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"Encuentros" by Northwest Family Service

  • Performed in a play for Schools and Churches that promoted the message of abstinence from sex, alcohol and drug use to youth.


  • Provided care giving to clients with several mental and physical disabilities.

  • Responsible for client’s medication intake as well as meal preparations and other needs.

Vik crew

  • Facilitated different activities and mentoring for incoming freshman, to help with the adjustment to high school

OLI (Oregon Leadership Institute)

  •  Executed the role of a leader and mentor to Latino high school students.

  • Coordinated different presentations such as Culture Roots and Heritage.

"Night Strike" Bridge Town Inc.

  • Group met weekly to provide services to the homeless communities in downtown PDX.

  • Provided hot coffee, boxed meals and clean socks to those in need


My name is Angel Bautista, in identify myself as a gay male. In the 20 years that I have lived I have gone through some struggles that have molded me to become a person with a big heart and who is always finding a way to do good deeds. The most traumatizing experiences happened when I was just a kid, at this time i did not have my parents with me since they were in the U.S working so that me and my sister had everything we needed in Mexico. During kinder garden I was a victim of bullying, i got called names, i got beat up, i got spit on the face, and got stabbed in the face with a pencil, despite all of that I managed to survived. when I moved on to the 1st grade two to three kids would grab me by the arms and force me to fight and beat up another kid, which I did not want to do, otherwise they would beat me up, this continued all the way to 3rd grade. while growing up I was also mentally and physically abused my uncle, he once tied a rope around me and pulled me up high to the highest tree in the house. Another time he decided to tie me to his pit bull and made him run across the dry cut corn field leaving some cut and scars on me. Towards the end of the 4th grade, my parents decided to bring me to the united sates to have a better life, I got pulled away from my cultural roots to be placed in another culture which I did not know about. Once I stepped into U.S soiled I was labeled undocumented and I was now a victim of racism and oppression. When I got here I thought things would get better for me but they didn't, I kept being physically and mentally bullied by school mates, I got discouraged by how little opportunities I had being undocumented. I grew up in fear, I grew up seeing how cruel some people can be. I use to cry in the shower just thinking of everything that had happened to me and how damaged it had left me, i never seeked for  helped I coped internally with myself,had all the reason to give up at times i wanted to end my life but i was not going to let someone or something see me fail. I grew up with two promises that i made to myself, to not hurt anyone mentally and physically like i was, and to always be kind to people because we are all going through some kind of struggle. at the age of 20 i became an atheist, a mentor,an actor,a volunteer, a caregiver. i have become an open thinker and i don'y think of myself as Hispanic, or undocumented, I see myself as human. I see myself helping people in the future, I look forward to have a career where i can help people in any way I can. I would be honored to be part of the team of  Youth Move Oregon,  I have a lot of experience working with teens, I believe this opportunity would help me me grow as a person but also help me know how i can become better at helping others.

Thank you for your consideration 

Angel Bautista


my native language is Spanish however I am proficient in the English language and capable of translating between the two.  


Sep 2012Present

Portland Community College
Sep 2009Jun 2012

High School Diploma

Forest Grove High School

I successfully graduated  from Forest Grove High School in 2012.


Jul 2009Present

Oregon Migrant Leadership Conference

Oregon Migrant Leadership institute
Sep 2012Present

Puentes Summer Bridge Program

Portland Community College