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Professional Memberships

  • MCMI - Member of the Chartered Management Institute
  • ACIM - Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • MIDM - Member of the Institute of Data & Marketing
  • Student APM Member - Student member of the Association of Project Management
  • Student CIPD Member - Student of the Chartered Institute of People Development

Work Experience


Marketing Manager


As marketing manager at Rockford, I'm responsible for all forms of marketing, including branding, website management, social media, email marketing, inbound marketing, business development, advertising, press releases, developing marketing collateral, CRM management, marketing intelligence analysis, project management, events, conferences, PR, and internal communications.

I project-managed the new website design and implemented features designed to change customer access to digital-first communication. I also worked closely with government change instigators from Sharing in Growth to help them communicate their strategic vision to our employees and embed the new processes permanently.

My role alongside the Sales & Managing Director of Rockford and Marketing Consultant from Sharing In Growth involved redefining the company's business plan and overall strategic direction, as well as the specific marketing direction. We then worked together to facilitate more company-wide tactical planning and ensure the overall strategic direction was maintained.

At a marketing level, I was completely in charge of branching out into two new non-defence industries: aerospace and general industrial, including motorsport. After one year we had over £28m worth of leads and deals within those industries, including contracts with key accounts that would raise our profile within those industries and open many new doors. This amounted to around 30% of total business activity.

I revised Rockford's internal communications strategy to use a more effective template using branding inline with external communications. I also recommended the company begin to use Slack for an internal channel-based chat rather than hosting numerous in-person meetings. I also instigated the move to using Hubspot as our CRM for sales, marketing, business development and customer service.

I help Rockford bring in quality leads for the business by educating customers and enticing them to contact us.

- I've been directly responsible for over £10m in leads in just one year. 
- My work has resulted in over £75m in contracts in two years.
- I've supported the sales and business development team to close the most important deals. 
- All our marketing is based on good publicity, PR, SEO, social media and tactical business development. 

Rockford is the UK's largest independent provider of wiring, interconnect and system solutions for defence, aerospace, and industrial markets.


Marketing Consultant & Trainer

I work on a freelance consulting basis with many businesses and individuals to transform their careers and businesses, to build their brands, develop products, problem-solve, analyse their business, manage projects, market their services and publicise their work. 

I offer management consulting services for business transformation, working with clients to determine the effectiveness of their current strategies, processes, and execution, then transforming the business with new strategies, process improvements, deployment and visual data analysis to track improvement. I finish by training and coaching staff to ensure follow-through on the processes.

I also deliver standalone marketing training to business associations and private companies.


Marketing Director

Bookings Connected

Bookings Connected understands that venues and event suppliers need quality leads to contact them on a regular basis and have provided the ideal platform for event service providers to increase sales and grow their businesses. 

As the marketing director, I'm ultimately responsible for all marketing and business development activities that result in attracting event planners to the website and ensuring event service businesses sign up for paid directory listings. 

I've also developed a highly effective marketing services package for customers, enabling event services providers to get more leads. 


Marketing Manager & Sales Manager

Palmer Training Academy

I oversaw all of the marketing efforts for the B2B training company, covering all forms of business development, social media management, email marketing, content marketing, direct mail campaigns, project management, and management of the marketing and sales teams. I also re-costed every training offering, then packaged and promoted the most popular disciplines. This business analysis led to a more cost-efficient organisation. 


Writer, Editor & Social Media Manager

I was a writer, editor and social media manager at MakeUseOf, writing articles about interesting things you can do online, mostly about social media, browser tricks, online safety and Linux.

See lots of my previous work here: 

As an editor, I researched article ideas likely to perform well, ensured our team covered tech news our readers could actually make use of, adjusted articles for SEO and copy edited the text. I also project managed, edited, designed, and published many books for the company.

I managed several remote teams for various different roles, undertook HR and administration activities, and for a time was the managing editor of the entire business and 50+ remote writers.


Owner & Social Media Manager

Vocal Content

My business Vocal Content offered social media management services for businesses and involved me doing business administration, customer service, marketing, business development, and coordinating freelance staff. Regular work for customers involved devising a marketing strategy, community building, monitoring activity online and offering day-to-day social media services.


Managing Editor

Jigsaw Publications

My role as materials development editor of training manuals involved editing, proofreading and converting training documents to XML. I developed an InDesign script that halved the time our editors spent proofreading.

I also coordinated and trained a small team, producing detailed in-house work instructions to facilitate the onboarding of new staff.


Festival Director

Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide 2006

In January 2006 I managed, marketed, and hosted a festival of 200 choristers for two and a half weeks. As part of this event, the 200 participants performed two different full-scale orchestral concerts in two of Adelaide's most prestigious venues to audiences of thousands.

