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Angela Hupf

Position Applied For: Rheumatologist


Feb 2018Aug 2022

EMT for Nashville Ambulance 

Nashville, TN
  • Stabilize patients after an accident
  • Pay attention to critical details of a patient after trauma
Aug 2022July 2026

Residency for Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Sanford Hospital, Nashville, TN
  • Work with other doctors to do more hands-on learning
  • Make critical decisions about patients
  • Diagnose patients with help of more experienced doctors


Aug 2013May 2017

High School Diploma (05/2017)

Castlewood High School, Castlewood, SD

GPA: 4.0

Coursework: Human Physiology and Anatomy, Health, Physical Education, English Composition I-IV, Spanish

Aug 2022May2026

Medical School Diploma

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, TN

GPA: 4.0


My Spanish skills have developed through eight years of Spanish classes. I am able to read and understand Spanish writing, and I am able to listen and understand spoken Spanish. I can also form sentences that are understandable.
My teamwork skills have developed through 7 years of playing sports. I have played softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, track, and cheer. This has enabled me to work together with a group to reach a common goal. I can find ways to motivate others and work together. I can use teamwork with younger kids, people my age, or people older than me.
Verbal Communication

My verbal communication skill has been developed through 9 years of Girl Scouts. I am able to communicate with people of all ages. I can be polite and caring while talking with someone, but I can also be strict if I need to be. My verbal communication is still developing as I continue to grow.

My leadership skills have developed through Girl Scouts, sports, and volunteering to help with younger children. With this skill, I can be a role model and a leader to younger kids, but I can also be a leader with my peers.
Time Management
I have developed time management skills through my schooling. I had to use my time wisely to get all of my work done and turned in on time. I am able to stay on task and get my work done without getting distracted. I can find ways to accomplish tasks in a small amount of time with this skill. My time management is still developing as I go to high school.


Nathan Hanson Spanish Teacher, Geography Teacher, Castlewood High School

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 605-695-8087 Email Address: [email protected]

Doug Ruesink   Health Teacher,   Gym Teacher,       Tech Teacher,   Castlewood High School

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 605-793-2351 Email Address: doug. [email protected]

Nichole Hendericksen       Math Teacher, Volleyball Coach, Castlewood High School

310 E. Harry St. Castlewood, SD 57223 Telophone: 507-227-0691 Email Address: [email protected]