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To obtain a Research Associate/Analyst or Policy Associate/Analyst position with which I can utilize my quality administrative skills, analytical abilities, conflict resolution training and proven capacity to work well with a diverse range of people. 


Energy Supply Security Studies

European History

Greater Middle East History

International Affairs

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process and Negotiations


Dedicated as Adjunct Professor / TA in International Relations with 2+ years experience teaching university-level curriculum in and as Conflict Resolution/ Policy Analyst in the Netherlands

Genuine drive for dialogue around Conflict Resolution and Energy Management

Conduct professional seminars on / innovative coaching on Conflict Resolution and Analysis (The Hague, 2009); proven ability to manage interpersonal conflict situations requiring tact, diplomacy and discretion

Conduct qualitative/quantitative research and present findings at international conferences (Webster University 14th Annual Humanitarian Conference, February 2009; and International Society of Political Psychology, July 2010)

Prepare and on occasion deliver presentations for conferences, as well as project reports/abstracts, and articles/ literature reviews; strong research skills; compile and analyze statistics

Demonstrated project management experience; work to tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment

Assisted in coordination, scheduling, and planning of private meetings and public symposia

Relate to culturally diverse population

Expertise in international economics, energy markets comparative, energy policy analysis, and climate, forestry and environmental agreements and negotiations

Willing to work flexible hours and to travel internationally for work

Work experience

Aug 2009Jun 2010

Adjunct Professor

Webster University
  • Taught approx. 50 undergraduate students the following semester-long courses: Introduction to Comparative Politics (08/2009-06/2010), Model United Nations (01/2010-03/2010), and the History of Terrorism (03/2010-05/2010
  • Taught 10 graduate students in the following subject: Introduction to International Relations (08/2009-06/2010)
  • Developed content around issues, such as the Iran Nuclear Issue, Copenhagen Summit, and the role of the FARC within Latin America
  • Designed and administered one-day role-playing simulation workshops for courses taught
  • Provided students with a supplemental 'war-gaming' experience (one 9-hour session over three separate courses in the academic year)
  • Interacted effectively with diverse student populations and a wide variety of colleagues
  • Evaluated over 50 students' performance, both in written and verbal formats
  • Obtained above campus average marks in student course assessments
Mar 2008Aug 2009

Teaching Assistant - Department Head of International Relations

Webster University
  • Reported to the Department Head of International Relations
  • Provided administrative and teaching support to Department Head and acted as a liaison between Department Head and International Relations students
  • Assisted in teaching 80+ undergraduate/graduate students the International Relations curriculum on a semester basis at the University of Amsterdam, the Utrecht College University and the Webster University
  • Assessed students’ performance, both written and oral presentations
  • Managed logistics for professional seminars for graduate students at the EU Commission, the EU Parliament (Brussels, Belgium), and NATO
  • Managed logistics for international fieldwork trip to Israel and the West Bank for 12 students and faculty
  • Presented lectures for over 50 students, primarily centered on the Greater Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict, at the University of Amsterdam and at the Utrecht College University.
  • Co-researched and presented qualitative, comparative analysis project in two international level conferences: Webster University 13th Annual Humanitarian Conference (February 26-27, 2009), and the International Society of Political Psychology (July 2009)
Feb 2009May 2009

Policy Analyst Intern

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
  • Participated on a team with which researched key trends in the military capabilities of select countries within the Defense Transformation Division
  • Analyzed energy security trends and issues, particularly focusing on the Persian Gulf region
  • Proofread and editedselect chapters of Closing the Loop: Towards Defense Strategic Management, 2009 publication
Apr 2008Nov 2008

Conflict Resolution Analyst Intern

Pax Ludens Foundation
  • Trained military officers, civil servants and diplomats within the Netherlands Defense Academy and the Clingendael Research Institute in the Greater Middle East and Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Coached approx. 7 Dutch military personnel, via Netherlands Defense Academy, in the Greater Middle East diplomatic training simulation (3 hours a week for 8 weeks)
  • Contributed to the international energy / climate conversation, via comprehensive research of the European Union’s energy supply security, vis-à-vis Russian and Caspian region’s oil and natural gas capabilities
  • Completed a graduate certificate in Serious Gaming & Simulation Design at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • Drafted talking points, projects, charts, tables, and graphs of energy, climate, and economic data, especially as relates to international energy security policies and trends.


Aug 2007Oct 2008

Master's of Arts

Webster University

The Master of Arts in International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGO) program educates students interested in understanding the nature of world affairs through the activities of NGOs. Courses in this program integrate information and theories from the international relations discipline and skill-based education from the disciplines of management, business, human resources, and marketing. The objective of this program is to develop students into broadly educated INGO and international relations specialists. 

Aug 2006Aug 2007

Global Master's of Arts

Webster University

Webster University's Global MA in International Relations provides full-time graduate students an opportunity to live, learn, and study at Webster's campuses in Leiden, the Netherlands; London, England; Geneva, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; and either Bangkok, Thailand; or Beijing, China.

Feb 2006May 2006

Executive Certificate

International Institute for Counter-Terrorism

The Counter-Terrorism Studies Program combines academic study, simulation models, workshops, and onsite briefings. The courses provide concentrated, in-depth exposure to the phenomenon of modern terrorism and its characteristics, modus operandi, scope and dissemination throughout the world. In addition, participants will obtain an understanding of the challenge this phenomenon presents to decision-makers, security establishments, first responders and the business sector, based on the experience Israel has accumulated in the field. 


  Demonstrated problem-solving skills, both as an intern and freelance analyst with the Pax Ludens Foundation, primarily in the task of training Dutch military officers in The Netherlands Military Academy (HDV).  
  Demonstrated experience in conducting and presenting qualitative-based research in the following two international-level conferences: Webster University 13th Annual Humanitarian Conference (February 2009), and the International Society for Political Psychology (July 2009).   
Experienced coordinating conflict resolution training workshops for undergraduate courses.   Planned logistics for professional seminars for graduate students in the following notable international organizations: NATO and the EU Parliament and the EU Commission (Brussels, Belgium).   Organized and managed two international fieldwork trips, specifically designed as a course for undergraduate and graduate students, in the following locations:  Israel-Palestine (2008) and New York City (Model United Nations 2010).  
Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with, and relate to, people of culturally diverse backgrounds.    



Mr. Tom Fadrhonc

Mr. Fadrhonc has worked the past fourteen years for Nike in the US and Europe, in the early days as part of the new Football division in the US, and subsequently as General Manager Benelux and member of the EMEA Leadership Team in Europe.

Dr. Jacques Kaat

After working in the UK for 10 years as head of a translation bureau, Dr. Kaat returned to the Netherlands to become director of postgraduate Studies (MBA and MSc) at NHTV Breda, setting up the International Management Institute in collaboration with other polytechnics and a British university. As academic director at Webster, he is responsible for the faculty, the schedule, teaching, accreditation and all other academic issues.

Dr. Leonard Suransky

Dr. Suransky has taught in the US, South Africa, UK, Copenhagen and The Netherlands. He trains diplomats at Clingendael and at the Foreign Service Institute, Pretoria. Leonard designs simulation exercises for international conflict management and specializes in African politics and identity politics.