As convenor of the event, I was responsible for the project management of every aspect of the concert management, HR, budgeting, fundraising, sponsorship, applying for government grants, branding, merchandising, PR, marketing, advertising, logistics, rehearsals, accommodation, legalities, event management of the choral festival, managing 300 volunteer performers and 60 contracted musicians, plus chairing meetings and being the manager of a team of 30 volunteers for a four-year period leading up to the event.


Loans & Insurance Call Centre Consultant

Australian Central Credit Union

Call centre operative arranging loans and insurance policies for clients. I transformed the business with the development of the company's first in-house information management system to coordinate the ever-changing work instructions and up-to-date policies staff required.


Call Centre Ticketing Manager & PA


Customer service representative and ticketing agent for large groups. I automated the data manipulation my manager required to provide essential weekly reports for upper management.


Publicity & Marketing Officer

Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide 2001

In January 2001 I was part of a team who hosted a festival of 200 choristers for two and a half weeks. We performed two different full-scale orchestral concerts in two of Adelaide's most prestigious venues to audiences of thousands. I was responsible for the branding, PR, marketing, advertising, and publicity of the concerts and marketing the choral festival to the participants for a four-year period leading up to the event.


Draughtsman & AutoLISP Developer

Bassett Engineering

Technical draughtsman designing and producing fire protection systems drawings for commercial offices using AutoCAD. I simplified our draughting design systems by coding various AutoLISP processes.


Call Centre Telesales Consultant & Team Builder


Outbound telesales consultant for telecommunications call centre. I facilitated morning team meetings and training activities.

My Teenage Years

While unsuccessfully trying to juggle minimum-wage work with a self-funded science degree, I experienced a wide variety of roles and industries. I worked in call centres, event ticketing and as a financial services officer, doing both inbound and outbound sales. I also obtained an in-house qualification in finance while working in this industry.

Prior to that, I worked in a number of customer service positions, including auditing, bar work, waiting and fast food service. A highlight was working for Apple demonstrating their new computers in department stores.

My very early teenage jobs involved paper delivery and various fruit picking. I don't recommend either. 

Educational Institutions



MBA Masters of Business Administration

University of Essex

Business Planning; Business Research; Entrepreneurship; Business Strategy; Marketing in a Global Economy; Sustainable Operations; International Business Environment; People and Organisations; Leadership & Business Performance; Strategic Online Marketing Management; Accounting and Managerial Finance; Managerial Economics; Director's Workshops; and MBA Project.


Leadership & Strategic Management Diploma - Level 7

University of Essex | CMI Chartered Management Institute

Level 7 CMI diplomas are developed for directors and senior managers who have the responsibility to translate organisational strategy into effective performance.


CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Management - Level 7

ICS Learn | CIPD Chartered Institute of People Development

Resourcing & Talent Management; Managing Employment Relations; Reward Management; Organisational Design & Organisational Development; Developing Skills for Business Leadership; Investigating Business Issues in Human Resources; Human Resource Management in Context; Leading, Managing, and Developing People.


Bachelor of Arts (Internet Studies) Degree

Curtin University of Technology

(Equivalent to UK Bachelor's Degree with Honours 2:1)

Internet Studies Degree From Curtin University & Journalism Minor Through Griffith University: Socio-Technological Study of Social Networks; Virtual Communities; Media Business; Internet Regulation & Governance; Cyberanalytics; Network Culture & Virtual Society; Internet Communications; Internet Projects; Applied Reasoning; News Writing & Ethics; International Journalism; Broadcast Journalism; Styles & Genres of Journalism; Feature Writing; News & Information Gathering; and Online News Production.


Event Management Diploma - Level 5 UK Equivalent

Adelaide Institute of TAFE

Event Marketing; Sponsorship; Accounting; Tourism Law; Financial Information; Business Relationships; Managing Event Contractors; Leading & Managing People; Manage Projects; Budgeting; Risk Management; Quality Management; Presentations; OH&S; Conflict Resolution; Business Administration; Event Theming; and Conference Development.


Business Administration Advanced Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Modern Business Environment; HR Management; Performance Management; Business Finances and Resources; Business Marketing; Communication; Time Management; and Risk Management in Business.


Diploma in Leadership and Management - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Self-Leadership; Leadership & Influence; High-Performance Teams; Remote Work; Team Building; Managing; Teamwork; Organisational Skills; and Negotiation Skills.


