercise, I chose to interview my First Friend partner on campus, Gaetan Louet. He is from France. We discussed our various world views and opinions on the university. We share many of the same opinions on choosing friends, how we act with our families, and how we like to spend our free time. 

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strength: Composure

One of the strengths I possess in my sport is composure. When I am faced with a difficult or adverse situation in competition, I like to stay calm in order to stay focused and do well in my competition. An example of this was the SEC Championship in 2012, when I was injured and was still able to final in my event. 

Weakness: Being a Confidence Builder as a Vocal Leader





Choices Planner- Career Interests

Description of Choices Planner Interests: Investigative, Artistic, Realistic

Possible Career Interests:

1) Anthropologist

2) Curator

3) Lawyer

The career that I most identified with was a lawyer. I feel like this could be a possible career choice for me because I am studious and willing to put in the extra years of schooling. Additionally, my reading comprehension is good, which is vital to being a lawyer. I would feel very satisfied in this job knowing that I can help people solve their legal problems. 

Culminating Group Service Learning Project

Our Problem:

Confidence and Consistency in Practice

Our Solution:

We posed various questions in order to identify how different team members respond to different motivation techniques.

1) What type of coaching do you work best with (positive reinforcement or tough coaching)?

2) Do you like when your teammates cheer on you during practice?

3) Do you compete with your own teammates during practice?

4) (Referring to Question 3) Do you feel like this helps or hurts the team dynamic?

5) Do you think motivational speeches would help the team's confidence?