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Angela Liu

Translation & Localization Project Manager at TransPerfect


Sep 2014Jan 2017

Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Courses covering theory and practices of translation, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, inter-cultural communication, and CAT.

Sep 2010Jun 2014

Bachelor's Degree in International Economics and Trade

Shanghai Finance University

Courses covering economics, finance, marketing, business operation, and theory and practices of international trade.

Work experience

June 2017Present

Project Manager


Be responsible for the entire life-cycle of all projects assigned to the individual and juggle multiple projects and priorities simultaneously in a fast-paced environment:
1. Understand and abide by individual project instructions
2. Liaise with sales staff to clarify project parameters
3. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with contract translators and proofreaders globally
4. Negotiate with vendors
5. Coordinate with quality personnel to ensure that the translation perfectly complies with instructions and is linguistically perfect
6. Communicate any issues/problems/caveats or additional
7. Distribute information to sales staff as soon as that information is available

Dec 2016March 2017

Project Manager

Shanghai University of Sports

Introduction: Entrusted by Shanghai University of Sports, we translated the Table Tennis Collector (TTC) for the material collection of Shanghai Table Tennis Museum.

Achievement: we translated 80 periods of TTC with a total of over 490,000 words within three months, and our work has been praised by our client.

PM Duties:
1. Pre-translation Phase:
(1) Build translation team: recruit18 translators from universities like USST and Shanghai University of Sports (SUS);
(2) Write pre-translation documents including guides for term extraction, process of translation and proofreading, and style guide;
(3) Pre-translation analysis: analyze the source text, define and translate terms;
(4) Provide CAT training including the use of SDL Trados Studio 2011/2014, SDL Trados Multiterm 2011/2014, Yufan Termbox, Glossary Converter, etc;
(5) Budget calculation: make project budget based on the amount of words to be translated and the payment standard.

2. Translation Phase
(1) Oversee the translation quality by using Language Quality Inspection (LQI);
(2) Make sure the smooth connection between translation, proofread and DTP(Desk-top Publishing).

3. Post-translation Phase
(1) Summarize the language assets including TM and termbase;
(2) Pay the translators their compensation.

Aug 2016Dec 2016

Translator and Interpreter

Made in China International

1. Interpreting Service:
(1) Escort interpreter for academic visits to Harvard University, West Point Military Academy, and Stanford University, and business visits to HP, Google, and FounderSpaces, etc;
(2) Interpret for foreign clients at home for their case show and pitch;

2. Translation Service: Translate courses slides, hotel contract and invitation, etc.

3. Maintenance Renewal Representative (Supplier Side): Call or e-mail suppliers in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Las Vegas to access overseas study resources including hotel, sight-seeing tickets, catering service, classrooms in universities and business visit permit, etc;

March 2016June 2016


Shanghai Disney Resort

1. Translate and interpret for theme furnishing, safety training, stage installation, products buy-out, and facility usage;
2. Translate and interpret for castle show rehearsal, puppet training and stunt show in treasure cove.

Aug 2015Feb 2016


Shanghai SenseLuxury Co., Ltd

1. Translate and proofread 150,000 words of materials about villas including their introduction, location, service and facilities, and reservation and cancellation policies;

2. Summarize over 200 hotel terms;

3. Summarize the language assets including translation memory (TM) and termbase.

Oct 2015Dec 2015


China Machine Press

1. Translate the third part of Tomorrowland by Steven Kotler which comprises of five sections including The Psychedelic Renaissance, Sympathy for the Devil, The Final Frontier, Hacking the President’s DNA, and The God of Sperm. This translated book is now available on market;

2. Use SDL Trados Studio 2014 to accelerate the translation efficiency, and create TM and termbase to ensure the consistency of terms; summarize the language assets;

3. Make the most of online tools like Google, Baidu Encyclopedia and Wikipedia to search scientific, medical and biological terms to make sure they are translated accurately; make full use of author’s website and Youtube channel to make sure the translation styling complies with the author’s tone.

Feb 2015March 2015


Shucheng County

The Regulations on Preferential Policies in Shucheng County includs the Overall 

Requirement, Fiscal and Tax policies, Land Policy, and Supplementary Regulations.

Jan 2015Feb 2015


School of Social Sciences, USST

Translated the Preface of The Communist Hypothesis by Alian Badiou having over 10,000 words.


Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

Trados, Word Fast


CATTI 2|Consecutive Interpreting