Diploma in Facilities Management - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Facilitation Skills; Critical Thinking; Managing Workplace Anxiety; Constructive Criticism; Developing Corporate Behaviour; Business Succession Planning; Handling Difficult Customers; Health and Wellness at Work; and Organisational Skills.


Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing - Level 5

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Digital Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Digital Marketing Plan; Google AdWords; PPC Campaigns; Email Marketing; Search Engine Optimisation; and Building Brand Through Digital Media.


Diploma in Operations Management - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Supply Chain Management; Human Resource Management; Time Management; Talent
Management; Stress Management; Risk Assessment and Management; Project Management;
Performance Management; Negotiation Skills; and Meeting Management.


Sales Management Diploma - Level 5

Brentwood Open Learning College | ABC Awards

Essential Skills for Smart Selling; Techniques for Maximum Sales; Customer-Focused Selling; Sales Presentation; Body Language as a Sales Tool; Using Telephone as a Sales Tool; Communication Skills; Sales and Marketing; Personal Selling and Sales Promotion; and Sales Key Account Management.


Travel & Tourism Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Professional Ethics of Travel and Tourism; Aviation; Quality Management; Customer Care; Marketing in Travel and Tourism; Transport and Environment; and Human Resource Management.


Train the Trainer Diploma - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Train the Trainer; Assertiveness and Self-Confidence; Communication Strategies; Presentation Skills; Coaching and Mentoring; Conflict Resolution; Creative Problem Solving; Developing Creativity; Negotiation Skills; and Proposal Writing. 


Cyber Security Advanced Diploma - Level 5

Brentwood Open Learning College | ABC Awards

Understanding Cyber Security; Types of Malware; Cyber Security Tools & Techniques; Computer Forensics; Developing Cyber Security Policies; and Developing a Cyber Security and Risk Mitigation Plan


Business Development & Administration Diploma - Level 5

UK Professional Development Academy

Administrative Support; Communication Strategies; Conflict Resolution; Change Management; Business Acumen; Business Ethics; Business Etiquette; Business Development and Succession Planning; Facilitation Skills; and Organisational Skills.


HR Management Diploma - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Human Resource Management; Hiring Strategies; Employee Motivation; Employee Onboarding; Employee Recognition; Employee Recruitment; Employee Termination; Negotiation Skills; Office Politics for Managers; and Organisational Skills.


Recruitment Consultant Diploma - Level 5

Brentwood Open Learning College | ABC Awards

Overview of the Recruitment Industry; The Recruitment Cycle; Candidate Management; Client Acquisition; Client Strategy; Candidate Attraction; Developing a Business Strategy; and How to Run a Recruiting Service Successfully.


Child Psychology Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Child Psychology: An Overview; Overview of Attachment in Childhood; Effects of Separation and Loss on Attachment; Factors that Influence Development; Social and Emotional Development; Understanding the Personality Development of Children; Stages of Language Development; Understanding Moral Development; Problems of Infancy; Problems of Childhood; and Problems of Adolescence.


Office Management and Administration Diploma - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Administrative Office Procedures; Administrative Support; Managing Workplace Anxiety; Office Politics for Managers; Business Acumen; Business Ethics; Business Etiquette; Business Development and Succession Planning; Microsoft Office; and Organisational Skills.


Construction Management Advanced Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Construction Management Basics & Project Organisation in Construction; Cost Estimation for Construction Projects; Preliminary Investigations for Construction Projects; Site Organisation and Management; Planning Equipment in Construction Industry; Construction Equipment Management; Construction Material Management; Procurement and Storage in Construction Industry; HR Management in Construction Industry; Quality Control in Construction Projects; Legal Aspects of Contract Management; and Vendor Analysis for Best Buy in Construction.


Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma - Level 5

Brentwood Open Learning College | ABC Awards

Introduction to Hotel Management; Managing Front Office Operations; Housekeeping, Engineering & Security; Recruitment and Selection; Training and Development; Quality Management; Marketing and Advertising; Managing Food and Beverage Operations; Managing Interdepartmental Communications; and Accounting in Hospitality.


Advanced Diploma of Life Coaching - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Life Coaching Basics; Coaching Process; Life Coaching Tools & Techniques; Communication Basics; Listening Skills; Body Language; Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Communication Styles; Starting & Running a Life Coaching Practice.


Diploma in Marketing - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Marketing Environmental Variables; Markets and Market Segmentations; Consumer Behaviour; Marketing Research Process; Marketing Planning Process; Phases of Product Lifecycle; Pricing Strategies; Branding and Packaging Strategies; and Establishing a Promotional Mix.


Project Management Diploma - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Project Life Cycle; Integration Management; Project Scope Management; Time Management; Project Cost Management; Quality Management Processes; Human Resource Management; and Procurement Management.


