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Work Experience


Marketing Manager


As the marketing manager, I am responsible for all aspects of marketing for the company, from PR updates and developing marketing collateral to the website and social media. 

I help Rockford bring in quality leads for the business by educating customers and enticing them to contact us.
- I've been directly responsible for over £10m in leads in just one year.
- I've supported the sales and business development team to close the most important deals.
- All our marketing is based on good PR, social media and tactical business development.
- These results were achieved with no ad spend or paid marketing tools.

Rockford is the UK's largest independent provider of wiring, interconnect and system solutions for defence, aerospace, and industrial markets.


Marketing Consultant & Trainer

I work on a freelance consulting basis with many businesses to build their brands, market their services and publicise their work. 

I also offer marketing training to business associations and private companies.


Marketing Director

Bookings Connected

At Bookings Connected we understand that venues and event suppliers need quality leads to contact them on a regular basis. We provide the ideal platform for event services providers to increase sales and grow their businesses. 

As the marketing director, I'm ultimately responsible for all marketing and business development activities that result in attracting event planners to the website and ensuring event service businesses sign up for paid directory listings. 

I've also developed a highly effective marketing services package for our customers, enabling event services providers to get more leads. 


Marketing Manager & Sales Manager

Palmer Training Academy

I oversaw all of the marketing efforts for the B2B training company, covering all forms of business development, social media management, email marketing, content marketing, direct mail campaigns, and management of the marketing and sales teams. I also re-costed every training offering, then packaged and promoted the most popular disciplines. 


Writer, Editor & Social Media Manager

I was a writer, editor and social media manager at MakeUseOf, writing articles about interesting things you can do online, mostly about social media, browser tricks, online safety and Linux.

See lots of my previous work here: 

As an editor, I researched article ideas likely to perform well, ensured our team covered tech news our readers could actually make use of, adjusted articles for SEO and copy edited the text. I also project managed, edited, designed, and published many books for the company.

I managed several remote teams for various different roles, undertook HR and administration activities, and for a time was the managing editor of the entire business and 50+ remote writers.


Owner & Social Media Manager

Vocal Content

My business Vocal Content offered social media management services for businesses and involved me doing business administration, customer service, marketing, business development, and coordinating freelance staff. Regular work for customers involved devising a marketing strategy, community building, monitoring activity online and offering day-to-day social media services.


Managing Editor

Jigsaw Publications

My role as materials development editor of training manuals involved editing, proofreading and converting training documents to XML. I developed an InDesign script that halved the time our editors spent proofreading.

I also coordinated and trained a small team, producing detailed in-house work instructions to facilitate the onboarding of new staff.


Festival Director

Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide 2006

In January 2006 I managed, marketed, and hosted a festival of 200 choristers for two and a half weeks. As part of this event, the 200 participants performed two different full-scale orchestral concerts in two of Adelaide's most prestigious venues to audiences of thousands.

As convenor of the event, I was responsible for the project management of every aspect of the concert management, HR, budgeting, fundraising, sponsorship, applying for government grants, branding, merchandising, PR, marketing, advertising, logistics, rehearsals, accommodation, legalities, event management of the choral festival, and manager of a team of volunteers for a four-year period leading up to the event.


Loans & Insurance Call Centre Consultant

Australian Central Credit Union

Call centre operative arranging loans and insurance policies for clients. I transformed the business with the development of the company's first in-house information management system to coordinate the ever-changing work instructions and up-to-date policies staff required.


Call Centre Ticketing Manager & PA


Customer service representative and ticketing agent for large groups. I automated the data manipulation my manager required to provide essential weekly reports for upper management.


Publicity & Marketing Officer

Australian Intervarsity Choral Festival, Adelaide 2001

In January 2001 I was part of a team who hosted a festival of 200 choristers for two and a half weeks. We performed two different full-scale orchestral concerts in two of Adelaide's most prestigious venues to audiences of thousands. I was responsible for the branding, PR, marketing, advertising, and publicity of the concerts and marketing the choral festival to the participants for a four-year period leading up to the event.


Draughtsman & AutoLISP Developer

Bassett Engineering

Technical draughtsman designing and producing fire protection systems drawings for commercial offices using AutoCAD. I simplified our draughting design systems by coding various AutoLISP processes.


