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Sep 2008Present

Bachelor of Science

University of California, San Diego
  • Expected Graduation Date: June 2012

Work experience

Associate Engineer

Acoustics Group, Inc

  • Drafted 6 project proposals regarding future client requirements, plans, actions, and pricing
  • Contributed in the writing and revision of the traffic noise analysis report for the Port of Los Angeles Project
  • Assembled traffic noise calculations from raw data to predict future construction project noise level increases
  • Gathered noise data around urban areas for the City of Alhambra to assist in alleviating noise complaints
  • Implemented Google Earth and research to gain the information necessary to compute ambient noise level


Commissioned Art
  • Sold 8 personal paintings and drawings for $100-$200 each to NDS employees and neighborhood families
  • Utilized marketing strategy of referrals and showing art in community art exhibitions to raise awareness
Jun 2008Sep 2008

Administrative Assistant

Sun City Medical Center
  • Organized and processed 1000+ medical files into a computerized system to establish better efficiency
  • Assisted office staff with filing, archiving, and mailing to ease work load and improve productivity
  • Managed innovative method of scanning charts and lab tests into a computer data base for ease of access
Jun 2007Aug 2007

Administrative Intern

Orange County Board of Supervisors
  • Assembled 2 City Hall meetings of 150+ restaurants to implement knowledge of restaurant fire safety 
  • Organized and aided with implementation of the Renter and Homeowner Housing Assistance Program
  • Considerately handled constituents’ requests and complaints in a prompt and  orderly  manner
  • Attended and observed board meetings to understand the inner operations of the county government
  • Established a filing and organization system to ease the transition into a new office environment
Jun 2006Jun 2007

Research Assistant

  • Conducted 50+ hrs of research to develop a product to assist in reversing and combating drowsiness
  • Analyzed video trials and compiled data to understand human drowsiness during periods of driving
  • Organized and developed a classification method to determine and rate the severity of drowsiness

Honors and Achievements

  • Northwood High School Charter Oak Recipient (05/2007)
  • Visual Art Scholarship–Laguna College of Art and Design (06/2007-08/2007)
  • Presidential Classroom Scholarship–Entrepreneurship & Global Business Program (06/2007)


Art Club Flyer


A creative and dedicated management science undergraduate with proficient leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills seeking challenging internship in the investment and finance industry where skills can promote growth and development. 

Relevent Experience

Alpha Kappa Psi | Co-Ed Business Fraternity

Fundraising Committee Chair

  • Organized and hosted two joint fundraising clubbing event to sell 500 tickets to generate $1500+ in profit.
  • Effectively used communication to alleviate tension and resolve conflicts between other organizations
  • Led committee to develop the pre-planning of 6 months of fundraising to guarantee sufficient profits

Pledge Class Vice President

  • Increased communication between four committees to establish stronger transparency and efficiency

Art Club

President, Publicity

  • Led weekly meetings to discuss artists, critique portfolios, and develop techniques to benefit members
  • Established annual Valentines fundraiser to utilize each member’s painting capabilities to raise $100

Presidential Classroom: Entrepreneurship & Global Business Program–Washington D.C.

  • Developed hypothetical business plan for the Washington D.C. Department of Commerce and Egypt
  • Raised $1000 through sponsors to attend enrichment program to improve business skills and knowledge
  • Networked with individuals from across the country and world to discuss relevant business topics.


  • Painting and drawing various styles of art
  • Interested in learning more about photography and other realms of social media, such as film.
  • Television


Flash and Photoshop
Fundamental knowledge in Flash and Photoshop
Organizational and Office Skills
Detail oriented, neat, and resourseful in the completion of projects within set deadlines
Use of Microsoft Office
Namely: Excel, Word, PowerPoint