Diploma in Public Relations - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Public Relations; Modern Concepts of PR; PR Management & Organisation; Developing a Communications Strategy; Managing Public Relations: Methods and Tools; Producing Effective PR Materials; Corporate Public Relations; and PR and Media Relations.


Interior Design Diploma - Level 4

CPD Courses | ABC Awards

Overview; Key Principles of Interior Design; Elements of a Design; Elements of a Room; Room by Room Design; Essentials of Planning; and Phases of a Project.


Diploma in Applied Business Analysis - Level 3

Global Edulink | ABC Awards

Introduction to Fundamental Concepts for Business Analysis; Finding Average Values; Decision Making Data and Information; Sampling; Exploring Data Deriving Information; Frequency Distribution; Summarising Data; Calculate the Mean for Combined Values; Measuring and Evaluating Variation of Data Values; Association Between Variables; Time Series and Forecasting; Financial Modelling; and Financial Analysis Money Interest and Time Value.


Building a Consulting Business Certificate - Level 3

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

How to Start a Consulting Business; Developing a Business Plan; and Creating a Sales and Marketing Strategy.


Financial Planning Certificate - Level 3

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

The Fundamentals of Finance; Budget Planning Basics; Monitoring and Managing Budgets; and Comparing Investment Opportunities.


Property Law Certificate - Level 2

Course Gate

Residential Property Law; Classification of Property; Land and Estates: The Definition; Registered and Unregistered Land; Title & Registration; Land Usage; Land Trust; Conveyancing and Mortgages; Overreaching; Lease or License; Commercial Leases; Investment Structure & Key Legislations; Adverse Possession; and Proprietary Estoppel.


Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement - Level 3

One Education | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

(CAVA) (RQF) – (TAQA) A1 Assessors Award: Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment; Assessing Occupational Competence in the Work Environment; and Assessing Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding.


CV Writing and Interview Skills Certificate - Level 2

Infinity Learning

Writing a Resume; Designing a Resume; Writing a Cover Letter; Making Recruiters Come to You; Common Interview Questions; and Remote Job Interview Questions.


Certificate of Project Management Six Sigma - Level 1

Brentwood Open Learning College | ABC Awards

Basics of Six Sigma; Project Improvement Tools; and Management Tools for Generating Ideas.


PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner

Study 365 | PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS

Introduction; PRINCE2® 2017 Overview and Principles; Processes; Themes; Overview and Concepts; Processes; Components; Techniques; and Case Study. Course only (yet to do exams).


PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation and Practitioner

Study 365 | PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS

Prince2 Agile; Scrum; Prince2 Recap; Kanban Method; Cumulative Flow Diagrams; Lean Startup; Blending Prince2 And Agile Together; The Hexagon; The 5 Targets; Balance And Prioritisation; The Agilometer; Requirements And User Stories; Rich Communication; Agile Contracts; Frequent Releases; Prince2 Principles; Prince2 Agile Behaviours; Business Case Theme; Organization Theme; Quality Theme; Plans Theme; Risk Theme; Change Theme; Progress Theme; Tailoring; Agile And The Prince2 Processes; Starting And Initiating A Project; Cynefin; Directing A Project; Controlling A Stage; Retrospectives; Managing Product Delivery; Work Packages; Stage Boundary; Closing A Project; and Transitioning To Agile. Course only (yet to do exams).


Data Analytics with QlikView


QlikView Installation; Data Loading; Report Interface; Scripting; Functions; Documents; Charts; Dashboards; Data Transformation; Data Modelling; and Data Analysis.


Agile and Scrum Certification


Introduction; Agile; Scrum; User Stories; Estimation; VBP - Value-Based Prioritisation; Planning; Monitoring; Retrospective; XP - Extreme Programming; Lean; Communication; Risk Management; Governance; and Soft Skills.


Public Affairs: How to Be a Government/PIO Spokesperson


How to Look Confident on TV; Structuring Your Message; Soundbites for Interviews; and How to Answer Reporters' Questions.


TV Presenter Certificate

International Open Academy

Different Types of TV Presenting; The TV Production Team; Different Types of Presenting; Fronting a Show; Audience Connection; Difference Between a ‘Personality’ and a ‘Presenter’; Seeing Yourself as a ‘Brand’; How to Talk to Camera; Presenter Techniques; Vocal Delivery; Autocue / Teleprompter Tips; Script Reading; Talkback and Earpiece Training; Interviewing Techniques; Ad-Lib Presentation; Multi-Camera Direction; Live Broadcast; Location Reporting; Camera Technique; Getting Your Image Right; TV Makeup; Successful Showreel; Broadcast Trade Media; Finding On-Camera Experience; Talent Agents; and PR and Media Relations.