Call Centre Telesales Consultant & Team Builder


Outbound telesales consultant for telecommunications call centre. I facilitated morning team meetings and training activities.

My Teenage Years

I worked in call centres, event ticketing and as a financial services officer, doing both inbound and outbound sales. I also obtained a qualification in finance while working in this industry.

Prior to that, I worked in a number of customer service positions, including bar work, waiting and fast food service. 

My very early teenage jobs involved paper delivery and various fruit picking. I don't recommend either. 



Bachelor of Arts (Internet Studies) Degree

Curtin University of Technology

Internet Studies & Journalism Degree: Socio-Technological Study of Social Networks, Virtual Communities, Media Business, Internet Regulation & Governance, Cyberanalytics, Network Culture & Virtual Society, Internet Communications, Internet Projects, Applied Reasoning, Journalism Ethics, Online Journalism, and Video Journalism.


Business Administration Advanced Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Modern Business Environment, HR Management, Performance Management, Business Finances and Resources, Business Marketing, Communication, Time Management, and Risk Management in Business.


Diploma in Leadership and Management - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Self-Leadership, Leadership & Influence, High-Performance Teams, Remote Work, Team Building, Managing, Teamwork, Organisational Skills, and Negotiation Skills.


Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing - Level 5

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Plan, Google AdWords, PPC Campaigns, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, and Building Brand Through Digital Media.


Event Management Diploma - Level 5

Adelaide Institute of TAFE

Event marketing, Sponsorship, Accounting, Tourism Law, Financial Information, Business Relationships, Managing Event Contractors, Leading & Managing People, Manage Projects, Budgeting, Risk Management, Quality Management, Presentations, OH&S, Conflict Resolution, Business Administration, Event Theming, and Conference Development.


Travel & Tourism Diploma - Level 5

Oxford Home Study College | ABC Awards

Professional Ethics of Travel and Tourism, Aviation, Quality Management, Customer Care, Marketing in Travel and Tourism, Transport and Environment, and Human Resource Management.


Diploma in Train the Trainer - Level 5

Inspire London College | Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

Train the Trainer, Assertiveness and Self-Confidence, Communication Strategies, Presentation Skills, Coaching and Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Creative Problem Solving, Developing Creativity, Negotiation Skills, and Proposal Writing. 


Diploma in Marketing - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Marketing Environmental Variables, Markets and Market Segmentations, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Research Process, Marketing Planning Process, Phases of Product Lifecycle, Pricing Strategies, Branding and Packaging Strategies, and Establishing a Promotional Mix.


Project Management Diploma - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Project Life Cycle, Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Time Management, Project Cost Management, Quality Management Processes, Human Resource Management, and Procurement Management.


Diploma in Public Relations - Level 4

Staff Training Solutions | ABC Awards

Public Relations, Modern Concepts of PR, PR Management & Organisation, Developing a Communications Strategy, Managing Public Relations: Methods and Tools, Producing Effective PR Materials, Corporate Public Relations, and PR and Media Relations.


Incomplete Bachelor of Science

Flinders University

Science Degree: Maths, Physics, Small Scale Structures of the Universe (Quantum Physics), Large Scale Structures of the Universe (Astronomy), Logic & Graphs, Computer Programming (Ada / Fortran / C++), Web Development, IT, etc.

Didn't finish the degree, but did complete lots of interesting subjects from every year level.


South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE)

Heathfield High School

Physics, Maths, Biology, IT, and English.


Management, Leadership, Social Media Training; Social Media Marketing; Social Media Consulting; Writing; Editing; Project Management; Marketing Budgets; Sales Funnels; Inbound Marketing; Content Marketing; Advertising; Affiliate Marketing; Email Newsletters; Small Business Marketing; Web Design; Analytics; Branding; Campaign Development; Customer Profiling; Copywriting; Direct Sales; Event Management; Business Development; Call Centre Management; Communications; Influencer Marketing; PR; Research; Marketing Analysis; Competitor Analysis; SEO; GDPR Compliance; Tourism, Ticketing, Business Transformation; Change Management; Mentoring & Coaching; Customer Service; Team Management.