Business Analysis Certificate


About Business Analysis; Fundamentals and Key Concepts of Business Analysis; Tools and Techniques Used by Business Analysts; and How to Identify, Group, Prioritise and Validate Business Requirements.


Data Science & Analytics Certificates


Business Analytics using SAS Beginners; Comprehensive SAS Training; Logistic Regression; R Studio Anova Techniques; R Programming A-Z - Datatypes and Basic Operations; R Programming A-Z - Loop Functions and Simulation; R Programming A-Z - DateTime and Classes; Oracle SQL Comprehensive; Basic PL/SQL in Oracle; Oracle Database Admin DBA 1; Learn Oracle SQL 11g By Example; Introduction to Oracle SQL; Oracle Database 12c SQL Developer & Data; RMAN Backup and Recovery Mechanisms; SQL - The Fundamental SQL; PLSQL Developer; Master Apache Hadoop; Online Cloud Computing Training; Informatica 9.6.1; Retail Analytics Comprehensive; Customer Analytics Course; Analytics Using Tableau; BI - Business Intelligence; Salesforce Administrator; Introduction to MySQL; Introduction to Minitab; Teradata and Informatica; Big Data - Generating Value out of Big Data; Microsoft SQL Server - From Novice to Ninja; and RDBMS & ER Model.


Big Data Analysis

The Knowledge Academy

Understanding the Fundamentals of Big Data; Planning and Implementing a Big Data Approach to Business; Storing Unstructured Information; Managing Unstructured Information; and Analysing Unstructured Information.


Train the Trainer

Mandatory Compliance

Understanding Training and Facilitation; Gathering Materials; Creating a Lesson Plan; Choosing Activities; Preparing for the Workshop; Getting off on the Right Foot; Delivery Tips and Tricks; Keeping it Interactive; Dealing with Difficult Participants; and Tackling Tough Topics.


ISO 9001 Foundation Course

The Knowledge Academy

Fundamental Principles to Quality Management Systems; Requirements of ISO 9001; Layout Standards that Follow the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle; and Quality Improvements.


Smartly MBA Business Fundamentals


Marketing Fundamentals; Finance: Time Value of Money; Accounting 1: Fundamentals; Microeconomics 1: Supply and Demand; One-Variable Statistics; and Blue Ocean Strategy.


Teach English Now! Foundational Principles

Coursera | Arizona State University

TESOL/TEFL Motivation; Risk-Taking; Different Modes of Learning; and Balancing the Teacher Profession.


General Insurance Code of Practice Accreditation

CGU Insurance Australia Limited

General Insurance Code of Practice: Car Insurance; Home & Contents Insurance; Caravan Insurance; Boat Insurance; and Landlords Residential Property Insurance.


Advanced AutoCAD & AutoCAD in 3D

Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE (Panorama Campus)

Autodesk Training Course: Advanced AutoCAD; and AutoCAD in 3D


Auditor Training Certificate

Passenger Transport Board | IQCA

Market Research; Overview of Transport System; MRSA Code of Professional Behaviour for Auditing/Observing; Face-to-Face Customer Service; Passenger Transport Board Administration; and Quality Control Procedures.


Cafe, Bar & Service of Drinks Accredited Program

Eastside S.A. | Australian Hospitality Review Panel

Interpersonal Skills; Occupational Safety and Security; Customer Service, Hospitality Law and Industrial Relations; Customer Relations; Cash & Carry Table Service; Wine & Wine Service; Restaurant Service; Cafe Service; Occupational Hygiene; Bar and the Service of Drinks; Industry Standard Personal Presentation; Job Seeking; and On-the-Job Training Industry Placement.


Incomplete Bachelor of Science

Flinders University

Science Degree: Mathematics; Physics; Small Scale Structures of the Universe (Quantum Physics); Large Scale Structures of the Universe (Astronomy); Logic & Graphs; Computer Programming (Ada / Fortran / C/C++); Web Development; Information Technology; etc.

I didn't finish the degree but completed lots of interesting subjects from all three year levels.


South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

Heathfield High School

Stage Two: Physics; Mathematics; Biology; Information Technology; and English. Stage One: Economics; Australian Studies; English; French; Health Education; Mathematics 1; Mathematics 2; and Physics.



S.A. Venture of the Year Award: Blue Chip Status

Young Achievement Australia

Young achievement venture "Feutya" sponsored by IBM Australia Limited. Blue chip status signifies excellence in management, sales, and maintenance of company records. 

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